9 Best Gabrielle Union Without Makeup

9 Best Gabrielle Union Without Makeup

9 Best Gabrielle Union Without Makeup

Gabrielle Union, the star of “Think Like a Man,” is a well-known American actress known for her key roles in “Bad Boys II” and “Bring it on.” At 42 years old, Gabriel is still playing big role after role. Just a year ago, in 2014, she tied the knot with now-husband Dwyane Wade, sharing her fairytale joy with her ever since. A favorite of many on-screen, Gabrielle has always captivated her fans with her perfectly chiseled face, her sparkling eyes and her aura spreading everywhere.

However, when we meet a person in the world of ordinary people, we are often used to seeing their cocoon-like selves begin, and they often look quite different from what we thought of their original selves. Today in this post, we’re going to examine Gabrielle Union’s average dairy farm to see if she’s really a beautiful woman inside and out.

Gabrielle Union without makeup images:

Let’s take a look at the top 9 no-makeup Gabrielle Union that will blow your mind.

1. Instagram Check:

Gabrielle Union touted her beauty on social media Instagram, posting a side-by-side photo of her, one with makeup and the other without. If we glance at the photo, it is difficult to deduce which one is without makeup due to her natural beauty, but looking closely, the one on the left is Gabriel without makeup, which matches the one without makeup.

2. Crowned forever:

Gabrielle Union has always left us in awe of her beauty, and here we found the perfect way to honor that, adding her name to one of the most naturally beautiful people ever. Gabriel was ecstatic about her new label after being crowned, but never lost her grace and beauty. Here we have a picture of a beauty without makeup.

3. Busy days:

In this photo we see a slightly tired Gabrielle Union wearing her French hat and green shirt. The heavy work hours and tiring schedule really took a toll on her as her eye bags were looking out a bit. However, Gabriel looks beautiful.

4. Compare:

There’s often a soft line between professional and minimal makeup, and these two photos of Miss Union clearly define the fine line. On the right is her professional look, while on the left she uses minimal makeup, probably just an eyeliner and a gloss that every girl goes to see.

5. Background preparation:

Gabrielle Union was waiting backstage for her hair and makeup before the show, and she looked great even with no visible traces of makeup on her body. Gabrielle Union looked like an angel in a low-cut white dress and side-parted hair.

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6. Pretty folds:

In this photo, Gabriel looks gorgeous in her pearly white shimmer. It’s obvious from the photo that she doesn’t have any makeup on her other than mascara applied to her lids or small eyeliner. She is so confident in her bare skin that she does have speckled skin.

7. Background view:

Here’s another backstage photo of the beautiful Gabriel, who looks so natural. Despite her on-screen costume, her appearance depicts a bare skin, and Gabriel looks remarkably beautiful without makeup.

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8. The naked truth:

Here’s another example of how Gabriel can still look stunning in naked skin. The photo on the right clearly shows a well-groomed Gabriel looking gorgeous, while Gabriel on the other side shows off her pretty freckles while laughing for the photo.

9. Airport walk:

No photo is complete without seeing celebrities at the airport baring their pristine skin, without makeup. Here, we see Gabriel being deported again at LAX for one of her movie screenings, looking tired but fine without makeup.

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