9 Best No Makeup Fergusons

9 Best No Makeup Fergusons

9 Best No Makeup Fergusons

The Black Eyed Peas see a new dawn of hope, and the newest member of their family, Stacey Ferguson, is an all-American young heart, with luscious blonde locks and a muscular physique, trying to take over the world with her singing voice. Soon Ferguson was known by her popular stage name, and soon the woman spread her wings, involved in songwriting, hosting and performing. From the very beginning, Ferguson was considered a fashion icon and her style has always been so, and she still rules the world to this day. However, the stars have always left us in awe with their professional makeup, and we’re left to deduce whether these gorgeous ladies really shine under the layers of makeup.

Beautiful pictures of Fergie without makeup:

Let’s see photos of Fergie without makeup that will blow your mind.

1. As beautiful as ever:

Fergie’s looks and mannerisms have always been admired. In this photo, there is a classic comparison of two photos, one depicting Fergie in makeup, while the other shows us Fergie’s makeup, possibly just her eyes and liner. Either way, we can tell that Ferguson is gorgeous, even without the makeup cake to beautify her.

2. Let Her Freaks Begin:

Fergie has always been a fitness freak and couldn’t say it better, here’s a pic of Fergie from her morning run where she looks gorgeous with no makeup on her Freak T-shirt with a hat.

3. Flawless:

Here we have a photo of Ferguson posing for her social media posts, next to another photo that hits the red carpet with a flawless Ferguson in makeup. Pictured left is fair-skinned rosy Fergie looking stunning in her natural aura. Her hair was combed back and the rest of her hair fell freely.

4. Random Walk About:

Fergie in this photo is all dressed up for her casual day, taking off her heels and short skirt for purple pants and a black shirt. The pretty lady tamed her mane in a baseball cap, with no visible makeup marks on her face, and trudged down the road. However, we can’t complain about how bad she looks.

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5. Match day:

In preparation for game day, girl friends Lopez and Fergie posed for pictures, both of them sparkling like new coins. While Lopez looks striking on her soft features, Ferguson’s cat-eye draws crowds with her halo. Her delicate and lustrous skin is set off by her jade-white skin, proving how makeup can’t hold back her beauty.

6. Shiny Pants:

A trendsetter, Fergie decided to pair her sparkly silver pants with a black blouse and open wavy locks. For this dinner, however, she decided to wear no makeup, and when she was about to leave the place, the paparazzi were lucky to catch a glimpse of the makeup-free beauty.

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7. Fan Time Fun Time:

The beautiful Ferguson poses with fans in Lockhart, Texas, without makeup, looking happy and happy. She admits that meeting fans is always the best feeling, and said she took pictures with them. Here’s a photo showing how beautiful she looks even with no makeup on her face.

8. Happy rides:

Here we see Fergie and her longtime husband Josh Duhamel in a car, Fergie holding her puppy Zoe close to her, and they both enjoy their ride. Even though most of Fergie’s face is covered in vintage sunglasses in this photo, the rest of her is without makeup, and we can confirm without any hesitation that Fergie is beautiful with or without professional help.

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