9 Best Photos of Bipasha Basu Without Makeup

9 Best Photos of Bipasha Basu Without Makeup

9 Best Photos of Bipasha Basu Without Makeup


Bipasha Basu, also known as Bips, is one of the leading actresses in India. She has worked in several Hindi films and has become one of the most accomplished and skilled actors in Bollywood. She has also won several awards for her work and people seem to really like her. She has a huge following and has appeared on more than forty magazine covers. Not only in the acting field, she has also gained a lot of fame in the modeling world.

Whether she’s filming with her co-stars or just out shopping on a sunny day, she looks great and takes great care of herself. Here are some photos of Bipasha basu without makeup that show us how confident and amazing the actress is in her skin.

In the crowd:

Here we see a very elegant and sophisticated image of Bipasha. Dressed in black, she entertained herself in the crowd. She seems to acknowledge the existence of the paparazzi and really enjoys being the center of attention. Her hair looks bright and voluminous and the quality of her skin is so shiny and radiant. Apparently, she did a great job without any makeup.

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It doesn’t matter whether she’s promoting her upcoming movie in front of thousands of people or just going out and having a good day. Bipasha has always looked great. The best part is that her skin is so perfect and natural that she doesn’t even need artificial products or makeup to make her look good.

In the saree:

Here we see a dazzling actress who gets up in India. She looks simple, pretty, and flattering. There is no makeup on her skin, but her sharp features, trimmed eyebrows and charming hair give her a very good and gorgeous look.

Feature image:

Now let’s take a look at a close-up photo of Bipasha. If you look closely, you can see how beautiful her skin is. She can pull off a great look at any time of day without makeup. Her facial expressions, confidence and excellent attitude speak volumes about her mature and elegant personality.

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Smiling Bipasha:

Better looking than Pasha when she smiles. It’s amazing to see her always posing for her fans in front of the camera. She looks so humble, charming and simple without makeup. She is indeed an amazing figure in the Indian film industry.

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Well-dressed Bipasha:

Here we see Bipasha dressed like a heroine. She doesn’t use any makeup, making her look very simple yet very glamorous. The appearance is very light and charming, and her beauty is enhanced by her inner confidence.

With ex-boyfriend:

Although Bipasha dated Dino Morea, who is now her ex, she has always looked good. The couple’s image at the gym shows a simpler get up than Pasha, looking very smart and impressive.

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Swing than Pasha:

Posing Bipasha is very sexy and charming. Her getup is so chic, she seems to be doing fine without that foundation or lipstick. It’s not so much a product as she really looks glamorous on her own.

In cold eyes:

This photo of Bipasha is very old. No matter the weather is cold, the actress looks great without a shred of makeup. Her dressing taste is commendable, and the innocence on her face makes her look even more beautiful.