9 Best Photos of Rakhi Sawant Without Makeup

9 Best Photos of Rakhi Sawant Without Makeup

9 Best Photos of Rakhi Sawant Without Makeup

One of the most interesting things for viewers is a glimpse of what a celebrity, our favorite or otherwise, looks like behind all the foundations and pancakes. While some celebs like to put on a little makeup on a casual day to look their best, others brave the camera without makeup.

Take Rakhi Sawant for example. Known for her bubbly personality and cheeky looks, Rakhi Sawant is more often seen as the bad girl of Indian TV and movies, but her daring image has looks and curves to match, which is why she is known for her hot Spicy and the reason why Bollywood is all the rage. Sultry item number. But while she’s dressed up in front of the camera, in many cases she looks just as beautiful when she chooses to go bare with no makeup on.

Rakhi Sawant Without Makeup:

1. Rakhi without makeup:

This is a passport size photo of Rakhi without makeup. Her natural beauty is displayed as boldly as her personality.

2. Colorful Joy:

Many celebrities would think twice about posing for the camera with plain faces, even with minimal makeup, but not Rakhi Sawant. She did justice to her no-makeup look with a pair of sunglasses and a colorful striped sleeveless top.

3. Natural wonders:

Rakhi Sawant can definitely afford a party without those foundation, eye makeup and lipstick. Her hair was draped over her shoulders for an even more charming look. Wearing a casual yellow striped tee with a smile on her face, she did look amazing.

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4. Chat at home:

Every woman loves to look good, and makeup does just that. For actresses, it’s an important part of their career, and for some actresses, it becomes a part of their lives. However, not for Rakhi. She even looked smoldering as she spent time at home answering questions from fans.

5. Item Queen Sans Makeup:

Rakhi Sawant’s photo with boyfriend Abhishek is living proof of natural beauty. A bright yellow bandhani print kurta complements her complexion, while glasses make her look sophisticated. With all the negativity she has in show business, her innate beauty and honest looks seem to be her saving graces.

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6. Crying Baby:

Whether fighting or crying, Rakhi Sawant is one of the funniest contestants in Big Boss. While many hearts go to Rakhi in this deep emotional expression, she does look lovely in a playful way, with her hair parted down the middle in two buns without a trace of makeup.

7. Hot Beauty:

Rakhi Sawant, seen here without makeup, still looks sparkly as she makes Big Boss’ house shine with her alluring moves. Although her popularity is largely due to her attention-seeking behavior, this photo proves that she looks beautiful on and off screen.

8. The Lady in Red:

Rakhi’s photo looks heavy and puffy and sits in a soft manner, a rarity we’ve almost never seen. However, she still managed to look her best through her looks, adorning her no-makeup look with a dazzling red and beaded white halter top and a pair of matching red earrings, not to mention the brushed-up hair done for a side edge.

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9. Desi Girls:

Rakhi Sawant proves once again that she doesn’t need makeup to disguise her looks. Instead, she opted to accentuate her naked beauty with an elegant pattern sequence churidar, her hair neatly pulled back in an upward sweep to look like a traditional Indian woman.

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