9 Best Places for Honeymoon in Himachal Pradesh

9 Best Places for Honeymoon in Himachal Pradesh

9 Best Places for Honeymoon in Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh is a state in northern India, along with Punjab, Haryana and Kashmir. It has a very rich natural beauty and is growing rapidly economically. It happens to be one of the most popular tourist attractions in India because of its beautiful scenery, cold weather, and majestic Himalayas that couples can visit. If you are someone who likes to start your married life in the snow then Himachal Pradesh is the best place to visit. Not only Indian couples but also foreign couples go to Himachal for their honeymoon. Hill stations in Himachal Pradesh top the list of the best honeymoon spots in India. Here are the 9 best honeymoon spots in Himachal Pradesh with pictures that are worth visiting on honeymoon.

Romantic Honeymoon Locations in Himachal Pradesh:

1. Mount Jakku:

Mount Jakhu is the highest peak in Shimla and offers great views of the town and mountains. The Hanuman Temple in Jakhu is very popular. According to mythology, Hanumanji rested at this place when he carried a hill full of Sri Jiwani Puti to heal Lakshmana who was wounded in the war.

  • Romantic things: For the blessing of a long-lasting relationship, both of you can visit Jakhu Temple.
  • how can I get there: The nearest airport is Shimla Airport. By bus, get off at Jubarhatti bus stop, 17.2 km away.
  • Best time to visit: The best time to visit Shimla starts from April until mid-September. However, if you are a die-hard snow lover, then visit Mount Jakhu in December.
  • where to live: Clarks Hotel is one of the top hotels in Mount Jakku.
  • Other attractions: Lakkar Bazaar, Christ Church, Scandal Point, Kalka – Shimla Railway

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2. Chain:

Chail is the summer capital of the former Patiala state. It’s a small town in the middle of dense woods, perfect for couples walking hand in hand. The city is not very crowded, which also gives them some alone time. There are many kinds of birds and animals here, among which the Scottish red deer is the most famous.

  • Romantic things: If you are an animal lover, you can take your spouse to the Kyle Wildlife Sanctuary and enjoy the colorful birds and animals there.
  • how can I get there: If by rail, the nearest railway station is Kalka – 77 km. You can also take a bus or taxi from Kalka to Chail. The nearest airport is Shimla Airport, 63 km from Chail.
  • Best time to visit: Summer is the best time to visit Chail, starting in March and ending in May.
  • where to live: There are many cottage resorts in Chayle such as Treehouse Chayle Villa, Maple Tree Resort, Rashi Resort, Tarika Jungle Resort and Chayle Palace.
  • Other attractions: Himalayan Natural Park, Kalithiba Temple

3. Dalhousie:

Dalhousie is a quiet hill station in Himachal Pradesh on the western edge of the snow-capped Dhauladhar Mountains. It is built on five interconnected hills. There are some dense forests with pines, oaks, junipers and rhododendrons. There is a river running next to the valley, which all makes it a complete package in nature, a perfect honeymoon.

  • Romantic things: Dalhousie is known for romantic dining spots, as most restaurants have exclusive dining spots for honeymoon couples, and Café Dalhousie is one of them!
  • how can I get there: You can arrive by air, the nearest airport is Gagarh, 107 km away. By train, you can go to Pathankot Station, which is over 80 km away. From nearby places like Delhi, Shimla, Chandigarh, etc., you can take bus and road trips.
  • Best time to visit: Dalhousie is a year-long honeymoon destination. During the summer months from March to May, the temperature does not exceed 30 degrees and the weather is pleasant. During the monsoons from June to September, green blossoms and flowers bloom, making it a happier place. Snow-capped peaks and a stunning setting during the winter months of October to February, this place is amazing!
  • where to live: For those who prefer hotels on a budget, Hotel Pearl is the best option, while for those who can afford luxury space, Dalhousie Heights is the right choice!
  • Other attractions: Most nearby places have lots of tea plantations and possibly small valleys for a pleasant ride!

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4. Kasauli:

Kasauli is a quiet little place near Shivaliks near Shimla. Just a few years ago it was not a tourist destination as couples and other tourists preferred Shimla to it, but now it has become the most popular place and the best weekend getaway. Kausali has unspoiled nature, a fresh climate and many places to walk through the forest.

  • Romantic things: There is a Panchpula waterfall which is a romantic spot for honeymoon couples.
  • how can I get there: The nearest mode of transportation is the railway. The closest train station to Dalhousie is Pathankot. From there, you can hire a taxi or taxi to reach Dalhousie.
  • Best time to visit: The winter and rainy seasons are the best times to visit Dalhousie, which means you can visit Dalhousie from June to February.
  • where to live: One of the leisure resorts for honeymoon couples is the eco resort, which is relatively inexpensive.
  • Other attractions: Kalatop Khajjiar Reserve, Panchpula and St. John’s Church.

5. Manali:

Manali is a beautiful hill in the Himalayas. Luotang Pass is a good place for honeymoon, and the beauty of snow-capped mountains makes them unable to help. Paragliding and skiing are good sports for couples to choose. Solang Valley is famous for its scenery, Jagatsuk Monastery, Hadimba Monastery, Tibetan Monastery are some places worth visiting.

  • Romantic things: Anything you do in Manali becomes romantic thanks to its exotic weather conditions and environmental beauty.
  • how can I get there: The nearest airport is Bhuntar, 50 km from Manali. There are private and state-run buses from Leh, Shimla, Kulu to Manali.
  • Best time to visit: October to February is the best time to visit Manali as the temperatures can be very cool.
  • where to live: There are many homestays, hotels and resorts that welcome tourists and couples. Himalayan Stay Hotels & Cottages is one of them.
  • Other attractions: Hidimba Devi Temple, Manali Sanctuary, Manu Temple, Van Vihar, Jogini Waterfall

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6. Kuru:

Kuru Valley is known to be the gods of India. The town is best suited as a summer destination. Temples, apple orchards, attract couples. One has to give to another the local handicrafts found in the Kullu store. The views of the Pisces River and the mountains are a must visit.

  • Romantic things: The Rohtang Pass is one of the highlights of the Kullu Valley. If your partner is a travel freak, he/she will love this place.
  • how can I get there: Rail is the easiest and closest mode of transportation. Get off at the nearest railway station, Jogindernagar, 125 km from Kullu.
  • Best time to visit: March to June is the ideal time to visit Kullu.
  • where to live: Hotel Kulu valley and Naggar castle & hotel are among the preferred places to stay.
  • Other attractions: Lake Bhrigu, Greater Himalayas National Park, Hidimba Devi Temple.

7. Shimla:

Shimla has a pleasant climate and is a good place for honeymoon in Himachal Pradesh. Location, convenient transportation and reasonable accommodation are all reasons why Shimla is so popular. Young couples enjoy the indoor ice rink at Lakkar Bazaar. Shimla has Prospect Mountain, Chadwick Falls, Jakhoo Mountain for sightseeing and the Himalayas.

  • Romantic things: Take a romantic stroll through Chadwick Falls with your partner.
  • how can I get there: The nearest airport is Jubbarhatti Airport – 23 km from Shimla. The nearest station is Kalka. By road, there are many private and state-run buses connecting to Shimla from different parts of Himachal Pradesh.
  • Best time to visit: March to June is the best time to visit Shimla.
  • where to live: Try a wonderful stay in Annandale
  • Other attractions: Kalka – Shimla Railway, Jakhoo Hill, Daranghati Sanctuary and Kufri Adventure Tour.

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8. Rampur:

Rampur was once the capital of the Prince of Bouchard, located on the Satrouges River. The couple can visit Padam Palace, Raghunath Mandir, Ayodhya Temple, Dumjir Temple and Nelson Temple. The tourist area of ​​Himachal Pradesh has a well-maintained air-conditioned cafe where couples can enjoy hot coffee.

  • Romantic things: Jakhoo Mountain Tour will be one of the very romantic trips you can do in Rampur with your couple.
  • how can I get there: By train, the nearest railway station is Rampur.
  • Best time to visit: April to June is the ideal time to visit Rampur as temperatures are moderate.
  • where to live: There are many hotels and resorts that offer homestays for couples coming to Rampur.
  • Other attractions: Rampur Fort, Jama Masjid, Kosi River

9. Chamba:

The ultimate Shivalik Range attraction is Chamba. It is famous for the Shiva temple that was there in the first few centuries. The architectural view of the temple wowed the couple. It is a historical place in Himachal, and the Ravi River passes through it. The valley between the mountains is a good place for couples to rest and enjoy the scenery. Himachal Pradesh is rich in natural beauty and has a very cool atmosphere, making it one of the favorite places for honeymooners.

  • Romantic things: Boating on Chamba Lake is the number one activity for honeymooners heading to Chamba.
  • how can I get there: To get to Chamba, take the railway and get off at Pathankot Station, which is 120 km from Chamba. From Pathankot, you can reach Chamba by car or bus.
  • Best time to visit: From mid-April to the end of June, you can visit Chamba because the temperature is pleasant and suitable for sightseeing.
  • where to live: There are many hotels and homestays in the town of Chamba.
  • Other attractions: Bhuri Singh Museum, Akhand Chandi Palace, Chamapavati Temple.

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This is the first thing that comes to mind when you think of honeymoon destinations in Himachal Pradesh or Manali. Manali and Shimla are known as the best honeymoon spots in India. No matter where you come to Himachal Pradesh, you will naturally feel romantic and fall in love with your partner and the place. The exotic climate and beautiful scenery will draw you to a world of love and happiness.