9 Best Places for Newlyweds to Honeymoon in Jharkhand

9 Best Places for Newlyweds to Honeymoon in Jharkhand

9 Best Places for Newlyweds to Honeymoon in Jharkhand


India is one of the best places for honeymoon. It is rich in culture and heritage, with several beautiful historical monuments to visit. Plus, it has several tranquil and peaceful destinations for relaxation. Jharkhand, known as the “Land of the Forest”, is one of the states in India that has all the wonders and is more focused on the latter. Here are the top 9 best places to spend your honeymoon in Jharkhand.

Best honeymoon spots in Jharkhand with pictures:

1. Ranchi:

Ranchi, known as the “City of Waterfalls”, is one of the most mineral-rich cities in India. It has several tourist destinations such as Hundru Waterfall for nature lovers, Panch Gagh Waterfall, Rock Garden for wildlife lovers, Deer Park and Birsa Zoo as well as important religious sites such as Jagannath Temple, Nakshatra Van, Sun Temple and Pahari Mandir. The tranquil environment and pleasant weather make it one of the best honeymoon destinations in Jharkhand.

2. Jamshedpur:

Named after Jamshedji Tata, the city has its own steel mill. With its slow and peaceful city life, it is one of the best honeymoon spots in Jharkhand. It has several interesting places to visit such as Jubilee Park, Jubilee Lake and Hudco Lake for romantic walks and picnics. Jayanti Sarovar, Tata Steel Zoo and Tribal Cultural Centre are some other interesting places here.

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3. Hazaribagh:

The city is a paradise for wildlife and nature lovers. It has several picturesque gardens and wildlife parks with countless species of flora and fauna. Hazaribagh Wildlife Sanctuary, Hazaribagh National Park and Canary Hill are part of it. This is a great honeymoon destination in Jharkhand.

4. Degel:

Deoghar is a sacred place with several large and small temples scattered across the expanse, making it a great place to spend your honeymoon. Baba Baidyanath is the most famous of all the temples here. Among the famous natural attractions here, Basukinath, Trikuta Hills, Jalsar Children’s Park and Nandan Pariah are the most famous.

5. Giridi:

Giridih was recently declared an independent city. It is a popular location for Jain pilgrims as it has the most Jain temples anywhere in India. Apart from Jain buildings, temples and other places of worship, the city has other interesting honeymoon spots to visit such as Parasnath Hills, Usri Fall, Khandoli Park and Dam and Madhuban Jharkhandi Dham.

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6. Sahibganj:

A small and peaceful city, this is a lovely honeymoon spot in Jharkhand. The climate is pleasant, the scenery is beautiful, and the residents are helpful, making it a quiet and romantic getaway. Religious attractions here include Bindabasini Temple, Shukravasini Temple, Raksisthan Temple, Shivgadi Temple and Mary Church. Other historical monuments are Teliagarhi Fort, Rajmahal and Mangalhat. Moti Waterfall and Bhagwa Kuan are also interesting places to visit.

7. Dambad:

Dhanbad is another mineral rich city famous in India for all the coal found here. While many might think it’s not an ideal tourist attraction, it actually has a lot to offer. The number of dams, gardens and lakes is staggering.

8. Netahart:

This is one of the most perfect honeymoon destinations in Jharkhand. It has perfect weather, peaceful surroundings and several places to admire such as Netarhat Hills, Sadni Falls, Koel View Point, Upper Ghaghri Falls, Magnolia Sunset Point and more.

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9. Paramu:

This small city is one of the best honeymoon destinations in Jharkhand. It has excellent hiking trails and several places with a variety of wildlife such as Paramu Wildlife Sanctuary and Betra National Park. Other beautiful places for a romantic outing include the historic Palam Fort, the beautiful Upper Gagry Falls, Cole River and Lower Gagry Falls.

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Hence, Jharkhand is a very peaceful place for a romantic getaway. It has several interesting tourist attractions where newlyweds can enjoy each other’s company with peace of mind. If you’re new to the place, there are several tour packages that provide couples with quality home and safe accommodation. Yes, if you are planning to go on your honeymoon then book your tickets to Jharkhand as the state welcomes you with many surprises. In addition to the list mentioned above, if you have anything else you would like to share, please comment below.