9 Different Actresses in Hollywood with Curly Hair (2A to 4C)

9 Different Actresses in Hollywood with Curly Hair (2A to 4C)

9 Different Actresses in Hollywood with Curly Hair (2A to 4C)


Most people think curly hair is difficult to manage and maintain. But if you notice, most fashionista looks and hairstyles are created with curls. Did you know that there are different types of curl definition that can be distinguished based on tightness and curl pattern formation? Today, we have sorted out the actresses with natural curly hair and the different types of curly hair textures for you. We know Hollywood is crazy about curls, and these celebrities are known for having the best curls and beautiful locks.

So why wait? Let’s move on and learn about different types of curly hair patterns and definitions, and take a look at celebrities and actresses with natural curls.

9 celebrities with tight and loose curls in 2023:

Today, let’s learn about the different types of curl patterns, their definition and appearance. You’ll be glad to know the several look possibilities associated with them. Is it exciting?

First, we have Type 2, Type 3, and Type 4 curls, which represent the main curl families. The ABC variations in these numbers are associated with defining the tightness of curls and their pattern. So, correspondingly, type 2 is wavy hair with an S shape, type 3 is associated with spiral curls, and type 4 is curly hair with kinks and curls.

2A Curl Types and Celebrities:

Type 2A curly hair is very loose and messy. These are almost a definition of wavy curls that can lose the curl pattern at any time. They have very little curl and are very light. They may not be voluminous enough, so thick styling with such curly hair is not recommended. You can use a lightweight water-based mousse to provide definition and some oomph for a shaggy look.

With 2A Curl Definition, you can try a variety of easy hairstyles to create definition and add elegance. For example, with such lovely natural S-shaped curls, you can always blow dry your hair and leave it open, especially if you have mid-length curls. On the other hand, half up hair or a loose messy bun can also look great.
Celebrities with AAA curls include,

Laura Dern:

Arizona Muse:

2B Curl Types and Celebrities:

We have 2B hair definition which is not very light but defined as tighter curls than 2A. It can still be as loose as 2A, but with better shape and definition in terms of curl patterns. The strands are larger in diameter and look curled like natural surface waves or beach waves.

These curls can also look beautiful with loose open curl hairstyles. On the other hand, you can also try a high ponytail, messy bun, messy braid or half updo. Celebrities and Hollywood actresses with 2B curly hair include,

Salma Hayek:

Tori Kelly:

2C Curl Types and Celebrities:

Type 2C hair has more definition and tightness in the curl pattern. They’re also thicker and defined in curly shapes starting at the roots. However, given the nature of curly hair, women with this hairstyle may also be prone to frizz. Stylists recommend a good hydrating shampoo and moisturizer to combat this.

With 2C hair, you can also try a variety of beautiful curly hair. You can try a low bouffant or pretty fringe or bangs with this hairstyle. Bobs, layers, and layers with half-up and half-down hair can also look stunning. Celebrities who have had this hairstyle include,




3A Curl Types and Celebrities:

Type 3A hair is characterized by those shiny, large, loose curls. They look like a loose spiral curl type, but can be a little deformed depending on the weather. These curls can also be prone to frizz; therefore, using a good quality curling cream or mousse is highly recommended when styling and managing them. A good moisturizing shampoo and mask can also do a great job of improving the health of this hair type.
People with Type 3A hair can try out hairstyles that look amazing. With pinned or bouffant hairstyles, combed back and braids look really good. Celebrities with AAA curls include,

Julia Garner:

Annalyn McCord:

3B Curl Types and Celebrities:

Type 3B curls are much tighter than earlier variations. They are more resilient, probably just looser on the front side of the head. However, these elastic ringlets are also dense and bulky, making them difficult to maintain and manage. To simplify the process, stylists recommend adding curling creams and masks while hair is damp for easy styling and control. Also, add creams and butters daily or regularly to provide moisture to dry tresses.

Short or medium length curly bobs, tapered hairstyles, braids, scarf hairstyles, ponytails, half ponytails or cropped hairstyles can look beautiful with type 3b curls. Celebrities with such curls include,


Crystal Westbrooks:

3C Curl Types and Celebrities:

Next, we have the type 3c curl pattern. These resemble a tight corkscrew, with curls and strands tightly wrapped around each other. As a result, people with hair type 3c appear to have loose hair. Zigzag and corkscrew textures can also look rough and dry. Therefore, stylists recommend highly moisturizing hair care products. A good thickening cream and detangling conditioner is a must. To reduce frizz, sulfate-free shampoos and shampoos are also helpful.

Plus, if you have type 3c curls, there’s a whole host of great hairstyles you can try. Sleeping side tight buns, face-wrapping curly bangs, loose blond curls, double ponytails, messy high buns, half-up hairstyles look great on people with natural 3c curls. Plus, the famous celebrity has been known to flaunt 3c hair effortlessly.

Nathalie Emmanuel:

The 4A Curl Types and Celebrities:

Type 4 curls are notoriously more difficult to manage because they are wavy hair. The texture of this curly curl is similar to that of an afro, which is also coarse. For Type 4A curls and kinks, these are a dense, bouncy S-style design. These curls are said to be “on the same circumference as crochet”. Given that they shrink so high, it’s likely that these curls are also tangled.

Top knot hairstyles, loose hair with red highlights or blonde highlights, half pinned look, sleek ponytail or sleek bun, simple headband hairstyles, high buns or high ponytails look great with people with type 4a curly hair Great. Celebrities who have had this hairstyle include,

Megan you stallion:

Yaya da Costa:

4B Curl Types and Celebrities:

Type 4b has denser curls than type 4A, and the curls can even look sharply curved. Their pattern looks highly jagged and needs some bouncy, moisturizing and smoothing products. Given their zigzag appearance, they are also prone to snapping and shrinking if not cared for properly. Hence, women with type 4b hair need to invest in hair care products with high definition and moisturizing formulas. Don’t be afraid to overdo it with leave-in hair products and creams.

Bantu knots, braids, tight buns, double buns, half up half down and box braids will look great if you have type 4b curls. Plus, these celebs have been known to flaunt their 4c curls effortlessly.

Shan Damei:

Willow Smith:

The 4C Curl Types and Celebrities:

Type 4c textures may look very similar to 4b textures, but, as many of you may have guessed, they are more difficult to maintain. Twists and curls are tightly coiled and even more fragile. So, you can’t even notice the zigzag pattern in those curls. Also, they shrink very easily and are very fragile. From shampoos and masks to gels, pomades, creams and butters, stylists recommend products with a high moisture content.

Also, protective hairstyles are perfect for this hairstyle and curly hair, because they are fragile and very fragile.

Lupita Nyong’o:

Kiki Lane:

So how did you enjoy exploring these different types of natural curly hairstyles for women? Do you know these different types of curl definitions and patterns? Let us know what you think, we’d love to hear from you too!