9 Famous Churches In Delhi You Must Visit In 2022

9 Famous Churches In Delhi You Must Visit In 2022

9 Famous Churches In Delhi You Must Visit In 2022

Delhi, the capital of India, has no shortage of places to visit, from the Lotus Temple to the Jandelwaram Temple to the Gudwara Bangla Temple. But, with all these beautiful places, there are also some of the best that don’t. Churches in Delhi that you can also visit in Delhi. These churches are not only of various historical significance, but also of cultural significance. A visit to a church will always fill your mind and body with peace and tranquility. The teachings the church will teach you will help make your daily life easier and more direct. So if you’re asking how many churches there are in Delhi, here are some of the best ones you can visit while traveling in Delhi.

9 Best Churches in Derry at Christmas:

Learn more about Christianity by visiting these best churches in Delhi:

1. Ashok Square Sacred Heart Cathedral:

Derry’s most famous church was built in 1930. Construction began in the same year and is also considered one of the largest churches in the country’s capital. The architecture of the church shows that it perfectly incorporates Italian elements to create an impressive interior. Not only the arches, but also the frescoes, depicting events from the Bible. There is also a high curved roof.

  • Church Day: Monday to Saturday, Sunday
  • time: Weekdays 6.30 – 1 PM and 6 PM, Saturday 6 PM, Sunday 6.30 PM
  • Place: Derry Ashok Square
  • how can I get there: by road or subway
  • Celebrations: Christmas and Easter
  • Other attractions: Connaught Place

2. St. James Church, Mormon:

The church was formerly known as The Skimming Church and was later renamed St James’ Church in Derry. It is also one of the oldest churches in the area. Colonel James Skimer was the one who commissioned the building of the church. Until 1931, the Governor-General of India visited this place. Churches in north Delhi have a large dome and long, large columns that support the roof of the church. There are many British architectural styles throughout the church.

  • Church Day: monday sunday
  • time: 8.30 – 10 AM (summer) and 9 – 10.30 AM (winter)
  • Place: Derry Morrie Gate
  • how can I get there: with the help of subway or highway
  • Celebrations: Christmas
  • Other attractions: Kashmir Gate

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3. St Thomas Church, RK Puram:

St Thomas’ Church in Delhi was established in 1972. It is located in the south of Delhi and was established by the then Archbishop of Delhi. The main design of the building was inspired by the monuments of the Mughal Empire. This makes the church look almost strikingly similar to other Mughal monuments in Derry state. Some people not only visited the place to pray but also admired the architecture. You will find your peaceful moments in this place.

  • Church Day: Monday to Friday, Saturday and Sunday
  • time: Monday to Thursday 6.30am, Friday 6.30am and 6.30pm, Saturday 6pm, Sunday 7.30am, 9am and 6pm.
  • Place: RK Plum, Delhi
  • how can I get there: use road or subway
  • Celebrations: Christmas
  • Other attractions: Bikajicama Square

4. St. Luke’s Church, Defense Colony:

This beautiful church was built in 1978. Archbishop Angelo Innocent Fernandez ordered the construction of the church. As the place was vacant earlier, people needed a place to socialize. The churches of East Delhi are located in south central Delhi and have the perfect structure to breathe new life into you. Bathed in red, very unique architecture, and a large auditorium.

  • Church Day: Monday to Friday, Saturday and Sunday
  • time: Weekdays 6.30am and 6.30pm, Saturday and Sunday 6.30am and 6.00pm
  • Place: Defense Colony, Delhi
  • how can I get there: By using the road or by using the subway
  • Celebrations: Christmas, Easter
  • Other attractions: south extension

5. Centennial Methodist Church, Lodi Road:

Before 1956, there was only one Methodist church in South Delhi. But, to please the followers of the religion, is Bishop JW Robinson, who once held church meetings in a log cabin in the area. But as the number of followers gradually increased, in 1956, the Indian government gave 1.27 acres of land to the Indian Methodist Church, and the church was born. Churches in South Derry have a classic English style both inside and out, with sloping roofs resembling cottages.

  • Church Day: Wednesday and Sunday
  • time: Wednesday 6.30pm, Sunday 8am and 10am
  • Place: Derry Lodi Road
  • how can I get there: By using subways and highways
  • Celebrations: Christmas, Easter
  • Other attractions: Ginger Pra

6. Cathedral of Salvation, North Street:

Cathedral Church was built in 1927. The foundations of the church were laid by the Governor and Governor of India. The church first opened to the public in 1931. The interior of the church has some gorgeous paintings, so the paintings are as fascinating as its history. Italian Renaissance painter Giovanni Bellini created replicas of Madonna and Child. You can also see many other types of artwork.

  • Church Day: monday sunday
  • time: 8am, 9.35am and 11.15am all day, 6pm especially Sunday
  • Place: Derry North Street
  • how can I get there: By road and subway
  • Celebrations: Christmas
  • Other attractions: Replica of Madonna, children’s drawing

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7. St Stephen’s Church, Khari Baoli, Chandni Chowk:

If you are going to the old railway station in Delhi then you can take a drive in this wonderful place. The building is red, but the building looks beautiful. You can feel the peace from miles away. The church showcases the Gothic style of different buildings and also hints at the Romanesque style. The ceiling of the church is also high. The building is currently 150 years old.

  • Church Day: monday sunday
  • time: 8.30am in summer and 9am in winter.
  • Place: Chandni Chowk, Delhi
  • how can I get there: You can use the subway or travel by road
  • Celebrations: Christmas
  • Other attractions: Harry Pauli

8. St Mary’s Catholic Church, Khari Baoli, Old Delhi:

Without a doubt, this St Mary’s Church in Delhi is the oldest church in Delhi. The building was built in the late 19th century. Delhi’s most popular church removes all the noise Chandni Chowk is accustomed to. So if you’re someone who needs a break from all the chaos, this is the place for you. The Catholic Church in Delhi is completely whitewashed and looks gorgeous too. The roof is slab-like, and there are two towers next to it, which are connected to the main building.

  • Church Day: monday sunday
  • time: 7.30 AM and 9 AM in summer and 8 AM and 9.30 AM in winter.
  • Place: Khari Baoli, Old Delhi
  • how can I get there: You can reach it with the help of subway and road.
  • Celebrations: Christmas, Easter
  • Other attractions: Harry Pauli

9. Alphonsa Church, Vasant Kunj:

The Church of St. Alphonsa is located in all the farmhouses in Vasant Kunj. The most beautiful church in Delhi is very beautiful and the church also offers services in English, Hindi and Korean. The church has very detailed carvings, as well as biblical structures. The wood is also detailed. There is also a statue of Jesus Christ on a wooden background. This place is also a great place to meditate on your mind and body.

  • Church Day: monday sunday
  • time: 7.30 AM in summer and 8 AM in winter.
  • Place: Vasant Kunj, Old Delhi
  • how can I get there: With the help of the road using a car or bus.
  • Celebrations: Christmas
  • Other attractions: wooden christ

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Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

1. When is the best season to visit the total number of churches in Delhi?

answer: Delhi is the capital of India, so it can be visited in any season. However, it is mainly recommended to visit in winter, as during the summer, the temperature in Derry soars to its highest level, making it difficult to visit the state as well. In winter, the temperatures are bearable, so you can enjoy your time visiting various churches and places.

2. Are there any restrictions on religious types in the number of churches in Delhi?

answer: Do not. There are no restrictions on what religion you should follow before entering a church in Delhi. Churches in Delhi welcome everyone, regardless of religion. You can be blessed by the Father, listen to the teachings of the Lord Jesus, and have a peaceful environment. You can also enjoy social gatherings at the church.

3. Which is the oldest church in Delhi?

answer: St Mary’s Catholic Church in Khari Baoli is the oldest church in Delhi, India. The church is located in the Old Delhi area. The church has beautiful architecture, as well as a setting that takes you out of the normal chaos of Delhi. The place has a peaceful feel so you can pray and talk to God in peace. The place is also easy to get to as you can use the normal road or use the subway.

So it’s easy to see that there are many totals. If you ask how many churches there are in Delhi and you will find out how many churches there are in Delhi, it will take you more than two days to fully discover the total number of churches. Church in Delhi. Although all churches are closely connected to the subway station, the commute takes some time. So be sure to plan your trip in advance. Hope you enjoyed this article and feel free to let us know if you have any questions, suggestions or feedback.