9 famous parks with pictures in Thane

9 famous parks with pictures in Thane

9 famous parks with pictures in Thane


The unique and magnificent terrain of Thane is home to a variety of flora and fauna. The park is beautiful and charming. But the term park does not necessarily mean only natural parks, there are also quite a few amusement parks and fantasy parks here, making Thane a popular place for parks and recreation.

Beautiful and popular parks in Thane with pictures:

Here is a list of parks in Thane, India.

1. Pay Master Park:

Sion’s Paid Master Park is a gorgeous attraction. This is rated as one of the most popular and well-preserved parks in Maharashtra. Green landscapes, clean land, beautiful architecture and extraordinary patterns make this place famous and the most visited.

2. Kamala Nehru Park (Alibag):

Kamala Nehru Park is one of the most unique and lovely parks in Thane. It has always been a children’s favorite and hundreds of people come every day. The finished long shoes look very charming and beautiful. Kamala Nehru Park is indeed one of the most beautiful parks in Thane today.

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3. Shivaji Park:

The Shivaji Park in Thane is famous among all the athletes in the state. From childhood to adulthood, boys come here to practice various sports. The grounds here are fresh, clean, and manicured every day. This is a great and well-known park that has become one of the most prestigious in the Thane area.

4. Powai Nature Park:

Poway Nature Park is natural, beautiful, charming and gorgeous. The best view is at night, especially the small pool here develops a small fountain, which starts to glow under the illumination of the light. People come here day and night, and there are thousands of tourists every year. This park is perfect for those looking to spend a great evening outdoors with family and friends.

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5. Jogging Park:

Jogger’s Park is probably Thane’s best known park. How can we forget the famous 2006 movie Jogging Park? Good to know that the park in Thane is so popular that even a movie is named after it. However, this park is a great place to exercise, jog and run. For all fitness enthusiasts and athletes, Jogger’s Park of Thane is the place to go.

6. Belapur Mango Farm:

Belapur Mango Garden is a very special and naturally gifted park in Thane. Lush green spaces, trees, shrubs and shrubs make this park a beautiful place. Not only nature, but the elephant rides here look cute and attractive. Elephants are undoubtedly the unique element of the Belapur Mango Farm.

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7. Eminem Water Park and Resort:

Ammu Water Park and Resort is one of the best amusement parks in Thane. This place is usually still crowded on holidays and weekends. It’s a kids favorite and every time I go there I see a lot of kids.

8. Yazoo Park:

Yazoo Park is the best amusement park you will find in Thane. It has tons of rides, all of which are exciting, super fun and thrilling.

9. Vardhman Fantasy Park:

The Vardhman Fantasy Park in Thane is dazzling and breathtaking. The place looks so rich and beautiful, it reminds you of fairy tales you read when you were young. Coming to this park is sure to be fun.