9 Indian Movie Actresses With 6 Pack Abs

9 Indian Movie Actresses With 6 Pack Abs

9 Indian Movie Actresses With 6 Pack Abs


Move on, guys! It’s time for female celebrities to take over the six-pack trend, and better than ever. Due to the film industry’s growing obsession with fitness, many female stars are taking the tough route to prove their mettle. From training about 4-5 hours a day to boycotting their favorite foods, these ladies are determined to win the six-pack competition. Want to know who these six-pack female stars are?

Without wasting another second, let’s go ahead and list six packs of the sexiest Indian female celebrities and their workout details!

9 Indian Female Celebrities With Six Pack Abs:

So, who are these 6-Packs ladies in Wire Town? Scroll down to see if your favorite celebrity made the list:

1. Parineeti Chopra:

Parineeti Chopra is a classic example of Fat-to-fit transformation! Her most recent photoshoot for Nike and the song “Jaaneman Aah” with Varun Dhawan has the country drooling over her abs. Netizens and fans sent hundreds of tweets and comments praising their favorite stars for their body transformations. From being labelled “overweight” to becoming an “abs queen,” Parineeti’s fitness journey is nothing less than an inspiration. All thanks to her strict workout regime and diet plan!

2. Katrina Cave:

Pretty face and surfboard abs – that’s what Katrina Cave got for you! Katrina’s commitment and dedication to her body shames the rest of us. Beauty also seems to be getting healthier and more beautiful with age! Her recent ad for Reebok, showing her perfectly sculpted 6-pack abs, literally set the internet on fire. Katrina’s workout program includes at least 3 hours of cardio, functional, and weight training per day. Can you beat it?

3. Disha Patani:

Disha Patani is one of the fittest actresses in Bollywood and is often spotted flaunting her 6-pack abs. The Baaghi-2 actress is the rumored girlfriend of B Town slugger Tiger Shroff. Now we know the inspiration behind this beauty’s fitness journey! Disha is known for her strict adherence to a diet and exercise program. She dislikes taking every day for granted and believes consistency is the key to her success. Did we mention that Disha is also a trained gymnast and yoga practitioner?

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4. Shraddha Kapoor:

This photo of Shraddha Kapoor smiling at the paparazzi shows she takes her fitness game very seriously. Shraddha is a regular at the gym, working out 3 to 4 hours a day to keep fit. In addition to strengthening her muscles, the Sahoo actress works really hard to build chiseled abs. A recent photo of her showing off her 6-pack went viral. Netizens are eager to know the secret behind the washboard abs that the beauty answered with a smile – “It’s hard work”!

5. Mandy Labedi:

Mandira Bedi, 48, is setting new fitness goals for everyone around her! Catching up with her is no joke, be prepared to be hard-working. The beauty’s Insta account became a trending topic after she shared a photo of her bikini during her trip to the Maldives. Honestly, no one will notice blue water or white sand! They just have to talk about perfectly sculpted abs. Mandira also revealed her holiday workout session with fans, which featured 30 various cross-training exercises. How many of us actually go on vacation to a foreign country and consider working out?

6. Arya Butter:

Another Indian female star who entered the 6-pack competition was Alia Bhatt! She created these gorgeous abs for the movie “Shandaar” starring Alia and Shahid. While the movie was a slam dunk, Arya received attention for her impeccable abs. Even after a year, Alia seems to be getting all the attention because of her figure, which is evident in her recent bikini photos. Her fitness program includes Pilates, strengthening, stretching, and cardio to maintain overall physique.

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7. Bipa Shabasu:

The popular adage “age is just a number” holds true for Bipasha Basu. From a 17-year-old model to a mature actress in her 40s, the Bong-mei hasn’t changed much. The seductress regularly posts pictures of herself and husband Karan Grover, both showing off her enviable physique. While Karan is the champion in the 6-pack game, Bips isn’t holding back at all! She often works out at the gym with her bae to prove that “strong is sexy”!

8. Shilpa Shetty:

Shilpa Shetty is the epitome of fitness, her workouts range from cardio to yoga. Even in her 40s, Shilpa maintains a magical 6-pack figure that even teens can’t dream of achieving. The former Dhadkan actress firmly believes that “consistency is the key to mastery”. She regularly exercises at home and in the gym using a combination of asanas, exercises and stretching. Holidays or workdays, every day is a workout day for Shilpa! She has also been selected as a fitness brand ambassador for the Fit India Campaign and even runs a fitness app.

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9. Jacqueline Fernandez:

Jacqueline Fernandes is undoubtedly one of the hottest and fittest celebrities in India. She’s a rare combination of killer looks and athletic body that’s part of her genes. The Sri Lankan beauty regularly shows off her washboard abs in press releases, photos and even her Instagram profile. Her fitness program includes a lot of cross-fit exercises, as well as complex cardio workouts. That’s not all! She also focuses on strength and mobility by taking dance and ballet classes.

Aren’t these 6-pack of Indian celebs for your main fitness goal? Well, behind those mouth-watering abs are months of perseverance and hard work. Celebrities or commoners, six pack abs don’t appear unless you push your physical limits and maintain your discipline. So, whose abs do you draw inspiration from?