9 Invisible Photos of Shriya Saran Without Makeup

9 Invisible Photos of Shriya Saran Without Makeup

9 Invisible Photos of Shriya Saran Without Makeup


Shriya Saran is a famous South Indian actress who made her debut in 2001 with the Tamil film “Ishtam”. She has worked in various Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam films and even had supporting roles in Hindi films. She is considered an expression queen because her eyes just do the talking. We’ll find out just how beautiful she dresses herself up as she is without makeup.

Shriya Saran Without Makeup:

Check out some of shriya saran’s recent no makeup pics from her social profiles.

Summer clothes:

Shriya Saran looks absolutely adorable in this “avatar” in the perfect summer outing. She wore pink polka-dot tops in various shades of shades. She parted her hair on her side. A pair of sunglasses concealed her beautiful eyes, and a white clutch with silver studs hung over her shoulders.

Movie stills:

This is a still shot from a movie. Actress shriya saran with no makeup looks beautiful with an expression full of thoughts and smiles. She appears to be wearing a light brown dress with white stars printed on it. She wears thin round earrings and her hair falls slightly from the left.

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Workout Mode:

We can tell that the actress is either jogging or playing basketball. She wore a casual navy blue T-shirt with a white image for contrast, and a pair of shocking pink hot pants were also worn. Her hair was neatly tied up on a pony, and she was wearing purple sneakers.

Here’s another workout pose, and she’s wearing yellow and black tracksuits. Her hair was neatly tied back again, with a determined expression. She has the same shoes and socks as we saw in the last photo and walks with a bottle of water in her hand.

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Shriya Saran on Save Mumbai:

The photo was clicked as the actress joined Shaina NC in support of the Save Mumbai event at Church Gate in Mumbai. The actress looked chic in a pair of blue jeans and a white dress shirt that covered her arms. Her hair has been parted and she has been fluttering to the left. Her sandals look “desi” and her nails are painted red.

Shria Saran in Half Saree:

We can see the simple South Indian style of the actress in this photo. She wears a solid blue saree and an orange blouse with a print at the ends and the same blue border to match the saree. A triangular bindi on her forehead, a small chain around her neck, a pair of earrings and shaggy hair are all she needs to look good.

Taken while swimming:

This photo is a still photo of Shriya Saran which is a photo of a swimming pool. She looked as pretty as ever in a neon yellow and blue striped swimsuit.

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play with friends:

The photo was clicked at a party the actress was playing with her friends. She’s just a casual dress with ruffles at the ends of the sleeves. We can even see a watch strap on her left hand while she smiles and lets her click.

Shriya Saran in full saree:

Indian women look best in sarees no matter how many suits they wear. The actress wore a yellow saree with a pink blouse cut deep in the back and knotted like a knot. Her facial expressions simply take away a thousand hearts even without makeup.