9 Mammootty Photos With and Without Makeup

9 Mammootty Photos With and Without Makeup

9 Mammootty Photos With and Without Makeup


Mammootty is an Indian actor and producer who works mainly in Malayalam films. He has also acted in Telugu, Tamil and Kannada films. Mammootty has been in the industry for over three decades and he has worked on about 360 films. In Malayalam movies, he has gained huge stardom and popularity by playing many double roles.

Mammootty is a philanthropist who believes in helping the needy and the poor. He is involved in many projects including NGOs and charities in Kerala. He is a patron of the Pain and Palliative Care Society, a charity in Kerala. It was formulated to improve the quality of life of patients with advanced cancer symptoms. Mammootty has also come up with a new project to provide proper care to cancer patients in Kerala.

Mammootty belonged to a middle-class Indian Muslim family who built his career on his own feet without any family precedent. He has been described by Indian media as one of the best and most versatile actors in Indian cinema. They said he was given and praised for his versatility and natural acting ability. He has superstar effect in Malayalam movies. His film choices are often praised for the content of his films. The characters he plays are often “larger than life male characters”. Not only that, but he is also a famous TV star and praised by many women in the family. He is the chairman of Malayalam Communications Corporation. This Malayalam communication runs several TV channels such as People TV, Channel We and Kairali TV.

At the beginning of his career, he owned a production company and a casino. His studio produced commercially successful films such as Gandhi Nagar 2nd Street, Adiyozhukkukal and Nadodikkattu, Karimpin Poovinakkare. Mammootty is also the founder of TV production company Megabytes, which produced the TV series Jwalayay in the 1990s. Jwalayay was his first project as a producer, and it gained a lot of popularity.

He has won many national film awards and eleven national film awards for his outstanding performance in the film. Many of his incredible works have been shown at international film festivals. His film “Mati Ruckal” has been screened at the 40th International Film Festival and has received many positive reviews.

Mammootty with and without makeup stills:

Here are some Mammootty no-makeup looks:

1. Bullet Knight:

Mammootty was found at Daivathintea Swantham Cleetus without any makeup. Wearing robes and red kurta, he looks like a real Indian Don.

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2. Ironic:

The Malayalam actor usually feels good in his lungs. He has no makeup.

3. Really humorous:

Not every actor can wear this no-makeup look. If anyone can, it has to be Mammootty. We see him showing off a white shirt and a black coat, lo and behold, another lung. This time, lungi consists of a golden border.

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4. Typical “Ayya” style:

Even without makeup, we can see him radiant. He shows off his natural face with a simple smile and stylish nerdy look. Most of the time he is wearing a white shirt like this picture.

5. What’s Up Dude Look:

Wearing a yellow T-shirt and denim, he showed off a casual look with a no-makeup face, posing for photographers with a magazine.

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6. Iconic Malayalam look:

This look, from the movie Bavuttiyude Nammathi, holds a towel (ghamcha) and shows off his white tank top and fluffy chest. The iconic Malayalam looks sure and still without makeup.

7. Home Appearance:

We saw him taking pictures with his family. He definitely belongs to a big fat Indian family. He hardly wears makeup at home.

8. The Confused Mammoth:

Photo with Reenu Mathews. In this photo, he keeps his natural look without any makeup. He looked confused, or rather trying to find a solution for something.

9. Malayalamton:

We saw him fall in love with nayanatara. In this photo, the mammoth wakes up with his girlfriend. Here, he does minimal makeup.