9 Most Stunning Honeymoon Spots in Mumbai

9 Most Stunning Honeymoon Spots in Mumbai

9 Most Stunning Honeymoon Spots in Mumbai


Fast-paced, glamorous, glamorous, yet so cute – Mumbai city is the perfect honeymoon spot for couples looking for a mix of fun and romance! This city that never sleeps is perfect for crazy Bollywood couples and those who like to dance all night. Visit Movie City and have your very own “Raj and Simran” moment! Enjoy nightlife with stunning rooftop bars such as ‘Aer’ overlooking Mumbai’s skyline, the perfect place for a cocktail on your first honeymoon. How about those private and hidden gems where only the two of you can enjoy time alone? Think Lonavla, Khandala, Aambey Valley, Alibaug and more, so close to the bustling city of Mumbai yet so unique. Rejuvenate from the frenzy of your wedding in the beautiful waterfall setting of Bhandardara, or enjoy a mini Kashmir (lush greenery and brightly coloured flowers) at Goregaon.

more importantly? Mumbai enjoys a coastal climate without severe temperature fluctuations. Visit the city from November to February and enjoy the pleasant weather throughout, then head higher up around town to places like Marselan for a bit of chill on your honeymoon.

Most Popular Honeymoon Locations in Mumbai:

1. Aksa Beach, Malad:

Within an hour’s drive from Mumbai, Aksa Beach could be the perfect romantic spot for your first date as a married couple. The quiet and secluded beach attracts very little foot traffic, making it an ideal place for couples. The majestic beach is surrounded by some private cottages and hotels and is one of the most popular honeymoon spots around Mumbai.

2. Anara Beach, Villar:

About 60 kilometers west of the town of Vilar, from the city of Mumbai, is the location of Anara Beach. Also near the beach is the Arnala Fort, which is surrounded by several lounges and resorts. If you need a break from the clutter of your daily work life with your partner, the beauty of this place will give you the rest you deserve and is one of the most popular honeymoon destinations around Mumbai.

3. Goregang Chota Kashmir:

Chota Kashmir is located about 30 kilometers north of the city of Mumbai, as its name implies, mini-Kashmir. The lush green plants, rowing boats, the colorful colors brought out by flowers, etc., are named after this. It is also the only place in Mumbai where you can take a boat trip and become a paddle boat or rowing boat captain. Originally developed to film songs and scenes with Kashmiri backgrounds, this place is now a popular spot for couples. Mini Kashmir is definitely one of the honeymoon destinations near Mumbai.

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4. Bandara:

Lush greenery and breathtaking waterfalls make Banda Dara. Close your eyes, choose this place, and appreciate its beauty. The two of you are sure to have a quiet and peaceful time with no distractions other than the chirping of birds and the sound of water hitting the rocks. It is undoubtedly the best honeymoon destination near Mumbai.

5. Lonavala:

With caves, lakes and dams and what you might find similar to a miniature Ireland, Lonavala is one of Mumbai’s remarkable honeymoon destinations. Located in the Sahyadri range similar to Bhandardara, Lonavala is ideal for nature-loving couples. If you’re part of a couple who enjoy hiking, you’re sure to be in for a treat.

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6. Lavasa:

Nothing beats Lavasa these days if you’re a couple who loves road trips. This hill station offers you the cloud as part of its basic functionality. Get ready to keep riding and you might end up having the best time in one of the best honeymoon spots in Mumbai.

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7. Matheran:

In Mumbai, but far from the whole world. Matheran is just one of the great places to watch the sunrise and even the sunset.

8. Kandhara:

The mist, valleys and greenery all around you make it the best honeymoon spot near Mumbai.

9. Silvassa:

A touch of Portuguese era, exotic hotels and Western Ghats. Can this combination get better now? One of the least explored romantic places in the city will give you the comfort you need.

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So if you’re a couple looking for a honeymoon that combines lively city life with a romantic beach getaway, this is the place for you! Eat, shop, dance, hike, travel, drink, dive and explore, this beautiful city and its surrounding amazing places have it all. We guarantee you will have the best time of your life with such a great company around you, and in a home that will only make you yearn to come back and relive those moments. Please share how wonderful your experience in Mumbai city was. We will look forward to your feedback and kindness. Have a great trip and may this be a happy start to the countless memories you will make together as a couple.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

1. Are there any resorts with interesting themes near Mumbai that are especially suitable for honeymooners?

answer: Yes, Machan in the Lonavala region is the perfect getaway for nature-loving wilderness and peaceful couples. Imagine sneaking into a treehouse in the middle of the forest with your people! Or enjoy the outdoor hot tub on your private balcony overlooking the forest and majestic hills? Add (+) deluxe room service, minus (-) phone connection equals (=) the best honeymoon experience.

2. What are the best places in Mumbai for couples to spend their honeymoon?

answer: The city’s skyline is romantic and charming, day and night. Sit on the Esplanade or on the Worli Sea and enjoy the sunset by day and the illuminated skyline by night. Walk to Nariman Point and enjoy the sea breeze and delicious peanut butter. Bandra and Juhu areas are also perfect for couples to relax and enjoy by the sea. You can visit the famous Juhu beach and gorge on Mumbai’s iconic pav bhaaji and ice gola. Or head to one of the romantic lounges overlooking the region’s sea, such as Gadda Da Vida or Estella, perfect for every couple’s vacation.

3. Mumbai is famous for street shopping. Which are the best markets?

answer: If you’re looking for junk jewelry and nice oxidized neckpieces, head over to Colaba Causeway. If you’re looking for ethnic wear, cheap and high-end footwear and bags, you can explore the connecting roads around the Bandra area. People also go to Fashion Street for clothes, Alpha Market for imported chocolates and stationery, footwear and more!