9 Must-Visit Churches in Chennai for a Hearty Experience!

9 Must-Visit Churches in Chennai for a Hearty Experience!

9 Must-Visit Churches in Chennai for a Hearty Experience!


Most commonly, Chennai is considered the gateway to Tamil Nadu, which is home to thousands of beautiful temples. But do you believe it when we say that the church in Chennai is also famous and famous? Little is known that the city has long been associated with Christianity since the 1st century AD and is full of beautiful churches built by colonial powers between the 16th and 20th centuries. So are you interested in making a pilgrimage to Chennai and looking for old churches in particular? Here is a list of churches in Chennai. These churches have their traditional histories and their ways are peculiar.

Here are the most visited churches in Chennai:

1. St Thomas Church, Chennai:

The Santhome Basilica (or St. Thomas Basilica), built over the final resting place of his eponymous apostle, is one of the finest churches in Chennai. Also, it is a wonderful religious historical building and the largest church in Chennai. Originally built in the 16th century by Portuguese explorers, the church became a cathedral in 1606 and was rebuilt by the British in the 19th century. St Thomas’ Church Chennai has an all-white façade, built in a neo-Gothic style, with large windows and a naturally lit interior.


  • Church Day: Open all day
  • Mass timing: Sunday: 6am, 8.15am, 9.30am, 10.30am and 12pm; 6pm, 7.15am; Daily Mass: 6am, 11am and 6pm
  • Place: 38, Santhome High Road, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600004
  • how can I get there: Chennai is closely connected to major Indian cities by air, rail and road.
  • Celebrations: Celebrations include the celebration of its patron saint Thomas, which begins with the raising of the flag on June 24.
  • Other attractions near the church: Poondi Madha Church, Shirdi Sai Baba Temple, Ramakrishna Temple.

2. St. Thomas Mount Church, Chennai:

This church was built in honor of Thomas, the apostle of Jesus Christ. He is believed to have prayed and preached here, so it is considered a holy place. On the walls of the church you can see several paintings related to legends, which reflect and symbolize life and the true journey of legend. This is one of the famous churches in Chennai city.


  • Church Day: Open all day
  • Mass timing: Daily: 6.30am, 12pm, 6.30pm; Sunday: 7.30am, 8.30am, 12pm, 6pm
  • Place: Close to walking route, Kathipara Grade interchange, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600016.
  • how can I get there: The location can be reached by car, bus, car or other means of transportation.
  • Celebrations: Events include Virgin Mary, St Thomas Day
  • Other attractions near the church: Royapettah, Sri Parthasarathy Temple.

3. Georgetown Armenian Church:

One of the oldest churches in India, this church was built in 1712. Dedicated to the Virgin Mary, this is another important place for believers who believe that the wishes of the Armenian Church can be fulfilled here. For this miraculous reason, many people travel to sacred destinations to seek God’s blessing. During a holiday like Christmas, this place looks incredible under the glittering decorations.


  • Church Day: Open all day
  • Mass timing: Daily – 9.30am
  • Place: Parry’s Corner, George Town, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, 600001, India
  • how can I get there: The church is just a 5-minute walk from Chennai Beach Railway Station. People can get to the church by taxi, electric train or auto-rickshaw from the airport, train station or bus station.It is also possible to hire a private taxi to reach the church
  • Celebrations: During Christmas ‘it’s totally decorated and people gather here to be part of this church’s festivities
  • Other attractions near the church: Anderson Church, Victoria War Memorial, Sri Kalikambal Temple, Amir Mahal and St Mary’s Cathedral are other nearby tourist attractions.

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4. Sanctuary of Our Lady of Light (Luce Church), Luce Road:

Locals call it the Luz Church, derived from the Portuguese Nossa Senhora da Luz. Built by the Portuguese in 1516, it is one of the oldest churches in the city and one of the oldest European monuments in India as its cornerstone sign. The history of the church can be traced back to the legend of missionaries who landed safely on the land in the 16th century.


  • Church Day: open every day
  • Mass timing: Weekdays: 6:30am and 12:00pm; Sunday: 6:00am and 7:30am, 6:00pm
  • Place: No.156, Luz Church Road, Luz, Mylapore, Chennai, Tamil Nadu.
  • how can I get there: One can get to the shrine by taxi, taxi, rickshaw or local bus from the train station, airport or bus station.
  • Celebrations: The Feast of Our Lady of Lights is celebrated every year on August 15th.
  • Other attractions near the church: Marina Beach, Kapaleeshwar Temple, Santhome Cathedral, Thiruvallur Temple, Alwarpet Anjaneyar Temple and Hut Art Museum.

5. St. Teresa’s Church, Nungambakkam:

This church is one of the churches built by the British. The church was built in 1970 and is located opposite the center of Hispahani, on the Nungambakkam road. It includes many attractions unmatched by any other church available in Chennai. On the first Sunday in October, which is considered the feast day of St. Teresa, the church witnesses the largest crowd of devotees, and like many other churches, Christmas is the time to multiply the beauty of the church.


  • Church Day: Open all day
  • Mass timing: Weekdays – 6.30 am, Sunday – 6 am
  • Place: No, 4. Nungambakkam High Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600034.
  • how can I get there: You can reach this place by subway or car
  • Celebrations: The Feast of Santa Teresa is celebrated with great enthusiasm on the first Sunday of October. From the raising of the flag, Novena prayers and Mass are held on the first nine evenings.
  • Other attractions near the church: Temple of Kamakshi Amman.

6. St Andrews Church (Kirk):

One of the most expensive structures built during the Raj was constructed and consecrated in 1821, St Andrew’s Church in Egmore, making it one of the oldest heritage buildings in Chennai. Featuring Neoclassical and Palladian architectural styles, the church has a main rotunda, making it one of the most famous churches in Chennai. The shallow dome over the rotunda is one of the main architectural highlights.


  • church day: Open all day
  • Mass timing: Sunday Mass: 7am, 9am and 6pm
  • Place: #37, Poonamallee High Road, Egmore, Chennai, Tamil Nadu- 600008.
  • how can I get there: It is a few hundred meters from Egmore train station.
  • Celebrations: St Andrews is a must for Christmas Carols.
  • Other attractions near the church: Abirami Mega Mall, Kandhakottam Temple.

7. Annai Velankanni Church, Besant Nagar:

Velakanni Church is well known and one of the most beautifully built on the beach in Elliot’s Besant Nagar area. This church is also known as the “Christmas Mecca”. The Virgin Mary is enshrined in this church as the Lady of Health, and the main shrine of this church is placed next to it as the Lady of Health. It is said that especially during Christmas, people crowd at the feet of the Virgin Mary to receive her blessings. The tower of this church can be seen almost near the skyline and looks beautiful and wonderful at sunset. Don’t miss a visit to the most famous church in Chennai.


  • Church Day: Open all day
  • Mass timing: Sunday: 7.30am, 5am, 6pm; Saturday: 7am, Weekdays: 6am, 7am, 8am, 12pm, 6pm
  • Place: 4, Annai Velankanni Road, Odaimanagar, Besant Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600090.
  • how can I get there: Taxi/Car/Bus can easily get here from any city’s main locations and stations.
  • Celebrations: The Feast of Our Lady of Vilancani is celebrated every year from August 29th to September 8th, the birthday of the Virgin Mary.
  • Other attractions near the church: Ashtalakshmi Temple, Elliots Beach and Food Market.

8. St. Mary’s Church, Chennai:

Next to the famous church in Chennai is this St Mary’s Church. This was the first Anglican church built by the East India Company in India, built in 1679. St Mary’s Church Chennai’s grander structure measures approximately 60/90 feet in size, and the church’s walls are 4 feet thick to handle explosives with ease. Visitors to this church can see various treasures as well as stunning interiors inside the church. This is also one of the oldest churches in Chennai.


  • church day: Open every day
  • Mass timing: Sunday Mass – 6.15am and 7.15am, 8.30am and 6.00pm
  • Place: Rajaji Salai, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600009
  • how can I get there: Bus, train, plane, taxi or car can be used to reach the church
  • Celebrations: Christmas celebrations are big here
  • Other attractions near the church: Om Sri Skandasramam, Adhiparasakthi Siddhar Peetam, Arignar Anna Zoo.

9. New Life Conference of the Church of God, Chennai:

It is also known as Chennai New Life Church and is one of the Pentecostal churches in Chennai. The New Life Assembly of the Church of God is a passionate family dedicated to glorifying God, becoming disciples of the teachings of Jesus Christ, and witnessing lives, families, churches and nations being transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit. This csi church in Chennai is not to be missed.


  • Church Day: Open all day
  • Mass timing: Sunday: 7am, 8.45am
  • Place: No. 6, Anna Salai, NGR Colony, Little Mount, Saidapet, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600015.
  • how can I get there: You can use public transport to reach this destination
  • Celebrations: Every weekend, the church gathers to glorify God through worship, prayer, Bible study, and fellowship in many facilities.
  • Other attractions near the church: Jagannath Temple, Hill Shrine.

Chennai, especially when it comes to churches, has a lot to explore. This CSI Church Chennai list will let you see unique architectural features and religious artworks that don’t quite exist in churches in other parts of the world. Leave a comment below and share your experience with us after you visit these Chennai churches. Also, let us know how unique each church you find is.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

Q1. What to do in church

answer: What to do in a church is a religious activity; to see the importance of each church, the uniqueness of its architecture, to learn more about the architectural style, when it was built, and the basis of the style. Some churches have pipe organs, which are still used despite modern musical instruments. Some churches have historical frescoes, stained glass. Andrew’s Church has a huge dome, the interior is painted blue, with a moon in the middle, surrounded by stars.

Q2. How to get to St. Thomas Mount Church Chennai?

answer: You can reach Mount St Thomas Church in any of the following ways:

Just look up driving directions to Mount St. Thomas on Google Maps and the road will show up on Google Maps. There is a road to the top of the mountain and you can use your car or car to get to the top quickly.

  • Mount St. Thomas by public transport:

Nearest train station (2 km): St. Thomas Mount and Guindy.

From the station, you can rent a car (fare around 40 rupees) to the church on the top (less chance) or take the stairs to the foot of the church. The sidewalk is more comfortable to walk, and it only takes 5-10 minutes to reach the top of the mountain.

By bus: Mount Bus Station, Kathipara, Jyothi Theatre bus station is the nearest bus station. Foot-hill is within walking distance of all these bus stops.