9 Photos of Aamir Khan With and Without Makeup

9 Photos of Aamir Khan With and Without Makeup

9 Photos of Aamir Khan With and Without Makeup


Aamir Khan (born 14 March 1965) is an Indian film actor, screenwriter, director, producer and television presenter. His successful career in Bollywood films has made him one of the most influential and popular actors in Indian cinematography. He has won several awards, including seven Movie Ticket Awards and four National Film Awards. He was also awarded Padma Shri and Padma Bhushan in 2003 and 2010.

Some of his excellent films are Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak, Dil, Raja Hindustani, Lagaan, 3 idiots, Taare Zameen Par, Rang de Basanti and Ghajini.

Aamir Khan is a humanitarian and philanthropist. He created and hosted the TV talk show Satyamev Jayate. The show has gained a lot of attention and popularity since its inception as it highlights sensitive social and women’s empowerment issues prevalent in India.

Aamir Khan is a well-known figure in Bollywood, known for his excellent performance on celluloid. He is known as Mr. Perfectionist for the type of movies he shoots and the type of characters he plays. But how many of us really know that even these perfectionists need to hide their imperfections behind the makeup they put on for any act or movie.

Although Aamir Khan is one of those actors who doesn’t usually hide his age behind traces of makeup. He likes to show it off in a natural way. Here, we present 9 photos of Aamir Khan without makeup.

1. Beard styling:

He was spotted flaunting this rough grunge beard at an awards ceremony in Berlin. We all know Aamir Khan as one of those actors who doesn’t socialize or attend too many awards shows and events. Here, we were lucky enough to photograph him. He looks very elegant now.

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2. Self-focused look:

Aamir Khan is one of those natural actors who can do any of his films completely “without makeup”. This is rare in the case of other actors. The photo depicts him as a man lost in his own mind in search of the meaning of life.

3. Its pet time:

He is definitely a family man, taking time out of his busy schedule to be with his wife and two sons. He even makes enough time for his pets and even takes pictures with them. In his snapshot, there is no trace of makeup on his face. Aged logos are definitely on display, but the elegance remains.

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4. Cool handsome guy:

The snap was taken by an American fan when he was spotted on vacation. He looked happy and happy, enjoying every moment.

5. Be in a good mood:

This is definitely a very old photo he took during his career making the movie “Ghulam”. A full eve trailer, paired with that neon t-shirt, a large locket around the neck, lots of jewelry and a black handcuff.

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6. Emotional moments:

He was seen in tears at a news conference in Mumbai. Aamir Khan, most of the time without makeup, while promoting his movies or upcoming shows like Satyamev Jayat.

7. Tired look:

He was pictured at a blood drive in Bandra, Mumbai, where he donated blood to those in need. He is definitely a philanthropist.

8. Ghulam Appearance:

We found this cool dude, casual looking but still a killer.

9. Villagers in India:

This snapshot is from the movie “Lagaan” in which he plays a rustic Indian farmer and villager.