9 Photos of Amy Jackson Without Makeup

9 Photos of Amy Jackson Without Makeup

9 Photos of Amy Jackson Without Makeup


Born and raised in the UK, Amy Jackson started her career in her teens, exactly 16 when she registered as a model. Born to British parents, the British model had always had a keen eye for cinema until Tamil director AL Vijay discovered and introduced her to the South Indian film industry. Spreading more wings each day, she soon made her way into Bollywood, making her debut as recently as 2012. Amy managed her film debut in India while working as an active model in the UK and quickly became a well-known face in South Indian cinema. Like every Amy is dazzling on screen, but we wonder how she looks behind the camera without studio skills. In today’s article, we’re going to peel back Amy’s styling books to see how this gorgeous actress looks without professional makeup to hide her blemishes.

1. Best fans:

Amy Jackson wore a casual denim and coral peach shirt as she posed for a photo with one of her beloved fans. Amy’s hair was left open and natural, with no sign of makeup other than a vibrant vampire red lip that accentuated her complexion when she smiled.

2. Selfie Game Ruler:

Amy in this photo decides to wake up early in the morning and click a killer selfie in which she has no trace of makeup left on her face. Light freckles adorned her soft, flawless skin, and her bright eyes shone with fleeting enthusiasm.

3. Behind the scenes:

Forever Amy, the Jackson in this photo was clicked behind the scenes to one of her films in a super summer classic casual outfit she paired with a white tank top and blue denim shorts without any makeup on her face Than those pilots who keep her hair away from her forehead.

4. Coronation Queen:

This dazzling photo of Amy Jackson dates back to her teenage years when she won the Miss Teen World crown. Still back in the UK, Amy looked ferocious and flawless, while her bare face glowed with joy. Her bright smile says it all in this photo.

5. Car Selfie:

We all have quite a few car selfies, and by the looks of it, Amy Jackson has hers too. Although the dark shade covers most of her face, we can tell she’s wearing no makeup, as she looks perfect for trendsetters posing in her window seat.

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6. Take stills:

Recovering from one of the old photos of Amy, here we see Amy posing in a fresh morning look, her hair styling exudes a morning bedside look as she looks in this photo Flawless, skin is fresh, light and bright.

7. Flawless:

Here’s an exciting photo of the beauty posing for another as she wows her fans with her natural look. With what we call a minimal necessity for makeup, Amy is here for one of her best pictures.

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8. Classic look:

Another photo from Amy Jackson’s model photo shoot, this time Amy looked more grown-up in her natural self, using minimal blush and lip color to complete the photo. Even without heavy makeup, she looked dazzling again.

9. Selfie Game:

We again find another killer selfie of Amy Jackson, where she pops her ocean eyes with minimal eyeliner as she poses for a flawless and fresh face.

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