9 Photos of Brad Pitt Without Makeup

9 Photos of Brad Pitt Without Makeup

9 Photos of Brad Pitt Without Makeup


After the Smiths, Troy, and Benjamin Button’s Curious Case, the world-famous Brad Pitt needs no special introduction at all. William Bradley Pitt is on a par with his famous half, Angelina Jolie, who gave up his college career halfway, only to move to Los Angeles in search of his Really love movies. Associated with the famous Jennifer Aniston and happy father of six, Brad Pitt is often known for his stubble charm good guy, perfect for the rugged man next door. With stars, however, if the gold is taken away, it’s hard to tell if they’re actually all sparkling.

Pictures of Brad Pitt without makeup:

Without professional lighting and makeup, let’s see if Brad Pitt has left his charm behind.

1. Little Boy Charm:

The picture dates back to his youth, when his chocolate boy charm was still his main game. With his head shaved to look like a mean college athlete, Brad Pitt stands on the red carpet, basking in his beauty, his pearly white twist to give you a soft smile.

2. Sturdy appearance:

It’s a transitional picture from good-natured charm to rough, angry and masculine. Standing there, a gentleman in a suit and leather shoes, it can be seen that Brad’s skin is quite perfect even without any makeup on his face.

3. Beard stage:

Here’s a recent photo of the famous Pitt from his mature days, when he decided to grow a beard when he was fit for an event. Looking very down to earth and very different in his new look, we say Brad’s no-makeup look is his best yet.

4. Stupid on the road:

Here’s one of the pictures Brad saw on the road, and he seemed to be rocking that full-sleeve white T-shirt, hot all over, looking his best. With the T-shirt clinging to his every muscle, he pulled the sleeves into quarters as he walked.

5. Work hazards:

This time, Brad showed up wearing a construction hat, his T-shirt halfway through the middle of his biceps, showing off his lean body, he had a little stubble, and his pilot covered it Most of his pretty peepers.

6. Leading the way:

Jumpsuits have only been a hot trend until recently, and here we have a photo of the trendsetter himself who made middle-aged men feel comfortable wearing jumpsuits, and he appeared in one. With his blond hair swaying behind his back and his brown sunglasses covering his eyes, he walked over.

7. Movie stills:

This is one of his earliest films, a still from Thelma and Louise, with a young Brad posing naked in his classic hairstyle. In this photo, he’s wearing no makeup and his face is clearly shown, but either way, he knows how to do it, with or without it.

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8. Fan events:

During one of the meet-and-greets, the Brangelina couple decided to stop by for autographs and group photos with fans, and in this perfect candid, we see the couple interacting with fans without makeup or rocking a couple game.

9. Dear Father:

Aside from red carpet models and famous actors, the father of six decided to take his kids to work as they decided to visit the Money Ball suit. Holding the baby in his arms, the lovely father looks really dashing.

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