9 Photos of Carrie Underwood Without Makeup

9 Photos of Carrie Underwood Without Makeup

9 Photos of Carrie Underwood Without Makeup

With the 2005 results rounded up, a young blond girl took the crown for the fourth season of American Idol, and a young country girl is still trying to make a big splash in the town of Hawley. Carrie Underwood never knew she would become a household name in the years since, selling over millions of copies and producing a platinum label. Carrie Underwood is a brainy beauty who continues her journey to become the star she is now. Slowly, she started working side by side as a classified song writer and actress, and now she’s a big icon handling the millionaire label. Today in this post, we’ll find out if her beautiful voice matches her makeup-free self.

Carrie Underwood’s No Makeup Pics:

Just a leisure day:

Sitting sullen, here’s the opening photo of Carrie Underwood’s list without makeup. Carrie in this photo shows no sign of professional makeup, but for a star busy with platinum album deals, she looks pretty good. Taking some time out of her busy schedule, Carrie is here to show how a day without makeup can’t spoil her best looks.

Old Memoirs:

Back in the days of auditions, a treat to all Underwood fans, a young Carrie stood there in a pink shirt, letting the judges know herself. Even in those days, one would have expected the young man to evolve with Hollywood, but by the looks of it, Carrie’s face always exuded perfection, even if professional makeup routines weren’t part of her daily routine. of light.

Lazy Day Makeover:

Carrie is usually seen always well-dressed and ready to go to the show with pumps, but that day Carrie let down her hair, though not literally, and went out for a walk in comfy clothes. Despite the lack of visible makeup on her face, this stunner has a glow that no one can deny.

Walked through:

Clicked by one of the paparazzi, Carrie Underwood smiled sweetly at the camera as she walked past them. Even though she’s never done any professional studio makeup, she looks really good on her own. Her hair was as beautiful as ever, put it behind her head, and she walked over.

A day at the beach:

Carrie Underwood was pictured wearing a printed bikini top on a beach holiday. Her hair was styled into a messy hairstyle as she and her boyfriend had a good time at the beach. However, even without any touch-ups, her smooth skin and silky texture really left us in awe.

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Beach look:

Here we see another stunning photo of Underwood, again with the beach where she might be enjoying her vacation as the backdrop. Underwood is a fitness freak and a beautiful woman who looks great while enjoying her beach days.

Gym Selfie:

We’ve all had those gym selfies when too much hard work is processed by a good photo. The same happened to Carrie and her fiancé, who shared pictures of their workout on Instagram and saw Underwood beside her fiancé without any makeup. She looks healthy even without any makeup.

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Morning run:

Morning runs are a must for the fitness-oriented Carrie, so here’s a picture of her panting while jogging as she paired a white skull tee with cute jogging shorts. She had her hair tied back and no makeup on her face.

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All smiles:

In the final photo, Carrie is wearing her hair in a beautiful braid and smiling. Don’t know this candid photo, she doesn’t appear to be wearing make-up, but she looks gorgeous.