9 Photos of Eva Longoria Without Makeup

9 Photos of Eva Longoria Without Makeup

9 Photos of Eva Longoria Without Makeup

Eva Longoria has always been one of the most versatile actors and is a famous American actress, producer and director. Her hit series “Desperate Housewives” and her other accomplishments earned her a place on the Hollywood stage. Fashionista forever, Longoria does her part on red carpets and awards shows, and we’re amazed every time she shines like the brightest star. However, in today’s article, we’re going to decide if Longoria really is a true beauty, makeup or not.

Eva Longoria Without Makeup:

1. Street View:

Longoria was photographed walking around in her natural self in a comfy undershirt and blouse, without any makeup, and from the looks of it, even without heavy makeup, she was clearly a true beauty. Longoria opened up her flawless mane, and with a soft liner just above her lids, she looked elegant and healthy.

2. Compare:

This is a classic comparison between makeup and no makeup Longoria, with no makeup on the left. Comparing the two, we can see that she looks a little mushy and clean face than her usual dress-up, but either way, the flawless skin is palpable. As she sat there with her sunglasses held high, she looked silky skinned and flawless.

3. Poolside Eva:

Here we see Eva Longoria relaxing in a towel by the pool for a day. Surprisingly, Longoria did look gorgeous after a long week at work, even though she didn’t wear any makeup herself. This woman has her hair up in a bun, and not only has a pretty face, but her skin is flawless.

4. Dark Hours:

The beautiful Longoria was seen at LAX airport with her large sunglasses walking over to prepare for her flight. Despite the shade covering most of her pretty peepers, the woman looked flawless as ever. Longoria paired her open hair with a white tee and black jeans for a fitted look.

5. Fresh Faces:

Backstage supermodel Karlie Kloss took a group photo with Longoria, both of them had no makeup and their faces were still fresh. Longoria was chewing something from the plate she was holding that looked different from her fictional self. Without the massive black eyeliner, she looked hollow but still pretty. Still being robbed and waiting for the show with hair and makeup, these beauties do look gorgeous without makeup.

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6. Pretty face:

Here is another comparison between the two, the former photo shows Longoria without makeup, while the other side depicts Longoria with a liner and bronzer. Again, Longoria looks very lively and fresh despite being different. With no visible makeup marks, she is free of dark bags, spots and freckles, which is one of the reasons we can call her a true beauty.

7. Dating:

A forever fashion statement, Longoria looked stunning in white when she was out with her longtime boyfriend. The elegant dress of the woman in white, with sunglasses and fluffy hair, definitely made her an eye-opener on the road. With just a smattering of necessary makeup, this beauty once again blew us away.

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8. Walk around:

Once again we see Longoria on the street without makeup, this time wearing a warm jacket to ward off the cold. The star looked natural in her honey-brown hair, looking like her true self. Without any makeup, the star did rock the no-makeup look really well.

9. With the girls:

Just like us girls, Longoria took a photo on social media with two of her friends, all three of whom were wearing no makeup. However, Longoria is as beautiful as ever.

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