9 Photos of Kavya Madhavan With and Without Makeup

9 Photos of Kavya Madhavan With and Without Makeup

9 Photos of Kavya Madhavan With and Without Makeup


Kavya Madhavan made her film debut in Malayalam as a child artist in 1991 when she was only 7 years old! She was later introduced as the heroine in Chandranudikkunna Dikhil (1999) as a 9th grader. The film went on to be a success among the masses and become history as they say. At just 29 years old, she has already won two Kerala Film Awards for Best Actress for her performance.

As one of the busiest heroines in Malayalam films, she is also an equally skilled dancer. Mostly part of a romantic comedy, her best film is with co-star Dilip, with whom she’s shot a total of 18 films.

Actor, dancer, singer and poet, Kavya Madhavan is a creative genius. But she’s more valuable than she looks. Always found in her natural looks, her only major makeup look is her dark kajal/kohl. Here’s what our favorite star looks like in her natural allure.

Fantastic Kavya Madhavan Makeup and No Makeup Photos:

Below are on and off screen photos of Kavya Madhavan without makeup that illustrate her beauty.

1. Traditional appearance:

The Malay-Asian actress is known for her simple and traditional looks in real life and reel life. For someone who grew up under arched lights, she likes to downplay the gloss factor in her outfits. This photo with a heavy Kajal border highlights how simple sarees and traditional jewellery can make you look striking. This photo shows how awesome she is even with very little makeup.

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2. Character actors:

Kavya plays a Muslim girl in a Kerala village on screen, effortlessly embracing Kachimundu Thattam’s traditional attire. Born into a Hindu family, Kavya is an actress who believes in playing different roles in her films to appeal to the masses.She defined talent beyond heavy makeup

3. Fresh as a daisy:

Like a blooming spring flower, this is a refreshing still life for the multi-talented actress. Her clear complexion shimmered in the stark contrast of her blue dress. The movie star’s glamour was intact with her bumblebee sunglasses, and her makeup-free face captured a lovely selfie.

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4. Dancers:

C. She never catches the eye with make-up glamorous.

5. Simple Southern Beauty:

The quintessential South Indian beauty looks fresh every day. She believes that less is more when it comes to makeup and practice, in her personal life as well as in her film appearances. Her natural looks have attracted her growing following.

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6. Bright as the winter sun:

Like the soothing sun of winter, this photo will automatically captivate you with its simplicity. She’s an actress who makes her craft stand out, not her makeup or figure. Even more attractive is her beautiful radiant smile.

7. Elegance incarnate:

Elegance is the middle name of this southern beauty, as she pulls off a glamorous look with little to no makeup. Her best assets are her expressive eyes and beautiful mane. Both highlight the perfect attributes of her natural charm.

8. Easy Charm:

Kavya is known to dislike glamour as she likes to express her emotions through the eyes of her characters. But it can still be seen here that she really doesn’t need to put too much makeup on. Her natural beauty adds a lot of glamour to the simplest of girl-next-door roles.

9. Slim Kavia:

Recently, she has lost a lot of weight due to the demands of her new role and the increasing competition. Recovering from a more chaotic divorce, she is not a delicate darling, but a powerful woman who prides herself on her personality.