9 Pictures of Enrique Iglesias Without Makeup

9 Pictures of Enrique Iglesias Without Makeup

9 Pictures of Enrique Iglesias Without Makeup

The king of Latin pop, Enrique Iglesias is a music business mogul, ravaging multimillion-dollar albums that not only captivate us, but drive us crazy. A successful multi-award-winning musician, Enrique acquired his taste in music from his father and predecessor Julio Iglesias. However, being a musical feels more than just a tantalizing sound. Singers of rising fame are often under a lot of pressure to look like a perfect 10. This may be one of the reasons why their makeup is constantly caked and dazzling. But if we do take off the Superman costume, who do we really see? In this article today, we discuss the famous Enrique Iglesias look without makeup.

Beautiful pictures of Enrique Lglesias without makeup:

1. Young days:

The photo is from his youth, when he was pictured getting out of the car, busy talking on the phone, surrounded by people basking in his natural beauty, flawless skin and messy hair from the boy next door. The fashion mogul wore a blue splash scarf around his neck, and a black jacket kept him warm in the freezing cold outside.

2. Event day:

Here’s a photo from the event day when he decided to wear one of his signature styles with a baseball cap over his unpolished face. It’s obvious from the photo that he doesn’t have any makeup on, but all the makeup looks great on him.

3. Rock his signature style:

Once again we see the famous star wearing one of his signature styles, unaware of this candid photo as he walks around. Enrique has always been admired for his good looks and shrewd approach, and this time was no exception. It looks so good, even if it’s quite frank, Enrique has definitely changed his appearance.

4. Guest Jury:

Taking a seat next to X-Factor judge Nicole Scherzinger, Enrique Iglesias appeared on the list of guest judges in the 30+ category for the singing show. Wearing only a red T-shirt, Enrique looked dignified, fascinated by the talent in front of him, ready for more surprises, and his face without makeup clearly showed his flawlessness.

5. Game Show Dates:

This is one of the pictures of Enrique taking his longtime love Anna Kournikova on the game show. Amid the kisses and happy faces, the pair were spotted enjoying the game in a front row seat. Although his other half did wear makeup, Enrique had no trace of makeup at all, and he still looked pretty.

6. Between concerts:

At one of his concerts, Enrique was pictured clicking a selfie on the phone of one of his fans. Selifes are no strangers to celebrities as they all post their pictures on social media sites. It might just be one of those peak concerts when Enrique’s signature hat clicks away.

7. Yacht rest:

Taking a break from one of his vacations, Enrique decided to show off some toned abs as he stood by the railing in his sunglasses. He put on his hat again, and his toned muscles gleamed in the light. Enrique has always been a girls favorite, and now we know why.

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8. Go for a drive:

This photo was taken on the same day as the yacht party, just a few hours earlier, as he drove to the scene with his girlfriend by his side, all set to cheer for the weekend getaway. With a little stubble, Enrique still looks manly.

9. Airport operations:

This photo of Enrique is from a photo of him leaving the airport and was taken while he was leaving the airport. With his hair combed back in a beanie and a tired look on his face, we can tell he’s had a rough week.

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