9 Pictures of Rihanna Without Makeup

9 Pictures of Rihanna Without Makeup

9 Pictures of Rihanna Without Makeup

Robyn Rihanna Fenty also knows that Rihanna is one of the most successful and popular female singers the music industry has ever seen. Apart from being a singer, she is also a professional actress, model, fashion designer and more. Most of her songs have successfully broken billboard records and gained worldwide recognition. Her life acting and world tour required her to look her best and be ready for the stage. But Rihanna isn’t just another make-up singer. Her natural beauty is one of the main reasons behind all Victory mascaras. Below are some of the best pictures of Rihanna, proving that this woman can look attractive without makeup.

Rihanna’s Unseen Photos Without Makeup:

1. Street Queen:

Rihanna has been an inspiration to many women who are frustrated with their dark skin tone. She is black and beautiful. Rihanna doesn’t need makeup to look attractive. All she needs is a stylish pair of clothes and she can pretty much change the environment wherever she goes. Here, Rihanna appears on the streets of New York, confidently dressed without makeup.

2. The “go to bed” look:

Rihanna once posted a photo of herself as she was about to go to bed. She removed all her makeup and took a photo of her without mascara, she was just wearing her big round earrings.

3. Tattoo show:

With this photo, Rihanna tried to show off her new tattoo and managed to impress her fans with her no-makeup face effect. This diamond girl can look stunning without makeup. Instead, Rihanna took the time to enjoy the moments when she didn’t have to worry about her business life and makeup.

4. Let’s get naked:

Here is a photo of Rihanna without makeup and posting the same look on Instagram. She is very close to her fans and lets them know about her natural beauty and beauty skills without using any beauty products.

5. Curly Girls:

Rihanna is a girl with gorgeous curly hair and an impressive natural beauty. In this photo, Rihanna is showing off her tattooed fingers and blonde curls. The queen of hip hop needs almost any makeup to enhance her beauty.

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6. Sexiest woman:

There is no doubt that Rihanna has excellent dressing taste. After all, she is a professional fashion designer. In this photo, she rocked her morning in a casual white tee and a cool scarf. When she eats breakfast, she doesn’t hesitate to show off her plain, tired morning face in front of the camera.

7. Global warming:

Rihanna is undoubtedly one of the hottest singers the music industry has ever seen. In this photo, she is wearing casual clothes with no makeup on her face. She’s hot enough to cause global warming all over the internet.

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8. With your baby:

This photo of Rihanna and her little niece is absolutely adorable. Rihanna tweeted the photo for the sole purpose of showing off her bare face. She is very fond of her gifted natural beauty and often successfully displays it.

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9. By the pool:

Rihanna snapped this photo by her pool, where she showed off her bare face. The photo also reveals how the queen of hip hop enjoys spending her spare time.