9 Shahrukh Khan Photos With and Without Makeup

9 Shahrukh Khan Photos With and Without Makeup

9 Shahrukh Khan Photos With and Without Makeup

The king of romance, Bollywood’s badshah is synonymous with the boy next door every girl wants to be romantic. His romantic roles have had such an impact that every time you hear Rahul, Raj or Arjun, you can’t help but imagine this mysterious Scorpio.

Although he is the darling of the arched lights, he looks just as charming and cute in real life. The best proof is his wife Goryeo. Married for 21 years, they are the most romantic couple. Here are our picks for his best natural looks.

Shahrukh Khan without makeup pics:

Below is a picture of the most popular and talented Bollywood badshah (SRK) Shahrukh Khan without makeup and very beautiful.

1. Fashion Khan:

A khan for all seasons, this guy looks good no matter what he wears or does. Seeing the brand endorsement here, he managed to look very stylish. This person has no disapproval items. Shahrukh Khan is a name we associate with the best of all things right now. Here, even in the public photos, he only wears light makeup.

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2. The Effortless Magician:

Dressed in a simple black shirt and black suit with no makeup, the man exudes charm and charisma and seems to draw women of all ages to his transcendent gaze. Adorable dimples have made women fascinated by this charming person for generations.

3. Calf:

When it comes to business, Shahrukh Khan is a cool cat. He has made some blockbusters under his own production banner, but most importantly his IPL team. Co-owner of the Calcutta Cavaliers, this man is cool. His involvement with the city has earned him the status of a brand ambassador for West Bengal. In this image, shahrukh gets into his car from the outside with no makeup on his face.

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4. Shahrukh Khan without makeup:

Having a stable global fan following quickly assumes that the person has a lot of attitude and demeanor towards themselves. But he is simple with the people he loves. Shahrukh comes from a humble background in New Delhi and has no godfather in the industry. Despite all his success so far, he remains humble. Being able to maintain this dignified presence is an achievement in itself. This photo illustrates how natural he looks even without makeup.

5. Sexy Don:

Yes sir, Shahrukh Khan brings back the sexy with his rendition of Don’s classic retro character. If there’s anyone who can fulfill this iconic role, it’s this one. With his naturally fluid swagger and killer attitude, he’s as deadly in action sequences as he is in romantic dialogue. Here, he only shows off his bare face and the perfect ponytail look for him.

6. Project Boys:

SRK was solely responsible for popularizing the concept of Project Boy in Bollywood. He recently had some of the most amazing item numbers in film. He doesn’t want the girls to get all the attention! And he worked so hard, he even developed six-pack abs. There is nothing this man can’t do. Add that cute face, and go without makeup, and one can never go wrong.

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7. Romantic Shahrukh Look:

From chemistry teacher to neighbor’s daughter to college sweetheart, Shah Rukh has managed to be in love with every character on screen. See here shahrukh khan without makeup, to his photoshoot for Veer Zara of Yash Raj Production, where he effortlessly plays every role of the quintessential romantic man that every woman wants. The romantic side can also be seen in his personal life. Men are living proof of everything about love.

8. Dream Boat:

This man is not Adonis, but his female fans are the envy of his contemporaries. He has a very magnetic charm that few can resist. But he also exemplifies the integrity that makes his on-screen characters so believable. The photo above says he doesn’t have any makeup on his face.

9. Shahrukh – King of Millions of Hearts:

There is no doubt that he is the king of the heart, which has a lot to do with being a good person. When a person behaves well from the inside, it definitely reflects on the outside. This is one of the best photos of srk without makeup.