9 Vidya Balan Photos With and Without Makeup

9 Vidya Balan Photos With and Without Makeup

9 Vidya Balan Photos With and Without Makeup


Vidya Balan comes to celluloid with her beloved and critically acclaimed film Parineeta, directed by her mentor Pradeep Sirkar. Since then, it has achieved equally stellar success at the box office and on the critics.

Designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee’s favorite actress Vidya has apparently brought the traditional South Indian sari back to the red carpet. Time with this lady is never boring, and she is known for her simple, elegant style that focuses more on her folds than her makeup. Her beauty comes from a deeper presence that fascinates the onlooker.

Here’s our pick of her best no-makeup looks.

1. Ordinary Jane in Black Sabyasachi:

Known as the Madhubala of intellectuals, Vidya excels in the most mundane garb. Here’s a similar look, where the muted shadows and simple French braids are all she takes to elevate this boring look to something new. This style comes from attitude rather than makeup.

2. Sultry White Siren:

Vidya’s pearl-pink lace-up numbers are mesmerizing, bringing back the old classic glamour that the heroines of Hrishikesh Mukherjee and Amol Palekar’s movies had in the hay days. It’s all about natural beauty and inner elegance – attributes that brush strokes can’t achieve, but that inspire art.

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3. Confident feminists:

Vidya Balan is the embodiment of today’s free-thinking independent woman who is not only tolerant of her family, but also very opinionated about her own opinions. The only thing that sets her apart in this printed suit is her unwavering confidence—a rare trait.

4. Southern Grace:

She exudes pure class and manners with the grace of a saree, which is associated with very sound family values ​​and upbringing. This is an innate quality of Vidya that sets her apart from some of her contemporaries.

5. Fascinating glance:

A mischievous smile and plump lips are the only distractions from her charming eyes. Her charisma is extremely natural, effortlessly blending her towering personality with understated femininity. She is a powerful and powerful combination that is as rare as her simplicity.

6. The heroine ready to go:

Inspired by Madhuri Dixit in real life, Vidya is an ordinary girl next door with a warm and charming smile. With her quintessentially middle-class demeanor and grace, she has captured the hearts of millions of fans around the world. People love her normal looks because it’s something the masses can relate to in their own lives.

7. Laid-back charm:

This beautiful lady is not bothered by the comments and advice of the fashion industry and wears her most comfortable clothes. No amount of negative press about her fashion sense has prevented her from prioritizing comfort. This makes her special, but it also makes her special.

8. Worry-Free Charm:

As mentioned earlier, Vidya believes that less is more. So while she doesn’t emphasize makeup, she does make sure she wears the perfect drape for the occasion. Stunning in this iconic Sabyasachi saree, she proved it again.

9. The material woman:

An actress who lets her work speak for her and manages to deliver a powerful performance is a real woman. She doesn’t accept empty comments and encourages those who deserve her applause. A gritty woman like Vidya has found her footing in a male-dominated industry that once rejected her be damned. That attitude itself is what makes her so beautiful.