9 Wonders of Berum Caves in Andhra Pradesh | Stylesatlife

9 Wonders of Berum Caves in Andhra Pradesh | Stylesatlife


Belum Cave is the longest cave in Andhra Pradesh. About 110 kilometers from Kurnur, they are one of the most prestigious and famous caves in the country. These are underground caves built under farmland, with three caves, one of which serves as the main entrance. Berum Cave is one of the most attractive locations in India and has been called “a unique eco-tourism project” by the Indian government. If you wish to visit this wonderful place, here are some glimpses that will give you a mini tour of this historic beauty.

Berum Cave:

Belum Cave Buddha Statues:

As the Belum caves are ancient, they have some of the most unique and beautiful ruins you will ever witness. Buddhist and Jain relics found here attest to some of the contributions made to these caves by monks belonging to these faiths. So you should definitely see a beautiful, long and perfect Buddha statue.

Pili Dwaram:

The word Pillidwaram means cat’s door. This is basically a natural arch in the shape of a lion’s head. The painting is truly artistic and complements the skill and craftsmanship of the builders at the time. This is one of the most amazing sights of Berum Cave and is definitely not to be missed.

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meditation hall:

The meditation hall in Berum Cave looks very striking and attractive. The cuttings and styling are absolutely fantastic. The atmosphere of the place is very calm and calm as this is where Buddhist monks spend their time worshiping and meditating. Many saints also lived here.

Thousand Hoods:

The Thousand Hoods are a beautiful part of Berum Cave, where one can see glorious formations shaped like a cobra’s hood. This part of the ceiling looks as if thousands of cobras have opened their hoods. The sight is almost magnificent.

music room:

The concert hall opened to the public in 2006. The formation of this part produces a form similar to the sound of music. They beat with wooden sticks to make it look very attractive, beautiful and magnificent. This place is definitely worth a visit.

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Banyan Tree:

The banyan tree of Belum Caves has a huge column with huge stalactites hanging from the ceiling. It is also called “Voodalamari” because of its aerial roots, which are very similar in appearance to the banyan tree. This part of the image is sure to interest you.

Manda Palm:

Mandapam basically describes the interior of the Belum cave filled with historical columns and monumental structures. The environment of these places is very pleasant, it seems to take you into a completely different world. If you are looking to discover the culture of India, then you can miss these wonderful places.

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Intricate paragraphs:

The intricate passages inside Belum Cave are sure to excite you. The structure is grand and the passageways are long and intricate. They are indeed very similar to caves and have great historical significance. It’s amazing how well these places are still preserved. No wonder the number of tourists seems to be increasing every year.

Holy Bed:

The Holy Bed is another important feature of the Berum Caves, which is definitely not to be missed. It has great historical significance and importance. The grey rock and solid structure look very striking.