Adriana Lima Beauty Tips and Tricks

Adriana Lima Beauty Tips and Tricks

Adriana Lima Beauty Tips and Tricks

As one of the famous Victoria’s Secret supermodels, Adriana Lima is known for her glamorous and glamorous looks, and just like any other girl, she also has some tricks. The flawless face, the sculpted structure, the dead body—makes us all want to be her, but this down-to-earth beauty has some secrets to share.

Some of her secret boos are revealed:

Watch your food:

Even though the famous lingerie model outlived beauties like Gisele Bundchen and Miranda Kerr, Miss Lima spent a fair amount of time celebrating Christmas with her family. According to her, sometimes the tongue doesn’t want to cooperate with the brain. So when it wants to do whatever it wants, Lima says let it go. “But if you’re concerned, watch your portion size. You can eat anything, but only in small amounts,” she quoted. For her, everything can be consumed perfectly, but only after limiting herself.

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The road to weight loss:

For Adriana, just sitting around a pop-up slimming capsule was a big no-no. She’s not just a pretty face. She likes to put up with this extra intense workout. She loves to sweat, she loves to work on her muscles, guess what is her favorite workout? jump rope. Jumping rope for an hour can help you lose up to 1,000 calories, Lima says.


So Lima likes her eyes, not her thick lashes, which is why her eye makeup technique is not to do anything with the mascara that’s already on the lashes. She says applying and reapplying mascara, creating a second layer on top of the previous one is her knack for volumizing mascara. The trick is to never take off the mascara.

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Au-Natural Cleansing:

During her trip to Dubai, she revealed some of her secrets to her fans, one of which was coconut water for her skin. For the extra shimmer and golden sheen she brings under subtle makeup, a coconut water facial cleanse is the secret. Just dip a dollop of cotton in coconut water and apply it to your face.

Eye Care:

Another of her coconut DIYs involves a bowl of chilled coconut water, drenching a cotton ball, and gently placing it on her eyes. This takes care of all her bags.

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Dual role:

Another secret tip for Lima’s lips shows off a dual tone on her lips and cheeks. Frustratingly gloomy lips will never complement rosy cheeks, and to complement Lima’s use of the same colors and shades on her lips and cheeks for a more natural and airy look.

Hair Care:

When it comes to details, Adriana always sticks to organic materials. Avocados for her hair are the best products for her because they give her hair a lot of volume and shine along with a shimmery lock of moisture.

Grow the mane:

To grow those long luscious locks, ask Lima for some advice, she’ll definitely recommend some flaxseed oil, which helps her hair grow miraculously while adding shine and shimmer. If organic products are too short for you, ask your doctor for some prescription flaxseed pills.

Her scent:

Miss Lima has two fragrances for her everyday use. During the day, she wears her favorite Bombshell Diamonds fragrance, a floral-fruity scent that keeps her fun and ethereal at sunset at Victoria’s Secret Night. The latter is a passionate, luscious fragrance created for an evening date. Now we all know how to smell like Adriana Lima.