Aishwarya Rai Never Seen in Saree

Aishwarya Rai Never Seen in Saree

Aishwarya Rai Never Seen in Saree


There was a time when Aishwarya Rai has become a symbol of Indian beauty and culture! She embodies style and elegance like never before! Aishwarya Rai is a regular at many international events, such as the Cannes Film Festival, where she often wears sarees. Ash sure knows how to elevate the beauty of a humble Indian saree with her grace and grace. She absolutely loves her sarees, which is evident from the way she takes them off with ease! No wonder why she is every designer’s delight! In this article, we are going to explore some of the best pictures of Aishwarya Rai sarees from the collection!

Aishwarya Rai’s Gorgeous Saree Photos You Can’t Miss!

If you are a die-hard Aishwarya Rai fan, this article is a must read! Fall in love with this beauty more than ever by checking out some of the best pictures in sarees.

1. Aishwarya in Gold Net Saree:

Aishwarya does look like a golden girl in this gorgeous designer outfit. She was spotted wearing a golden mesh saree with a subtle sheen on it. The blouse had a neckline, and she only wore a pair of statement earrings. She wears a neat bun on her main head and keeps things low-key!

2. Aishwarya Ragana Saree:

Here’s another look worth stealing! Aishwarya Rai is once again the star of the Cannes Film Festival. She opted for a yellow chiffon saree and a basic short-sleeved blouse. The saree has an embroidered broder which looks sensational. She opted for sleek hair with a central partition and smoky eyes!

3. Aishwarya Rai in Silk Saree:

Aishwarya opted for this breathtakingly beautiful look for lunch with the French President! She beat the bigwigs with her style and grace. Ash chose this fuchsia Berhampuri silk saree for the event and it looked stunning on her. She opted for Polkis and a neat hairstyle!

4. Aishwarya Rai in Pink Saree:

Aishwarya looked gorgeous in this light pink saree. The actress wore this delicate saree to an event, her body adorned like a glamour! She looks like a million bucks in this dress, her style is minimal yet elegant. The white and pink saree was paired with a sparkly plunging blouse, and she managed to keep it demure!

5. Aishwarya Rai Blue Saree:

Can’t you take your eyes off her? We are with you! It is quite difficult to describe her beauty in words. Ash looked stunning in a blue and black sheer mesh saree and it was perfect! She was wearing a thin-sleeved top that was neatly covered. Her flawless hair and makeup are worth millions.

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6. Aishwarya in Wedding Saree:

Aishwarya Rai looks too good to be true in this photo! For one of her wedding ceremonies, Rai wore this traditional maroon silk saree, which was handcrafted to perfection. There are impeccable details throughout the saree which make this diva even more beautiful. She looks like a royal princess waiting for her Prince Charming!

7. Queen of Peach Powder:

Aishwarya has always been the queen bee, and most importantly, at one of her out-of-studio events, she portrayed her queen-like self in a more precise way, wrapped in a dazzlingly traditional package . The peach and cream saree looks beautiful with shimmery soft touches all over the place and the silver embroidery on the edges is simply stunning.

8. Red Chiffon:

For a beautiful princess like her, colour doesn’t affect her vibe, so while many would stick to their little black dresses, Aishwarya ventured bravely in a beautiful chiffon mesh saree go out. During her appearance at the Star Screen Awards, she adorned the saree with pretty trinkets, covering the border along the sari’s edges. The silhouette of the saree is simple blue.

9. Chandrikin:

Chanderi Gold is a special fabric material from South India, this silk material fabric is widely used in sarees. Aishwarya decided to look her best by wrapping herself in a beautiful golden saree at the French awards ceremony. However, the edges of the saree are matte satin buff shades.

10. Embellishment:

This is a dreamy saree by the famous designer Sabyasachi, where Aishwarya looks stunning in an intricately embellished saree. Pretty little daisies further enhance this subtle dirty grey outfit, while the extreme silhouette of the saree in the chakra and trim looks downright ecstatic.

11. White Miracle:

Given her tone and skin tone, a perky actress like her can be relied on to create any look she desires, so in the same note, a beautiful and luxurious saree was brought to the attention of simple chiffon Where the net pattern forms the base. Saree. The saree comes in an impeccable shade of white with wider edges with sequins and embroidery.

12. Net luxury:

In this saree, Aishwarya looks jaw-droppingly beautiful. The main design of the look as well as the patterns drawn in the decoration belong to this shirt. The wonderful border just makes the little black blouse look very nice on the saree set against the beautiful white and dazzling diamond look.

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13. Angel in white:

Once again we see Aishwarya looking majestic and angelic in a white mesh saree. The entire saree is painted impeccably creamy white with a light zari embroidery glare edge. The body of the saree is as simple as possible, with soft rounds and plain white decorative patterns.

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14. Peerless beauty:

Aishwarya herself is an angel, and the sari she adorn here is simply intoxicating. Like other sarees, the saree is heavily embellished but this time inside it. The whole golden saree is shimmering while the underlying layers are white silver satin.

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15. Pastel Black and Gold:

Even the heroine has her days of safety when she wraps herself in a beautiful black go-to saree. The golden fringe enhances the look of a simple black saree in all the black full of floral patterns.

Aishwarya Rai Saree Styling Tips:

Follow these style tips to get some tips from this desi Diva:

  • Aishwarya believes in experiments. So, be bold and unleash your potential!
  • Try on various blouses with your sarees.These can instantly boost your charisma quotient
  • Minimize accessories unless you’re a bride
  • Your drape style is important.So, make sure you practice well
  • Makeup and hairstyles are basically referenced based on your appearance.Don’t compromise with them

These are the best looks of Aishwarya Rai in sarees! These images are among the most searched on the internet, indicating their popularity. Aishwarya is known for her dressing sense and embrace of change. So, if you crave to look like her, start embracing styles instead of sticking to regular models. Also, let us know if you have more of her favorite looks to share with us!