Amazing parks and reserves in Nagaland

Amazing parks and reserves in Nagaland

Amazing parks and reserves in Nagaland


Nagaland is a state with only 1/6 of the park land area. The rest is completely covered by mountains. The area mainly covers the land bordering Assam and the adjacent international border. Without further ado, let’s take a deep dive into the famous parks in Nagaland.

Wonderful and popular parks and pictures in Nagaland:

1. Fakim ​​Wildlife Sanctuary:

Like other states in northeastern India, Nagaland has the most pristine environment and greenery. This wildlife sanctuary in Nagaland is rightfully rich in flora and fauna.

Close to the Burmese border, this reserve has a completely different charm. Covering 642 hectares, it receives high rainfall and is the main source of its lush greenery and diverse flora. Some of them are so rare that they can’t be found anywhere else.

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The natural geography of the region ranges from hills to mountains to deep canyons and even narrow valleys. This is the main reason for its diverse vegetation of tropical and subtropical nature. The locally found and dominant trees are:

  • bonus,
  • Casey
  • Boji Poma,
  • pine,
  • Amari
  • Oaks,
  • Gamari,
  • Nahor,
  • Alder, etc.

Due to the high rainfall, the area is ideal for growing a variety of herbs and ferns. The fragrance of blooming rhododendrons and cinnamon and bay leaves fills the environment with a sweet and unique scent.

In addition to the common fauna typically found in the Northeast (such as snow leopards and gibbons), this sanctuary is also home to a wide variety of bird species, including:

  • Indian Cape Bill,
  • pheasant,
  • grey pheasant,
  • jungle bird,
  • green dove,
  • pigeons etc

The state has no railways, so road travel is necessary from the capital, Kohima. Jungle tours are a peak of tourism.

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2. Intangi National Park and Reserve:

Located 111 kilometers from the capital Kohima, this beautiful reserve is known for the variety of birds that flock to the area in spring. With its rich flora and fauna, it is a paradise for nature lovers. Connected to the road via State Highway 39, this is a beautiful reserve adjacent to the Jungle Forest Resort for rental accommodation.

Although the area is mostly mountainous, it is filled with lush greenery like a dazzling emerald carpet over the rugged towering landscape. This exotic place is home to the rare white-headed gibbons, elephants and the venerable national animal, the Mithun.

February to April is the stage of spring and early summer, the most beautiful time is the best experience.

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3. Doukou Flower Valley:

In the Japf Mountains of Nagaland, the beautiful flower valley with an altitude of 2438 meters is the pride of Nagaland. The state capital, Kohima, is only 30 kilometers away and is best traveled in summer.

A colourful rug of the most beautiful forest flowers enhances peace and tranquility and will take your breath away. This is Nagaland’s description of a true natural paradise. The place is beautiful in summer and almost freezing in winter. There are natural streams here, the perfect place to let go of all your worries and enjoy the beauty and sound of nature.

The name of the valley means the Valley of Flowers in Wonderland in the local dialect. Colorful lilies and spurges adorn the valley, and although there are not a lot of resources, hiking these terrains becomes a treat.

The beauty of this state is unparalleled, so it’s really worth taking the time to visit this part of India.