Andaman and Nicobar Festival

Andaman and Nicobar Festival

Andaman and Nicobar Festival


One of India’s most refined federal territories is located in the Bay of Bengal and Andaman Sea, Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Together, the two islands make up the lot. Andaman is on the north side, Nicobar is on the south, and the Bay of Bengal flows mainly through the west of the island. The northern hemisphere is looked after by the Andaman Sea that separates Myanmar and Thailand from the islands.

Although they are rich in flora and fauna, the main attraction of the scenic spots remains the culture of the locals, their tastes, their way of life, their festivals.

Beautiful Andaman and Nicobar Festivals:

The Andaman and Nicobar shelter a multitude of different people based on caste, race or colour, but that doesn’t stop these locals from participating in any celebrations they wish to participate in. Being a huge source of income for tourist destinations, these locals and cultures are also friendly to non-native festivals, perhaps that’s why New Years and Christmas are widely celebrated, full of fun and playfulness. But when it comes to traditional festivals, their culture reflects a mash-up of all Indian festivals, the first being Durga Puja.

People all over India are familiar with this particular festival and the grand or grand celebration of this festival is a wonder to behold. Just like any other city in India, the Andaman Nicobar Aborigines dress up and celebrate Durga Pooja.

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Next is the janmashtami which celebrates the birth of Lord Krishna. The house was renovated; the women were sweaty and busy preparing mouthwatering dishes and small plays or such activities as part of the entertainment, although the puja offered to Lord Krishna was the core procedure. This is usually during August or September.

Another festival celebrated is subhash mela. This is about the birthday of our great martyr Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose and celebrates his birthday in January. This required an opportunity to gather all the local tribes, whose cultures were mashed and fused. Tourists are always willing to participate in any of them.

For the special entertainment of the tourism sector, the tourism sectors of the islands hold certain festivals from time to time. Some of these are the Island Tourism Festival, an annual cultural event organized by the Tourism Board to entertain tourists. This is probably one of the most important events of all time as local arts have a platform to showcase their talents through these cultural events. Then there is the Monsoon Magic Festival, a festival to express gratitude for new harvests. Even though this is a long-awaited event, the locals have an expansive stage to showcase their culture and personal talents.

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What is Andaman Nicobar without a sun-drenched beach?One of the main attractions catering to tourists and the economy is the notorious beaches of the islands, to add to the fun, beach festivals have recently been created to cater to beach lovers by organizing various beach sports such as volleyball, tug of war, etc.

These locals prefer tribal festivals due to their several tribes. Some tribes celebrate the harvest festival while others celebrate Panguni Uthiram which caters to the needs of the Tamils. Then there are traditional Bengali celebrations such as Holi, ramanavami, Eid al-Fitr, Diwali, shivratri.

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A central hub for all religions, some celebrate Vivekananda and block mela, others celebrate Good Friday. All in all, there are year-long arrangements of festivals across the island to suit different needs, and all are welcome in their own way.