Anushka Shetty in Saree - 15 Unprecedented Beautiful Looks!

Anushka Shetty in Saree – 15 Unprecedented Beautiful Looks!

Anushka Shetty in Saree – 15 Unprecedented Beautiful Looks!

Anushka Shetty has become the perfect brand in the film industry! The yoga teacher turned actress has launched many blockbusters such as Arundhati, Bahubali, Bhagamathi, etc. Apart from her acting skills, Anushka Shetty is also known for her flawless beauty. While she can wear any outfit effortlessly, Anushka is best known for her love of sarees. She is often seen sporting her chiseled curves in a variety of sarees from chiffon, silk, Kanjeevarams and even simple cotton sarees, both on reels and in real life. In this article, we’ll explore some of the best photos of Anushka Saree that will make you fall in love with her all over again!

Elegant Photos of Anushka Shetty in Saree:

If you’re a big fan of Anushka Shetty, we’re sure you’ll love this article! Explore our latest Anushka Shetty saree photo collection and find more reasons to love her!

1. Devasena in real life:

Anushka’s role as Devasena in Bahubali was a milestone in her entire career. She took the roles of royal beauties like a piece of cake. Her intro appearance, as she battles villains under a white veil, has our hearts racing. Her pink saree with blue blouse has become a poster look for the character. In her simple and aristocratic jewelry choices, and of course her attitude, she does look like a princess in every inch!

2. Anushka Shetty White Saree:

Anushka Shetty subtly calls for a perfect mix of red and white for promotions. She paired a simple embroidered white saree with an understated red blouse for full coverage. A metal front zipper adds glamour to the garment. Don’t miss out on her comfortable yet chic draped style. Her red heels elevate the overall beauty by inches!

3. Anushka Shetty in Half Saree:

Anushka Shetty looked like a perfect country beauty in this bright red and pink half saree. The actress opted for a simple hairstyle and accessories to keep things low-key. While the shirt maintains a sober fit, lehenga adds a touch of embroidery. “Voni” is kept simple as a contrasting element for the two pieces. She finished her look with neat hair, some glass bracelets and a gold chain.

4. Orange Beauty:

Anushka is known for her collection of silk sarees. Spotted here is Anushka wearing a fine Kanjivaram silk sari for a business event. She opted for neat makeup and open hair. Apart from the gorgeous sarees, not much accessories are done here. She just showed off her signature smile, along with a lovely pearl bracelet to complete the look.

5. Show Stopper appearance:

Anushka can be seen here with a million-dollar smile at a close friend’s wedding. She appeared in her usual minimalist style. Her black Benaras saree complemented a beautifully embroidered Zardoshi work blouse. She chose to keep herself away from all accessories except a ring and a pair of earrings. That’s why we love her even more!

6. Elegant Bhagamathi Look:

Anushka looks sensational in the movie “Bhaagamathie”. In addition to creating the imprint of a possessed woman on screen for herself, Anushka has also helped restore the lost glory of the hand-cranked sarees. During her role as Chanchala, Anushka was seen wearing hand-woven cotton sarees and Ikkat-style blouses, which gave her a professional and demure look. She’s done every look in the movie and really appreciates her style.

7. Peach Perfection Look:

This is an absolutely wonderful peachy saree, in the shade of coral orange, the peachy shade of the saree is spectacular, if not sober and wonderful. The saree itself comes with some fine lines of floral artwork in a subtle white that blends nicely with the frosted orange look of the saree while making the look of the saree beautiful and priceless.

8. Coral Pink Appearance:

Here’s another look from the beautiful Anushka Shetty this season. Soft coral orange and warm pink look beautiful with mesh and chiffon patterned sarees. The twist on the saree is simple patterns and white decorations that look similar to the dazzling diamonds in the Milky Way.

9. Black Beauty:

Black is a color that makes you look simple and elegant, which is why the safest color when experimenting with looks doesn’t get any better than this shade. Here, this black Anushka looks great with detailed patterns drawn on it. The border has a beautiful red color which makes the saree pop.

10. Chic look:

Just when you thought Anushka was just hot, she pulled off this utterly chic look to make her look not only elegant, but downright glamorous. The body of the saree is deep sea green which makes the saree warm and deep, while along the outer line is the border of the zari decoration.

11. Red Chiffon:

Anushka Shetty recently attended a promotional conference call where she wore a coral fuchsia pink saree with detailed sequined artwork. The fringe of the saree looks stunning and so does the foreground. Decorated with zari, the smooth and slender edges make her look so beautiful against the backdrop of this red chiffon saree. It’s a great option to visit your best friend’s wedding reception, and you can try it too.

12. Busy Negro:

This saree is a traditional south Indian saree that looks busy drawing and etching all the loud art. The sarees are mostly in minimal designs with occasional white and light gold floral lines. The same gold color is depicted in a very elegant way at the edges of the saree and the whole saree is busy with the white work.

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13. Neon Fashion:

In this photo, actress Anushka is wearing a neon pop blue saree. The saree is simple and naive in the way it follows with a little embellishment on the side which makes the saree look pretty and chic.

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14. Extensive artwork:

This half saree starts out simple with a bland velvet black on the top, but as we go down, the bottom half of the saree blows our minds as the talented Anushka showcases this wide swath on a nude background floral artwork.

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15. Wedding look:

If you’re worried about what to wear in your wedding invitations, take inspiration from Anushka, who dresses gracefully in an authentic Chennai silk sari. The bottom half of the saree has golden shimmers while the magenta pink top half looks beautiful in combination.

Anushka Shetty Saree Styling Tips:

If you want to get her half-goddess look, why wait? Follow these tips from our fashion experts to get started:

  • Just follow the mantra “Simple is Beautiful”! Anushka has always believed in keeping simplicity and elegance
  • If you are wearing a heavy sari, opt for a low-key blouse and vice versa
  • Ditch those fancy maggam work shirts for a simple cut and elbow sleeves
  • Choose neat accessories like gold chains or pearls
  • Keep your hair fluffy or tidied up with a clutch
  • Heavy necklaces, diamonds or other eye-catching accessories are strictly prohibited
  • Don’t forget your beautiful smile!

Still in Anushka’s hangover? We bet you are! Anushka is a beauty from the inside out and her personality is very inspiring. She is willing to experiment on screen, but chooses to be herself in real life. Her collection of sarees consists mainly of hand-woven natural fabrics such as silk or cotton, and they are often found wearing them. She’s also a “less is more” person who doesn’t like to show off her figure. Let us know in the comments section if you have photos of her favorite Anushka Shetty sarees and we’d love to add them to this list!