Beautiful protected areas and parks in Gujarat with images

Beautiful protected areas and parks in Gujarat with images

Beautiful protected areas and parks in Gujarat with images


Gujarat promises to satisfy every need of nature lovers.its landscape is varied

  • deciduous forest,
  • grassland,
  • marine ecosystem,
  • wetlands and
  • Wet deciduous forest.

The so-called Land of Legends, known for the lions in the Gill Reserve, is the state’s top tourist attraction. Gujarat also has India’s first marine protected area park.

Here’s a bird’s-eye view the state has to offer.

Pictures of famous protected areas and parks in Gujarat:

1. Vantaa National Park:

Wanstar National Park is covered with tall teak trees and nearly 443 species of orchids. It is home to pythons, Russell pit vipers, cobras, kraits and numerous species of insects. It also shelters the endangered forest spotted owl, as well as nearly 154 other bird species. Together they create a symphony of melodious natural sounds. The forest is located in the Warsad district of South Gujarat and belongs to the category of tropical moist deciduous forest.

It also has Wahai Botanical Gardens nearby, which makes walking around the area an enjoyable and educational experience.

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2. Marine National Parks and Preserves:

This is a unique sanctuary in India, located in the intertidal zone along the coast of Jamnagar and Kutch Bay. It is rich in biodiversity with coral reefs, creeks, estuaries, mangroves, saline grasslands and a network of 42 islands that form a unique ecosystem.

Coral reefs and mangroves have great conservation value. A treasure trove of colorful coral, it is home to sponges, octopuses, jellyfish, pearl oysters, seahorses, starfish, sharks, dolphins and many more species of underwater creatures and plants. This is a rare glimpse of marine life and this is by far the most unique park in Gujarat and India.

3. Black Barker National Park:

The beauty of the prairie reserve is enhanced by the majestic leaping blackbuck and niggai sheep. The animals, found in the northern part of the reserve, are not shy about humans, and one can see them up front.

Part of the park attracts birds such as pelicans, flamingos, white storks, ducks, colorful storks and white cranes. It is one of the best habitats for thousands of migrating European Harriers in the world. One of the 50 rarest bird species in the world, the floret breeds in the park.

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4. Girls:

The gill is the only habitat for the Asian lion and it remains an endangered species. Gir is internationally renowned for its successful rescue of endangered lions and is also a bird watching destination.

According to ornithologist Dr Salim Ali, without the lions, the area would be one of the most fascinating bird sanctuaries in the country.

5. Hingolgadh Wildlife Sanctuary:

It is the preferred habitat for Chinkala, blue cows and a variety of birds.Its rich biodiversity lies in

  • 314 plants,
  • 230 species of birds and
  • 19 kinds of snakes.

The GEER Foundation organizes around 50-100 nature education camps each year during the monsoon season to further raise awareness.

6. Narsarova Bird Sanctuary:

A stunning natural lake with shallow, muddy lagoons dotted with 360 stunning islets that attract a variety of migratory birds to this reserve. One can kayak through these waters and observe these flocks of pelicans, flamingos, white rabbits and ducks up close. The best time to visit is from October to April.
The most unique species that light up the lagoon are:

  • Lesser flamingos and greater flamingos
  • grey geese,
  • open mouth stork,
  • glossy ibis,
  • Fool,
  • crane
  • Roses and Dalmatian Pelicans.

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If wildlife doesn’t appeal to you, gardens such as Sarita Udyan, Sayaji Garden, Law Garden and Parimal Garden are all around the cities and are also major tourist attractions.

The Kankaria Lake complex offers peace, tranquility and endless recreational activities such as a zoo, aquarium, small train tours around the lake, boating and more.