Beauty Tips and Diet Tips You Should Follow

Beauty Tips and Diet Tips You Should Follow

Beauty Tips and Diet Tips You Should Follow


Vidya Balan, a name that resonates with Indian film lovers. The multi-talented actress has received numerous accolades for her kitty, including a National Award and multiple Filmfare Awards. This Padma Shri award winner is also known for her natural beauty. Her jet black hair and smooth skin are the envy of many women, which is difficult to achieve even with a lot of makeup. The secret behind Vidya Balan’s beauty is her mantra “Keep It Simple!”. She believes in using natural products to protect her hair and skin. In this article, we’ll reveal some of Vidya Balan’s beauty secrets to inspire you!

Vidya Balan Beauty Tips and Fitness Tips:

Vidya Balan shares beauty and diet tips you should follow

1. Vidya Balan Beauty Tips Skincare:

The first thing Vidya Balan does to keep her skin oil-free is to clean it. She uses MAC Makeup Wipes to slowly remove makeup from her face. Makeup wipes are all the rage right now, and they’re easy to carry, which makes women happy. They contain moisturizers and aloe vera and are sold in different scents to cleanse and rejuvenate the face. She uses Neutrogena products in rose and lemon for the face and Khadi Herbal face and body wash. After a bath, she usually likes to moisturize her skin and lock in moisture. For this, she uses Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisturizer.

2. Vidya Balan Beauty Tips Eyes:

Vidya Balan’s eyes are very charming and expressive. All of her acting skills are given to the audience through her lovely eyes, portraying the best emotions they need. She likes to dress her eyes with kajal imported from Pakistan to attract attention. Fortunately, the brand recently launched in Delhi. You may not be able to get the same brand, but you can choose an alternative domestically. You can use herbal kajal as they are very soothing and good for eye health. Kajal’s with almond oil is also healthy and promotes eyelash growth.

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3. Vidya Balan Beauty Secret Hair Care:

Vidyabaran has long, jet-black hair. She continues to get regular oil massages that not only keep her hair healthy and moisturized, but also keep it looking shiny. The oil is followed by a shampoo and a good conditioner to keep the hair smooth. She has anti-dandruff treatments and is trying to keep her curls hydrated.

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4. Diet tips:

Vidya Balan’s dietitian advises her to eat every two hours. She believes that eating small amounts on a regular basis is healthier than eating large amounts at once. This increases your metabolic rate and burns calories. Slowly, the diet worked for her, and she used to feel energized enough to run on Zhuhu Beach after midnight.

Vidya Balan has become a full vegetarian on this diet plan because she knows vegetables help with weight management. Now she eats egg whites now, but it’s a little uncomfortable for her because she hates mixed foods. For lunch, she prefers pancakes, daal and sabzi, and sometimes she can substitute a little rice for the pancakes.

Vidya doesn’t eat flour, but she loves chocolate and she doesn’t say no. She has a sweet tooth, but she uses dried fruit instead. She drinks a lot of water and likes a hot cup of masala tea.

5. Fitness tips:

Vidya Balan decided to lose weight after the release of ‘The Dirty Picture’. She emphasizes exercising 5 to 6 times a week, with the goal of maintaining her curves even after losing excess fat. Vidya’s personal trainer, Vilayat Hussein, teaches her a special exercise called aerobics. They include rhythmic movements such as bending, stretching, kicking, jumping, and twisting. She also does cardio and lifts weights at home.

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6. Tips from Vidya:

Vidya advises people to never compromise on brand and quality makeup with cheap makeup. They can permanently damage the skin.

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Vidya explains how taking a few minutes of self-care before bed can pay off. No matter how long or tiring your day is, it’s important to follow these tips religiously. We need to learn how to appreciate the gifts of God by cherishing and nurturing. Vidya is a woman who truly believes that our body is like a temple and that keeping it clean is crucial. She defied all beauty standards and set a new bar for the film industry.