Best bazaars and festivals to celebrate in Himachal Pradesh

Best bazaars and festivals to celebrate in Himachal Pradesh

Best bazaars and festivals to celebrate in Himachal Pradesh


Himachal Pradesh is a dynamic state in northern India. This article lists the top holidays celebrated in the state:

Famous festivals in Himachal Pradesh:

1. Holi:

In Himachal Pradesh, people celebrate Holi with great enthusiasm. Holi is called the Festival of Colors. Celebrated every March for two days. The first day begins with fasting and prayer. At night, bonfires are lit to celebrate the victory of good and evil. It also symbolizes the end of the harsh winter. The second day started with people playing with colors and colored water. Although Holi is celebrated all over Himachal Pradesh, the most lavish celebrations are held in places like Pharampur in Kangra and Sujanpur in Hamilpur.

2. Lohri Festival:

Lohri is also known as Maghi Festival. This festival is held every year in Himachal Pradesh sometime in mid-January. The festival commemorates the last day to sow rabi or winter crops. This day usually marks the middle of winter. The festival is celebrated with community bonfires, dancing and folk songs.

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3. Gochi Festival:

Himachal Pradesh celebrates Gochi every year. It is celebrated in the Bhaga Valley region of the state. This holiday celebrates the birth of a boy. Mock marriages for minor children around the age of six. Since it was winter, the children commemorated the day by playing snowballs.

4. Vaisakhi Festival:

Vaisakhi is a very important festival celebrated in Himachal Pradesh. It takes place in April. It commemorates the first day of spring or the first “Baisakh” and celebrates the passing of winter. This is mainly a rural festival. This holiday celebrates the sowing of new crops. On this day, people take a dip in the Ganges and take a dip in various places such as Rewalsar, Tattapani near Shimla and Prashar Lake near Mandi. Different country fairs are held, introducing and combining dance, wrestling and archery.

5. Gouga Fair:

Gugga Fair is an annual event held in different parts of Himachal Pradesh. It is celebrated and held in places like Sirmour, Chamba and Bilaspur. The fairs are all held in August. Gugga Bazaar worships the Nag god of Gugga.

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6. Pletch Festival:

Pullaich or Phulech festivals are celebrated in different places in Himachal Pradesh every year. . It is celebrated and held in Kinnaul and other places. The festival takes place in September. This is a famous fall flower festival, celebrated at the end of autumn. For this festival, local villagers go to the hillside to collect wild flowers and bring the collected flowers to the village square. These flowers are then offered to the local gods for prayer. There are celebrations in the evening, with dancing, singing, and banquets.

7. Ten-color Festival:

Dussehra is a famous festival that is celebrated in different places in Himachal Pradesh every year. . It is mainly celebrated in Kuru. The festival takes place in October. In Kullu, on the occasion of Dussehra festival, more than 200 valley deities are collected and used to pay homage to Lord Raghunathji and ask him to bless them. “Silver Valley” is full of dancing, singing and feasting. According to the history of Himachal Pradesh dating back to the 17th century, the local ancient king Jagannath placed an idol of Lord Rama or King Ragunath on his throne as part of his penance. Lord Rama became a god worshipped by the inhabitants of the valley. This is the story of Kullu Dussehra.

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As such, Himachal Pradesh is steeped in multicultural diversity. These festivals help to reveal the true nature of a given society.