Best places to spend your honeymoon in India in September

Best places to spend your honeymoon in India in September

Best places to spend your honeymoon in India in September

India is a country of diverse cultures and traditions. It has a rich heritage, beautiful scenery and beautiful architecture. India has several perfect honeymoon spots. Best honeymoon spots in India in March, beautiful photos below.

Best honeymoon destinations in India in March (with pictures):

Here are 9 of the best places to spend your honeymoon in India in March.

1. Ollie:

Located on a lap of the Himalayas, the area around Auli is covered with snow-capped peaks and evergreen forests of oaks and pines. Cool breezes, picturesque landscapes and sloping roads make it one of the best honeymoon destinations in India in March. It has extraordinary ski resorts, which are famous. Skiing on the white slopes of these mountains in Uttarakhand is a wonderful experience to share with your newlyweds.

  • Gondola rides, skiing, visits to Lake Chenab and Trishul Peak are some of the activities couples love to do together in this beautiful piece of nature.
  • Reaching Orly by air, rail or road is easy as all the mentioned facilities can reach the nearest major cities to Orly. The nearest airport is in Dehradun, and Haridwar is the nearest railway station. Once you get to these places, you can hire a taxi or taxi to go to Auli, or to Joshimath. Once you reach Joshimath, you can take the ropeway, which is a different experience in itself.
  • Garhwali food is a must try, Pindari, kachmauli are also some local delicacies that may leave you wanting more.
  • Himalayan Eco Lodge And Camps, Blue Poppy Resorts, Hotel Mount View Annexy, Clifftop Club Resort, The Royal Village Resort, The Tattva Resort are some of the best places to stay in Auli. Most of these places show us snow-capped mountains, which means you can’t go wrong with choosing any of them.
  • Four days is enough time for you and your partner to relax and start living the good life.

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2. Corbett National Park:

Another honeymoon destination located in the foothills of the Himalayas is Corbett National Park. A paradise for wildlife lovers, this national park has a lot to offer other visitors as well. Camping surrounded by countless flora and fauna in this park is an experience to cherish and a perfect choice for a honeymoon in India in March. Mountains, Saar forests, grasslands, sisu forests and the rivers that flow through these places are the different types of habitats that exist here.

  • As the name suggests, the main thing to do when you arrive at this place is to go to the jungle safari and take a bath at Corbett Falls. If your adventurer is already aroused, go ahead with the adrenaline-pumping river rafting. Paragliding and Kayaking in Bhimtal.
  • Pantnagar Airport is the nearest airport, you have to rent a taxi or drive yourself. By choosing to travel by rail, you can get closer to your destination as Ramnagar will be a train station only 12 km away.
  • Taking advantage of the fact that Jim Corbett National Park is a famous tourist attraction, many hotels have opened a variety of cuisines there. Choosing what to eat will be your only dilemma.
  • When it comes to staying in this place, Dhikala Forest Rest House should be your first choice as this lounge is located within the park. If you need a place with more modern amenities, resorts and hotels like Corbett Riverside Resort, The Golden Tusk, Corbett Machaan Resort will be your best bet.
  • A 2 night 3 day visit would be ideal for newlyweds to enjoy this place and come back to your life with fond memories of good times.

3. Dharamsala:

It is a town in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. The name might make you reject this place without a second thought. However, one has to take another look at its pictures. Located in the Dhauladhar mountains, this place defines peace and quiet. The stunning scenery, perfect weather and romantic feel make it the best place to spend your honeymoon in India in March.

  • Adventurous couples can play ball in Dharamshala as this place offers a plethora of activities. Paragliding, trekking in Triund Mountain, bird watching in the Karang Valley, rock climbing and cycling are just a few of them.
  • Gaggal Airport is approximately 13 kilometers from Dharamsala, making it the easiest and fastest option. Pathankot will be your go-to stop for rail travel, and Dharamsala has a well-connected road system for couples who prefer to travel long distances.
  • As far as local cuisine is concerned, Dharamsala has a lot to offer and offer. Mainly Tibetan food. Momos, Lang Phing, Thukpa are easily available. Dharamsala also offers other delicacies that are usually spread across the country.
  • Couples have a variety of options for their overnight stay, with the Pink House, Fortune Park Moksha, and Green Hotel all being some of the best hotels in the area. When it comes to resorts that offer unique experiences, Best Western Indraprastha Resort and Spa, Dragon I Resort is the best. There are also many host families and hotels.
  • Newlyweds can spend 2 nights and 3 days enjoying this vibrant land.

4. Diha:

This is a seaside town close to West Bengal. Tourists flock to March when the weather is perfect for enjoying the luxury of the beach. Swimming, scuba diving, jet skiing and surfing are just some of the activities people can do. In addition to this, you can also relax on the beach and enjoy the magnificent view overlooking the Bay of Bengal. It is one of the best honeymoon destinations in India in March.

  • You can easily travel to Digha by regular bus from other major cities in the country, Digha Flag Station is the nearest railway station and the nearest airport is Netaji Subhas Chandra Airport. If you prefer, you can reach by road by renting a car, taking a taxi or a guided tour operator.
  • In fact, the main activities you can do are adventure and water sports, including scuba diving, surfing.
  • Pomfret, fish curry, bhetki, tiger prawns, rohu are some of the local seafood you must have. In addition to this, continental cuisine is also available.
  • Hotel Dolphin, Park Prime Residency, Hotel Mahek are a few hotels and resorts that couples can consider when visiting Tiga.
  • 2-3 days is enough for couples to stay and enjoy the place.

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5. Gangtok:

Gangtok, the capital of Sikkim state, is the perfect place to spend your honeymoon in India in March. It has perfect weather, peaceful surroundings, is located among the mountains, and has several tourist attractions such as Rumtek Temple, Do-Drul Chorten, Enchey Temple, Tashi Viewpoint and Lal Bazaar, the local bazaar. The monasteries and pagodas here are ideal for peaceful or spiritual visits.

  • The nearest airport to Gangtok is Bagdogra Airport, 124 km away, which is a 2-hour drive from your destination. You can choose to take a shared taxi or a private taxi, even when travelling by rail, as the nearest train station is 134 km away at New Jalpaiguri in Siliguri.
  • Summit Denzong Hotel & Spa, Udaan, Woodberry Hotel and Spa, Summit Golden Crescent are the top rated hotels. If you’d rather stay in a grand and luxurious resort and experience something different, look no further than Mayfair Springs Resort & Casino, Orange Village Resort, Summit Norlin Resort & Spa.
  • Every couple visiting Gangtok should visit Seven Sisters Waterfall, Tashi Viewpoint, Himalaya Zoo, Bangakri Waterfall, Deer Park and shouldn’t include all these names from their list of attractions in Gangtok Return in case of deletion.
  • Momo, Kinema curry, Chhurpi Soup, Pakku, Chhurpi-Ningro Curry are some of the highly consumed local delicacies and it has a lot to offer in terms of food and food.
  • Staying in Gangtok for 3-4 days and indulging in the activities this place has to offer will fill your mind and body with memories of a lifetime.

6. Goa:

Goa for many reasons. It is a fusion of multiple cultures. While it’s perfect for an all-night party on the beach, it’s also home to historic churches and monuments. Beautiful architecture, golden sand and beautiful scenery – Goa has it all. Also, the ongoing nightlife attracts couples from all over India, making it the perfect place for a honeymoon in India in March.

  • The place is connected by air, road and rail. Big Bolin International has both domestic and international routes. Goa has two famous stations: Madgaon Railway Station and Thivim Railway Station, which are connected to the whole state. Road trips to various bus terminals such as Makao, Kadamba and Mapusa are also a pleasant experience. If the trip is by car, the highway will give you a scenic ride.
  • Goa’s culinary diversity is exemplary, and the local cuisine is the main attraction. It’s not just seafood, but their traditional toasts, cookies and pastries.
  • Restaurants, homestays, cottages and cottages are available for couples. Regardless of the price range, most of them offer great views and commendable service.
  • Butterfly Beach and all the other numerous beaches offer couples some moments of comfort and privacy. You can opt for a romantic boat trip and indulge in the many water sports on these beaches.
  • A 4/5 day trip would be ideal for visiting one of the most beautiful beach destinations in the world.

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7. Jaipur:

Jaipur is located in Rajasthan, a state rich in culture and heritage. Its architectural momentum is unparalleled, and it is often referred to as the “Pink City” due to its large number of red sandstone buildings. In addition to its magnificent architecture and historical monuments, Jaipur also provides visitors with great food, activities and shopping opportunities such as jewelry. It is the best honeymoon destination in India in March.

  • In terms of connectivity, Jaipur is closely connected to the world by air, road and rail. The fastest and most comfortable option is to arrive by air, in which case Sanganel Airport will be your destination. Interstate and interstate buses often depart from nearby states, and road trips are also a great option for couples who prefer long-term stealthy driving and road trips.
  • Jaipur is a place that screams beauty in every aspect of life, be it food, architecture or their history. Indeed, it is a place that embraces its history and looks to the future. Couples spend most of their time visiting historic monuments and places of historical significance. Rambagh Palace, Sisodia Rani Gardens, Jal Mahal are some of the historical places you must visit.
  • MirchiBada, Missi Roti, BajrekiRoti, DalBatiChurma, GattekiSabji and Kadhi are some of the local variations that are a must. ChokhiDhani, Four Seasons, Copper Chimneys, are some of the highly regarded restaurants in Jaipur.
  • Trident, Jaipur, Jai Mahal Palace, Royal Heritage Haveli, Bissau Palace are some of the resort hotels that give you the atmosphere of staying in a palace, Red Fox Hotel Jaipur, Hotel Kalyan, Arya Niwas are some of the budget hotel options.
  • There is so much to experience and enjoy in this great place, a week in Jaipur is enough.

8. Mount Abu:

Another great destination for a honeymoon in India in March is Mount Abu. It is also located in Rajasthan, Abu Hill is a hill station with Sunset Point, Lake Naki, Luna Vasashi Temple and several other beautiful little spots.

  • Trekking, Camping, Rock Climbing, Helicopter Ride, Visit Dirwara Jain Temple, Honeymoon Corner…