Box Marini Beauty Tips

Box Marini Beauty Tips

Box Marini Beauty Tips


Bollywood’s dream lover, Hema Malini has always been known for her breathtaking beauty. She is one of the most glamorous actresses in Bollywood. In addition to having naturally beautiful features and skin, she undertakes many tasks to keep herself healthy and look good even in her old age. While it’s fate and luck whether you have skin as beautiful as hers, you can definitely use her makeup style or exercise routine to look more like her. Here are some beauty tips from Hema Malini.

Fluid intake:

Drinking water helps flush excess toxins from our body. This helps to cleanse your body from the inside, making you healthier. Drinking plenty of water regularly helps keep your skin glowing. Hema malini also emphasizes including at least two cups of green tea in her daily diet. Green tea helps to cleanse your body from the inside and make your skin glow too!

A balanced diet for beautiful skin:

Maintaining a healthy, balanced diet and avoiding too much junk food can also help enhance your beauty. Eating more fruits and vegetables is a key factor in achieving timeless beauty. Vitamins and minerals make your skin healthier and look better from the inside. This is very difficult to achieve with cosmetics.

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Aroma Oil:

An essential oil massage for your skin and hair will also help improve their quality! Hema Malini is a firm believer in going without makeup as much as possible. She is very supportive of using natural products and elements available in your home to improve your skin. She once said, “Beauty is a gift from God, never take it for granted. I have great skin because God made me so. I keep it as clean as possible, without makeup.”

Night care:

She uses a cream called “Aveda” every day to cleanse her face before going to bed.

make up:

The actress always advises people to wear light makeup. Kajal’s eyes and a bit of lipstick are her makeup, you know? – Useful for her! She also used the “Clarins” cleanser to cleanse her face.

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One of Hema Malini’s main fitness tips is dancing. In addition to her acting skills, her dancing skills have always been well known. She is a trained classical dancer and her dancing habits help her stay healthy.

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Pranayama and Yoga:

The actress keeps her biceps toned by doing yoga regularly. She practices pranayama for at least 45 minutes a day, which helps keep the system in balance!


Cycling is also one of her fitness secrets. The 64-year-old actress bikes for about 20 minutes a day to keep fit.


The actor is a vegan and often faster. She fasts twice a week. Her fasting diet consists only of fresh fruit, cottage cheese and dried fruit. Fasting helps to regulate your body systems. Fruits and vegetables can improve your roughage and cleanse your body properly.

Eating habits:

A healthy lunch is a must. The actress’ definition of a healthy lunch includes two servings of roast meat, a bowl of dal, two servings of vegetables, and a bit of rice and rasam. She emphasizes adding curds to her daily diet. She starts dinner as early as 7:30 and emphasizes keeping it as oil-free and as less spicy as possible. Hemarini is vegan, which many consider a factor too! Although not many people are willing to undergo such drastic dietary changes in order to improve their skin!