Burdwan's 9 Famous Parks and Pictures

Burdwan’s 9 Famous Parks and Pictures

Burdwan’s 9 Famous Parks and Pictures

The Burdwan district of West Bengal is rich in cultural, natural and recreational resources. Its many parks and gardens provide pleasant views of the natural environment and make excellent tourist attractions, some of which are exceptional scenic spots.

Burdwan’s stunning parks and pictures:

Here is a list of the best parks in Burdwan.

1. Golapbag:

Golapbag is a botanical and zoological garden established by King Bijay Chand Mahtab in 1884, known as the Rose Garden. The garden is filled with 128 different types of trees, listed by renowned botanist Dalton Hooker. Besides being the most popular tourist attraction, the gardens also provide comprehensive facilities for Birdwan University courses.

2. Troika Park:

Troika Park, now known as Anand Park, is one of the most famous amusement parks in Burdwan. It was created to provide families with a wholesome outdoor experience and to promote tourism in these areas. The park offers fun-filled packages that include thrilling rides, boating and water sports facilities, and fast food restaurants, all set in tranquil landscapes.

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3. Laumeier Park:

Better known as Nehru Park The creation of Lawmeier Park in the Burdwan district of Assansol is attributed to the famous German engineer FWA Lawmeier in 1963. Visitors to the park can view approximately 5,000 species of plants, many of which are rare species that grow in forested areas. The park also has a greenhouse with a range of houseplants. There are plenty of other activities to choose from at Lawmeier Park, as the park offers other modes of entertainment such as musical dancing fountains, a mini zoo, a deer park, and a bathing pool, and if you get hungry during your visit, you can also grab a quick bite at the park’s fast food center One bite.

4. Deer Park:

Deer Park in Burdwan is a forest reserve known for the number of deer kept in the park. Other attractions are tigers and a variety of colorful birds that add to the charm of the place. The end of the reserve is also the resting place of King Bijay Chand Mahtab who established the Rose Garden or Golapbag. Hotels within the jurisdiction can provide visitors with comfortable overnight accommodation by prior arrangement.

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5. Dole Park:

Located on the banks of the Ajoy River, Deul Park is another famous tourist attraction. The park is famous for its Deul Temple, a valuable asset of the legendary Gopraj Ishwar Ghosh. Centuries-old temples tower over lush forested areas, and visitors can take leisurely walks along the river and enjoy panoramic views of the landscape. The park’s resort lawn is another great place for visitors to spend their time. This is one of the best parks in burdwan.

6. Ecological Park:

The Eco Park is located in Krishna sayer, Burdwan is one of the most popular parks with the best views. At the center of the park is a huge lake surrounded by trees, which is a charm in itself and the best place to take in the spectacular views, the cool breeze from the lake engulfs you. Open from morning to night, the park requires a ticket and is a refreshing venue for adults and children alike.

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7. Karpataru Park:

Located in Alamganj, Burdwan, Kalpataru Park is a huge and popular playground offering a variety of outdoor recreation. Burdwan’s largest swimming pool is one of the park’s appealing features, along with a gym and a children’s court full of fun rides. The park is a playground for children and teenagers who can even take part in the cricket training offered here.

8. Science and Technology Park:

Inside the Science Centre in Burdwan you can find a park called Science Park which has many interesting attractions related to science. The park’s open spaces breathe fresh air and attract many visitors to the museum.

9. Bijoy Bahar:

Located on the northwest side of Ramana Bagan in Burdwan, Bijoy Bahar offers a peaceful and peaceful retreat. Within this joyful garden is a small temple still maintained by the Mahtab Trust in Burdwan. The peaceful setting provides a pleasant break from the crowded city streets.