childhood, birthdays, family and co-stars

childhood, birthdays, family and co-stars

childhood, birthdays, family and co-stars

Bollywood entries have always been a piece of cake for those with “big” surnames. Alia Bhatt is one such star who began her journey as a children’s artist. One of B-town’s most endearing heroines, Arya quickly rose to fame with her stellar acting and adventurous script choices.

The teenage girl comes from the precious “Bhatt” family, known for its remarkable gene pool. She was born to one of the most famous directors, Mahesh Bhat, and his second wife, Sonny Razdan. Famous erstwhile heartthrob Pooja Bhatt is her half-sister. The more interesting part of her family is that Emran Hashmi and Mohit Suri are her cousins. Super successful producer Mukesh Bhatt is her father’s brother.

Such a great background! There’s no question why she’s a natural star! Let’s find out more about this next-gen Bhatt, along with some rare and popular photos of Alia Bhatt, as well as exciting details about her personal life and biodata.

Arya Barth Biography:

Age and Date of Birth:

Alia was born in 1993 at Mach 15. She is now 28 years old and she was born in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Her zodiac sign is Pisces. Although she was born in India, she does not have an Indian passport. This is because her mother Soni Razdan is of British descent, so she has the same nationality. She is also half Gujarati (father) and half Kashmiri Pandit (mother). She does not follow a particular religion and is an atheist.

  • Her current home address is Apartment 205, Beach Silver Apartments, B Wing, Juhu, Mumbai.


Alia attended the prestigious Jamnabai Narsee School in Mumbai. She didn’t go to college, her highest education was high school. She has always wanted to get into film and worked for it.

Height and weight:

Alia Bhatt is 5ft 3in (160cm). Her weight is 55 kg and her approximate body measurements are 33-26-34. She has fair skin and light brown hair. She has black eyes, and the deep dimples on her cheeks are instantly eye-catching.

Likes, hobbies, personal interests:

Alia Bhatt has very “fun” hobbies. She likes to sleep 14 hours with nothing to do, undisturbed. Books also attracted her, but only she was lying. Also, she enjoys singing, dancing, doing yoga, trying cooking, playing the piano and listening to music. Arya also has a strange habit of smelling her fingers, which she does a lot.

Social Media Accounts:

Alia belongs to the social generation and often keeps in touch with her fan base through her handle. She updates her routine, her current projects, and of course, her most cherished moments. This made her a true social media star with high engagement. If you want to follow her, search her profile using these IDs:

  • Instagram: @aliaabhatt (51.2 million followers)
  • Facebook: @ImAliaaBhatt (38 million followers)
  • Twitter: @Alias ​​08 (20.9 million followers)

Actress Arya’s Bollywood Journey:

Arya Butt’s Bollywood journey began seven years ago in the 1999 film Sinhala. However, her real career started in 2012. Let’s take a look at the past few years, and her future projects:

Premiere films and other films:

Arya will always be remembered for her sexy debut in Karan Johar’s “Student of the Year” (2012). Her character “Shanaya Singhania”, flamboyant and charming, won the hearts of critics and audiences alike. In 2014, with Imtiaz Ali’s “Highway”, the real actress of Alia was revealed. It was followed by some hit movies like “2 States” (2014), “Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania” (2014), “Udta Punjab” (2016), “Dear Zindagi” (2016), “Badrinath Ki Dulhania” (2017), “Raazi” (2018) and “Gully Boy” (2018). She starred in a total of 21 films.

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In addition to receiving several accolades for her pristine performances and stunning natural expressions, Alia is a regular on the award nomination list. Her first recognition was nominated for the “Best Female Debut Award” for “Student of the Year” (2012). In 2014, she went on to win the Critics’ Award for Best Actress for her performance in The Highway. For the same movie, she also won the title of “Best Actress”. In her subsequent films, she won “Best Actress” for “Udta Punjab” in 2016 and “Raazi” in 2018.

Next movie:

Alia has currently signed two Hindi films, “Brahmastra” and “Sadak 2”, which are expected to be released early next year. 2022 will be even more notable for her as she takes the role of “Sita” in star director Rajamouli’s “RRR,” making her epic foray into South Indian cinema. All of these projects are in the filming stage, in various geographic locations.

Alia Bhatt Photo Gallery: Childhood, Birthdays, Parents & Movies:

Let’s take a peek at some of Arya’s most precious moments in the form of photos and images:

1. Alias ​​with Sister Pooja:

This may be one of the earliest photos of Arya. Adorable 3-4 year old baby Bhatt can be seen posing for the camera with her dear sister Shaheen.

2. Mom’s love:

Seen here is Alia BhattmotherSoni, pictured with her 6-month-old baby. Who needs a doll when you have a cutie like her in your arms? The round face, silky long hair, and buttons like the nose give it a lovely sense of aggression.

3. The Little Mermaid:

Here’s one of the rarest photos of Alia, where the 6-month-old Bubbles is busy during her pool time. Wrapped in a float and protected by her sister, she seems to be enjoying the cool splashes!

4. Photo with Dad:

If there is a definition of “cute”, it is probably a small version of Aaliyah. Seen here is a one-year-old chubby Dolly enjoying time with dearest daddy. In this photo she looks like a dollop of vanilla ice cream!

5. Drooling at food:

Alia has been a foodie since she was a child. She loves all kinds of dishes and even tries different ones. See what this 2-year-old toddler dreams about eating next!

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6. Future Stars:

The ever-confident Arya will never let her pose game go wrong! Xingzi appears to be a full performance mode in this picture. With curly hair and a puppy face, who can resist these looks!

7. With half-sister Pooja:

Despite the huge age gap between Alia and Pooja, the two siblings have a good relationship. Seen here is a three-year-old Alia who looks more like a miniature version of Pooja Bhatt.

8. Little Sadani:

We just can’t stop talking about this picture of Arya. The four old girls showed all the signs of a performer from the start. “Aww” is the word to describe the hijab-wearing Sardar woman.

9. Beach time:

Check out this 6-year-old Arya enjoying her beach vacation. In a rainbow swimsuit, the round-faced Bitsy-Boo is ready to take a dip in the sea. Oh, did you notice who the other girl is? Yes! This is a famous designer, Masaba Gupta!

10. Rapunzel Rapunzel:

This playful photo of 7-year-old Arya shows her interest in experimenting with different looks. If you’re wondering how she suddenly has such long hair, it’s because of the wig she’s wearing!

11. Children’s Artists:

Seven-year-old Arya Butt stunned everyone with a screen nomination in her first film, “Sangash.” She played the role of the young Reet Oberoi, who cast Preity Zinta as the current version.

12. With her father and sisters:

Probably taken when she was 10 or 12 years old, this photo of her will always be her favorite. She posed for a photo with her sister and dad, who all seemed to be having a good time.

13. Teen aliases:

Arya’s baby fat seems to continue to grow with age. Even in her teens, the 14-year-old has not lost her cuteness. No wonder why he is the most spoiled child in the family!

14. With friends:

This is a 15-year-old heroine taking a photo with a friend. Until then, she was always dressed in skirts and robes. This spicy photo of Alia Bhatt shows her transformation from teenage to exquisite teenage girl! Her first audition:

Arya shares a video of her first ever student audition of the year. The 19-year-old wasn’t “ready” when she was looking for the role. Since then, her weight loss journey has begun!

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15. With her funky car:

Life after SOTY-1 was very different for 20-year-old Arya. She became an overnight star and was often followed by paparazzi who were surprised by the number of luxury cars she owned.

16. Party with her best boy:

Varun and Sid are not only her best friends, but also Alia’s co-stars in her debut SOTY. This photo is the perfect way to celebrate their friendship and lost relationship!

17. Pet lovers:

Arya’s love for animals is reflected in all of her Instagram photos. The 23-year-old bought a fluffy kitten and named it Edward. We’re not sure which one will melt our hearts with their innocence!

18. Aliases with Ranbir:

The world knows about the love life of 24-year-old Alia Bhatt and her boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor. The pair recently posted a photo of them enjoying private time while on vacation in Europe.

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19. In her new home:

A 26-year-old Arya shared photos of her new home, which has a quaint old-world charm. The actress reveals her taste for antique furniture and minimalist interiors with these clicks!

That’s not all! If you want to see more of Alia Bhatt’s latest news, you can visit her Facebook or Insta account. With her irresistible looks and talent, she is one of the industry’s ruling queens. She is slowly gaining recognition in other films too, and we hope her days as a pan-Indian heroine take off smoothly!