Details of Top 9 Romantic Honeymoon Spots in Punjab

Details of Top 9 Romantic Honeymoon Spots in Punjab

Details of Top 9 Romantic Honeymoon Spots in Punjab


Do you want to celebrate love and union with your soulmate? Is there a better place than a Punjabi holiday? The site is sure to compliment the mood with its beautiful scenery and wild weather. You can enjoy quality time with your significant other by visiting beautiful tourist spots. Punjab has extreme climates in both summer and winter. A state is a heritage site and a rich culture. Due to the fertile soil and good water supply, the land is dominated by agriculture. In India, the largest does not. The factories of the steel mills are all in Punjab. They have jaw-dropping food which is amazing. You may find all the research done for you and your loved ones for an unforgettable journey in Punjab. The best time to bond with your spouse and respect intimacy is the honeymoon.

Pictures of Best Honeymoon Destinations in Punjab:

1. Amritsar:

Amritsar was formerly known as Ram Daspur. The Golden Temple is a famous city. Not only that, but it’s where the Jallianwala Bagh is located! It is one of the best places to visit if you want to feel the tranquility associated with religious sites.

  • Romantic things: There are many water parks for the couple to explore and splash around.
  • Best way to get there: Amritsar has direct connections to many cities, and flights are not at all time-consuming or urgent.
  • Other attractions: There are various other shrines and places to visit such as Akal Takht, Tarn Taran Sahib, Batinda Fort, Kaiser Bagh Park, Maharaja Ranjit Singh Panorama, Wagah Frontier, Rambagh Gardens, Ranjit Singh Maharaja Summer Palace, Ranjit Singh Maharaja Museum, Visit Harike Wetlands and Bird Sanctuary, Durgiana Temple and Khalsa College Bathinda Fort.

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2. Chandigarh:

Chandigarh is a federal territory and the joint capital of Haryana and Punjab. This is a beautiful city with a pleasant climate all year round. You can even give the bracelet to your wife as she will definitely ask for it after seeing the Bengal Garden. It is undoubtedly the best honeymoon destination in Punjab.

  • Romantic things: Hold hands with your partner and enjoy the view of Pinjori Gardens. You can also take part in other activities such as relaxing in the rock garden and shopping in District 17 with a spouse who is keen to explore Chandigarh with you.
  • Best way to get there: Chandigarh is well connected to other neighbouring cities via National Highway 1. From the train station, you can get anywhere in the city by car, taxi or bus.
  • Other attractions: Several tourist attractions such as Leisure Valley, Rock Gardens, Shantikungi, Chatbil Zoo, Rose Garden, Le Corbusier Centre, Government Museum and Art Gallery, Sakarya Cactus Garden, Moni Hill Timber Trail , Butterfly Park, Yadwand Garden, Fragrance Garden, Chandigarh Botanical Garden and Nature Park, Lake Sukhna Chabir Zoo, Terraced Garden and International Doll Museum are amazing.

3. Jalandhar:

Jalandhar is named after the Demon King; he is also included in the Mahabharata. Rich heritage, cultural and religious history.

  • Romantic things: On the outskirts of Jalandhar you will find water and entertainment, best to check out if you and your spouse are looking for an adventure. It also has thrilling rides, gourmet shops and landscaped gardens to end a beautiful evening.
  • Best way to get there: The best way to get to Jalandhar is by bus, car or train as there is no proper connection to the plane. If you want to come by air, the route is in Amritsar.
  • Other attractions: Jalandhar is home to several tourist attractions such as Pushpa Gujral Science City, Imam Nasir Masjid, Tulsi Mandir, Devi Talab Mandir, Shaheed-E-Azam Sardar Bhagat Singh Museum, Wonderland Theme Park, Shiv Mandir, St. Mary’s Basilica, Company Bagh, Prithvi Planet, Rangla Punjab Haveli and Sheetla Mandir.

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4. Ludhiana:

Ludhiana is a huge city with many natural attractions and is the largest industrial city in Punjab.

  • Romantic things: If you and your partner want to plunge your soul into some sacred and peaceful place, this is the place for you. If you are looking for roses for your rosy wife, then the Nehru Rose Garden is the best place to visit.
  • Best way to get there: Ludhiana has good train connections to Delhi. And there are direct flights from many places. It’s easy to connect and connect directly.
  • Other attractions: These include Lodhi Fort, Tiger Zoo Rural Heritage Museum, Punjab Agricultural University Museum, Maharaja Ranjit Singh War Museum, Gurudwara Charan Kamal, Phillaur Fort, Nehru Rose Garden and Deer Park.

5. Patiala:

Patiala is a famous princely state of Punjab. It is the fourth largest city in the country.

  • Romantic things: Sheesh Mahal can be very romantic because Rani likes to look in the mirror. So do all the ladies.
  • Best way to get there: Patiala has no airport, but nothing to worry about as the nearest airport is Chandigarh (58 km away). There are regular bus and train transport.
  • Other attractions: Qila Mubarak Complex, Moti Bagh Palace, Banur, Darbar Hall Samana, Baradari Garden, Sheesh Mahal, Bir Moti Bagh Sanctuary, Kali Temple and Lachman Jhoola – these are some of the outstanding architectural specimens that the city is full of.

6. Badinda:

Bathinda is known as the “City of Lakes” because of its man-made buildings. A historic town in Punjab province. The oldest city in the state.

  • Romantic things: What better way to bond than to experience the greatness of kings and queens at the Royal Palace. their way of life and restore your love again.
  • Best way to get there: You can reach Chandigarh Airport, from there it will take about 4 hours to reach your destination by bus or taxi.
  • Other attractions: Bhatinda has several tourist attractions such as Bhatinda Fort, Qila Mubarak, Bhatinda Zoo, Rose Garden, Bhatinda Lake, Lakhi Jungle, Bir Talab Zoo and Dhobhi Bazaar.

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7. Pathankot:

Pathankot is a quiet town on the border of Punjab, Himachal Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir. It is also the gateway to the holy caves of Amaranth and Mata Vaishno Devi.

  • Romantic things: What could be more romantic than a waterfall and the nature around it? This is the best place for couples to spend their honeymoon.
  • Best way to get there: The nearest airport to Pathankot is Amritsar (119 km away)
  • Other attractions: Mukteshwar Temple, Ranjit Sagar Dam Ashapurni Mandir, Kathgarh Temple, Nurpur Fort, Hydraulic Research Station, Shahpurkandi Fort and Kali Mata Ka Mandir are just a few places to visit here.

8. Kapurtara:

Have you been to Paris? If not, then you can visit Kapurthala as its architecture is known as the “Paris of Punjab”. The city of Guru Nanak, this place is an important religious place for Sikhs.

  • Romantic things: For those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city, Shalimar Gardens offers a relaxing and peaceful place to visit.
  • Best way to get there: For Kapurthala, you need to take any bus or train from Jalandhar and then any local transport.
  • Other attractions: Jagatjit Palace, Jagatjit Club, Panch Mandir, Kanjli Wetland, Elysee Palace State, Gurudwara, ed Shalimar Garden, Nihal Palace, Moorish Mosque are tourist attractions.

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9. Mohali:

Part of the tri-city group of Mohali, there are various tourist attractions. Famous for its cricket grounds, Mohari is a shopper’s paradise.

  • Romantic things: If you and your loved ones love nature and its timeless charm, Lake Mathur is the perfect place to visit and enjoy the beauty of the neighborhood.
  • Best way to get there: Mohali is best connected to the road. The nearest railway station and airport is Chandigarh. Mohali is 15 km from Chandigarh.
  • Other attractions: These include Rose Garden, Silvi Park, Sukhna Wildlife Sanctuary, Mataur Lake, Rock Garden, Sukhna Lake, Mansa Devi Temple, Gurdwara Amb Sahib, Gurudwara Nada Sahib and Punjab Cricket Association Stadium.

The people of Punjab are warm and we feel warm after seeing them. The state itself is beautiful and exciting. Hence, it becomes an attractive honeymoon destination. If you want to learn about your loved ones and the world around you, you can definitely visit Punjab because it is an all-encompassing place. For foodies, this is the best place to visit, and the scenery is undoubtedly beautiful. Please leave us feedback if we are able to satisfy your interests and collect enough information for you.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

1. When is the best time to visit Punjab?

answer: The best time to visit Punjab is from November to March when the weather is perfect for visiting the attractions and it is relatively pleasant.

2. What can I buy in Punjab?

answer: Punjabi is famous for rugs, shawls, Durries and bedspreads. Also, don’t forget to buy a typical footwear called Jutties.

3. How to experience the best of Punjab?

answer: The phrase “Do what the Romans do in Rome” means to have sarso da saag maki di roti and Patiyala peg of lassi like those around you. And wear hijab on your head like a Punjabi, wear Dhoti and kurta with Koti and be the best Punjabi.