Dia Mirza Beauty Tips and Fitness Tips

Dia Mirza Beauty Tips and Fitness Tips

Dia Mirza Beauty Tips and Fitness Tips


In December 2000, Dia Mirza was crowned Miss Asia Pacific, literally her crowning glory. After following in the footsteps of many beauty queens turned actresses, her foray into Bollywood didn’t have much success, but her petite figure, flawless complexion and charismatic looks have garnered a lot of attention on social media. She is naturally beautiful, with no makeup, a ladylike style, and a simple and elegant dress sense, which is deeply loved and appreciated by people.

Her secret is not to take your beauty seriously. Read on to find out how she counteracts her simple charm with an effortless beauty routine.

As a brand ambassador for The Body Shop and a fan of their products, Diya Mirza loves that these products are made with natural ingredients designed to enhance one’s natural beauty. No wonder her porcelain-like skin texture is always so radiant.

Her facial skincare regimen needs more careful attention, and since she has a combination of oily and dry skin, she religiously follows a twice-daily cleansing, conditioning, and moisturizing routine, favoring the French brand’s moisturizer, Uriage.

For makeup, Dia lightens her makeup with Extra Virgin Minerals Creamy Firming Foundation or MAC Studio Fix Foundation, a shimmer to accentuate her cheekbones, and a lip gloss from Bobbi Brown. As a rule, she never goes to bed without removing her makeup, and she doesn’t go out without sunscreen to ensure her face is always protected.

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As far as her eyes are concerned, Diya simply cannot do without her eyeliner, mascara and kajal. Her daytime look saw her use earthy tones, while her nighttime look took it up a notch with kohl and black smoky eyes.

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Dia Mirza has beautiful long hair, and she takes great care to maintain her hair, avoiding harsh chemicals and other treatments like permanent straightening and perms. Her secrets are deep conditioning hair with conditioning masks, shampooing and regular trimming with non-toxic products, and ingesting certain other vitamins and minerals to boost hair growth. However, some days she suffers from bad hair days just like everyone else. Her quick fix was to wear it or braid it before it became a flight disaster.

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Dia Mirza’s slender figure has raised many questions about how she stays fit and looks so attractive. Her many interviews reveal her fitness secrets, and she’s talked about how easy it is to get bored with a monotonous workout routine. Her secret is to find a routine that’s fun, exciting and stimulating, so she alternates a bit between swimming and kickboxing, horseback riding, yoga, functional and weight training, dancing and even running around her building Activity. She has a really fun routine that not only interests her but works magic on her body and soul.

Dia Mirza’s beauty, flawless complexion and well-maintained body are also due to a healthy and balanced diet. As a foodie, Dia Mirza does have a hard time resisting food at times, but when her body needs it, she manages to eat right and eat healthy. She chooses to eat vegetables in salad form and chicken or fish in grilled or steamed form, thus staying away from heavy oil and fried foods. She doesn’t believe in a crash diet, eating every two hours with regular intervals between meals. What’s more, she drinks lots of water, but when she feels she’s retaining too much water, she switches to lots of green tea instead, which she says helps her a lot.