Elizabeth Taylor Beauty Tips and Fitness Tips

Elizabeth Taylor Beauty Tips and Fitness Tips

Elizabeth Taylor Beauty Tips and Fitness Tips


The old Hollywood starlet may be dead, but her legendary beauty will always be remembered. Without a doubt, Elizabeth Taylor is one of the most famous faces and highly regarded screen goddesses of all time. She has been an icon of beauty ever since she stepped onto the stage as a child. The plump figure and slender waist add to the “Liz Taylor” proud charm. Natural beauty and God-given glamour, the two-time Oscar winner doesn’t have many beauty secrets, but if you want to come close to matching the glamorous looks and sophisticated style of legends of yesteryear, here are some tips to inspire you.

Elizabeth Taylor’s Passion and Makeup Secrets:

Elizabeth Taylor has everything about her, from her dazzling beauty to her porcelain-white skin. Her lifelong passion for jewelry and fragrance transcends everything else in her life. Her diamond jewelry collection is one of the largest in the world. It was followed by her successful and timeless fragrance line for Elizabeth Arden. She believes in the scent power of perfume to exude femininity in a magnetic way.

When it comes to makeup, Elizabeth Taylor favors blush, which she uses to add radiance to her skin, while her signature red lipstick keeps her flawless. Red lipstick is trending today, and you can recreate Elizabeth Taylor’s sizzling on-screen look with a red that matches your skin tone perfectly.

Some secrets are best hidden, or so if you know this little skincare secret about Elizabeth Taylor. Shaving a beard is part of Elizabeth Taylor’s skincare regimen, not only to look fluff-free, but because she believes it provides extra exfoliation.

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Elizabeth Taylor’s Eye Secret:

Elizabeth Taylor’s most distinctive feature is her signature violet eyes, which exude her sensuality and legendary charm. The natural double eyelashes only bring out her delicate facial features. Her naturally thick, dark brows are another standout feature of her eyes, and she further accentuates her on-screen look with mascara, eyeliner, and eyeshadow.

Elizabeth Taylor Hairstyle:

Regardless of her hairstyle, Elizabeth Taylor’s jet-black hair always looks stunning. For the most part, she styled her short hair in flowing waves. When it was pulled back, she adorned it with a tiara of diamonds and emeralds from her own collection. She is also known for wearing sophisticated and eye-catching tiaras that only a star of her grace and glamour can bring to perfection. In her later years, she became known as the “Beverly Hills shaggy”, with tall hair becoming her signature style.

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Elizabeth Taylor’s fitness tips:

How does the Hollywood sex goddess maintain her lithe figure in those days when few women exercise regularly and, by her own admission, have no exercise and fitness regime to keep the edge in shape? As a horse rider, she enjoys swimming and walking, along with gentle conditioning exercises that help keep her in top shape.

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Elizabeth Taylor’s diet tips:

In her heyday, Elizabeth Taylor ate a high-protein diet, but as she got older, her daily intake included everything from bacon, eggs, and peanut butter to fried chicken, steak, mashed potatoes, and Jack Daniels gravy. at dinner time. Yet the fact that she lived to the age of 79 despite suffering from various ailments and injuries speaks volumes about a woman as much as her demons, her struggles with weight gain, and what it takes to regain her figure and self-esteem courage and perseverance. Her eponymous diet book, “Elizabeth Takes Off.” Her personal diet tips emphasize replacing red meat and bread with plenty of fish, while also emphasizing the importance of eating fresh fruits and vegetables every day.