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Famous Pondicherry Festival | Lifestyle

Famous Pondicherry Festival

The urban concrete jungle on India’s southern coast may have been a thriving Roman trading center or a French-inhabited area, and is now the center of a tourist destination. Yes, we are talking about Pondicherry or Pondicherry. But in addition to attracting tourists with its exotic beaches and dreamy scenery, Pondicherry is also known for its fine temples, botanical gardens and food. With India and France in the air, it’s the perfect place for a relaxing getaway.

Popular festivals in Pondicherry:

The main attraction of Pondicherry is its famous festival.

1. Spring Festival:

One of the main festivals celebrated here is the “Pongal Festival”. Regarding harvest and sale, it spreads widely throughout the southern region for about three to four days. The festival blooms sometime between the 13th and 15th in early January. Named after a plate of rice with milk and jiggery, the festival also celebrates the arrival of the winter solstice.The sun god is worshipped and appreciated for his great power

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Help with the harvest. On the first day, Bhogi pongal, to celebrate the end of all old things, people build bonfires and eagerly wait to harvest the promised new possessions and complete their old possessions. The second day, known as perum pongal, celebrates the cooking of pongal dishes with newly harvested rice. new taste. New eager faces await boiling pots, drooling — probably the most important thing these days. The third and final day, the mattu pongal revolves around thanking the animals for their hard work in the fields. On the fourth day, Kaanum pongal died, and the family met to say hello. This 4-day festival is popular with all southerners.

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2. Masi Magam Festival:

January is followed by February, and with that comes the festival of Massimagam.This is largely a religious festival, depicting the excitement and faith of the locals as they bathe

Statues in nearby ponds, rivers or seas. On this auspicious day, all the gods from various temples are brought to the open air near some body of water, where they bathe. As a religious city, locals express their divine appreciation for their respective idols. People are busy all day accompanied by a large number of tourists as long queues go back and forth with their gods. The one-day festival ends with a returning procession to the respective temples.

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3. Putuodu:

April is Puthandu or Tamil New Year. The festival is mainly celebrated in mid-April, the 14th to be exact. People celebrate this day by wearing beautiful clothes and greeting each other with puthandu vazthukal, which in Tamil means happy new year. Just like any other New Year’s celebration, people decorate their houses, mothers and grandmothers spend their big part on the kitchen floor, and like any other New Year’s, it all ends in one day.

In May, it is the time of the Temple of Vilianur Automobile Festival. In an ancient tradition, the famous god Thirukameswar Kokilambal is manually pulled into a chariot by devotees to travel to the local area, followed by a massive procession of other devotees. Then there’s Puducherry De Jure Transfer Day, which is celebrated as Independence Day in August.

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Pondicherry is a place full of celebrations, and lively, gorgeous locals embrace all of it wholeheartedly. In addition to these main festivals, there are also festivals such as Bastille Day, Veerampattinam Car Festival, Fete de Puducherry, and until December the French Food Festival, which marks the end of the year’s festivals and shopping festivals.

With its countless festivals and stunning scenery, Pondicherry is a place to explore.