Famous Reserves and Parks in Chhattisgarh

Famous Reserves and Parks in Chhattisgarh

Famous Reserves and Parks in Chhattisgarh


When Chhattisgarh separated from Madhya Pradesh, it took away 16 districts that mostly covered the parks and green spaces of the former state. Currently, Chhattisgarh is proud to have 3 national parks and 11 wildlife sanctuaries, covering 12% of India’s forest land. Promoting ecotourism and biodiversity, it has the privilege of being a natural habitat for some of the rarest species on the planet.

The wild buffalo is the state animal and the mountain starling is the state bird of Chhattisgarh. The tourist season in Chhattisgarh Park is usually from November to June, which is the best time to experience the tropical forest.

Beautiful Reserves and Parks in Chhattisgarh:

1. Banawapara Conservation Area:

Barnawapara Sanctuary is a small wildlife sanctuary covering an area of ​​245 square kilometers in the Mahasamund district of Chhattisgarh. Animal lovers will have the rare opportunity to observe tigers, antelopes, leopards, bison and many other species up close. It is also full of birds such as herons, parrots and several rare species.

The forest is mainly composed of tropical dry deciduous trees, with unique types of Twist, Burr and Simal. Visitors can reach the sanctuary by air, rail and road.

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2. Sitanadi Reserve:

The Sitanadi Reserve is located in the Damtari district of Chhattisgarh, covering an area of ​​about 556 square kilometers. The Sitanadi River joins the Mahanadi River at Deokhut and flows through the reserve, hence the name. It mainly inhabits deciduous and damp peninsula trees such as sal, teak and bamboo.

With these nature lovers, experience animals such as antelope, nilgai, leopard, black buck and various rare species. In addition to the native egrets, white-headed bulbs and parrots, tree pie birds are a special treat. A tiger sanctuary project is also in the pipeline.

3. Udanti Reserve:

Udanti is a major tourist attraction in Raipur, Chhattisgarh, covering an area of ​​232 square kilometers. The name comes from the river that flows through the mountainous Raipur region. Chhattisgarh is known for protecting the endangered state animal wild buffalo, and no tour is complete without a visit to this reserve. It is home to magpie robins, parrots and other rare species covered with tropical dry peninsula trees such as saar. Hilly and plain terrain adds to the scenic beauty. This reserve is 160 kilometers from Raipur city.

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4. Indrati National Park:

The Indravati River flows through the northern part of this national park, hence the name. Covering nearly 2,800 square kilometers in the Dante Wada district, it is one of the most well-known national parks in the country. It is a recognized tiger reserve since 1983. Other major attractions include lush green grasslands, where visitors can spot unique views of wild herbivores and crocodiles basking in the sun. Bastar is the closest place connected by road. A place called Kutrue is the entrance to the park.

5. Corner Valley National Park:

The Kanger Valley National Park on the banks of the Kholaba River is named after the Kanger River through which it flows. This is a hilly area, accessible from the Basta area. The nearest airport is Raipur Airport, Jagdalpur is connected by rail and bus routes. The park is dotted with tourist attractions and there are two popular picnic spots at Bhaimsa Dhara Crocodile Park and Kanger Dhara Park. This place is also home to various tribal dwellings.

6. Sanjay National Park:

Sanjay National Park, also known as Garcidas National Park, covers an area of ​​2,303 square kilometers and is covered by rivers. It is the most visited tourist attraction in the Basta district. The entry point is a place called Sidhi in Madhya Pradesh. Parrots, Munias, Blue Kingfishers and Wagtails frolic in the woods of Sal, Palas and Gurajan are truly a nature lover’s dream come true.

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These places are well connected by air, rail and road and the nearest airport is Raipur. This state offers a rich wildlife experience unmatched by any other state in India.