Famous Reserves and Parks in Jharkhand

Famous Reserves and Parks in Jharkhand

Famous Reserves and Parks in Jharkhand

Although Jharkhand is a relatively new state, its green patches reflect the best mix of wildlife, recreation and ecological balance. Here’s what the state has to offer.

Beautiful Reserves and Parks in Jharkhand with Pictures:

1. Hazaribagh National Park:

Located 12 miles from the Hazaribagh district of Jharkhand, this park is home to many mammals such as: tigers, sambar, sika, bison, cheetah, kakar, nilgais and many more.

Visitors are taken to the most remote corners of the 111-kilometer reserve and placed on the park’s masonry towers. Strategically paved roads provide excellent views of wildlife. Sanctuaries are peaceful gathering places for humans and animals. It is well connected with regular buses from nearby places.

2. Betra National Park:

Located in the Rathar district of Jharkhand, this park has a huge variety of wildlife. The name is an acronym for:

• Bison,
• elephant,
• Tiger,
• Leopard,
• Axle-axle.

This is one of the first national parks in India to receive tiger sanctuary status.It has a variety of vegetation including

• Tropical moist evergreen forests
• Mixed (wet and dry) deciduous forests
• Temperate alpine forests
• Grasslands along the Cole River

This is a biodiversity park with a rich variety of flora and fauna. Elephants appear in the dry season after the monsoon. Many medicinal plants are also grown in the area. The abundance of birds features hornbills, red fowl, black ibis, goral, harial, wagtail, crested snake eagle and the forest’s famous papeeha birds. Aquatic varieties flock to nearby Kamada Lake.

The best time to travel is from November to March; however, the best wildlife viewing is in the summer.

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3. Ranchi Deer Park:

Initially there were only 15 fawns, but now not only have their numbers increased, but they have also attracted a large number of tourists in Ranchi. This picturesque park is a natural habitat for deer. There are regular hunting trips which are the main attraction for children.

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4. Nakshatra Van:

Raj Bhawan (Governor’s Mansion) in Jharkhand, Ranchi, also known as Zodiac Park. Nakshatra or stars are associated with each zodiac in astrology. Astrology shows that each of these zodiac signs is associated with a tree. The park is centered on a circle, which is precisely divided into arcs according to the angle of the nakshatras on the earth. This is indeed a very unique attraction.

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5. Bocalo City Park:

The famous steel city has a park with an artificial lake. Its shape resembles a Japanese garden. The complex has a separate relaxation area that accommodates various VIPs; a small restaurant; a small toy train for children. This is a famous park in Jharkhand.

Jawaharlal Nehru Biological Park:

It is the largest zoo in Jharkhand. It has animals and birds from all over the world. Zoos are important in keeping white tigers, royal Bengal tigers and Asian lions. They were bred in a short period of time and the cubs were sent to various other zoos in India and abroad. There is an artificial lake with boating facilities and a children’s corner. This makes it an ideal day for a family outing.

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Jubilee Park:

This park is the pride of Jamshedpur, a gift from Tata Steel to the citizens of Jamshedpur on its 50th anniversary of operation. Opened by India’s first prime minister, the park is decorated with rose gardens, fountains and lakes.

Hidden in one corner is a “safari park”, a zoo where animals roam freely and without cages. A boat ride on Jubilee Lake or a walk along the nature trail ensures you enjoy pure relaxation in the embrace of nature. Bringing a breath of fresh air to the industrial city.

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Jubilee Nico Amusement Park:

The amusement park at Steel City is a delight for children and adults alike. Green hills and tranquil water bodies create a beautiful atmosphere. Fun rides to keep the kids busy.