Famous Reserves and Parks in Odisha

Famous Reserves and Parks in Odisha

Famous Reserves and Parks in Odisha


Orissa is usually only associated with magical beaches. But Odisha is more than just sandcastles. It has beautiful green patches all over the state. This is the lungs of Odisha.

Beautiful Reserves and Parks in Odisha:

1. Nandan Kanan Zoo:

A world-renowned wildlife sanctuary approximately 17 kilometers from Cuttack. It shelters a variety of wild animals and is one of the most popular zoos in India. This famous reserve is known for protecting and caring for a total of 151 animals, including:

  • 49 mammals
  • 75 fish and
  • 27 reptiles.

Also, the main attractions of the zoo are animals such as:

  • Crocodile,
  • black coins,
  • choose to have,
  • mountain myna,
  • Panther and
  • Brahmin kite.

Tiger reserves are known to have and breed large numbers of tigers, reaching 327 in the last census. These 10 are just white tigers.

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2. Ushakothi Reserve:

Another popular sanctuary in Odisha is located in Yavatmal district, 48 km from the actual UshaKothi. As far as Odisha tourism is concerned, it has become a must-visit tourist route. It has a rich flora and fauna. Vegetation is as diverse as neem, arjuna, and acacia. These animals also cover every taxon in the animal kingdom. However, it is best known for:

  • sambar
  • Neil Gass
  • elephant
  • gravel
  • Tiger
  • leopard
  • wolf pack

Occasionally, nocturnal leopards can be seen here. Wildlife tours are a highly sought after attraction in this place.

3. Mahanadi Wildlife Department:

Located on the southern bank of the Mahanadi River, this reserve is also known for its wildlife. This huge department is actually 4 temples connected together. These are largely covered by two adjacent districts, including:

  • Arakpaland Reserve
  • Padmatolain Reserve
  • Baisipalli Reserve and
  • Mahanadi Reserve Forest

The flora and fauna are similar to most other protected areas in Odisha. But the vast land gives animals a peaceful territory where they can coexist.

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4. Sinlipal National Park:

Located nearly 320 kilometers from Bhubaneswar city, this reserve is a popular holiday destination for people from Odisha. It has become a popular tiger sanctuary due to the increase in tiger numbers over the years. So it started with 17 tigers in the early 1970s and expanded to 98 in the late 1990s. This land previously belonged to the Maharaja of Mayurbhanj and was used as a royal hunting ground.

5. Indira Gandhi Park:

The beauty of this eco-park complex lies in its intricate gardens filled with rare flowers, charming meadows, a doll museum, a mini zoo and an aquarium. The meticulously manicured gardens include a special Japanese garden, a rose garden and a fountain garden, with light and sound shows on special days. The park has a lookout tower from which one can breathe the beautiful panorama of the city skyline.

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6. National Arboretum:

Bhubaneshwar is the proud owner of the National Botanic Gardens, which is very close to the Nandankanan Zoo. The plants line up nicely in various gardens.

  • Rosarium, with 1000 varieties of roses;
  • Medicinal garden with 200 species of plants and herbs;
  • Landscaped gardens, manicured lawns;
  • Japanese garden with water flow;
  • Exhibiting a variety of cactus houses;
  • Bonsai House

In addition to these, there are rides and activities, including a fun park for children. So it has something to appeal to everyone, and it’s no wonder it’s a favorite picnic spot for many Odia families.

Skip the beach and explore the state for more greenery on your next visit.