Genelia Beauty Tips and Fitness Tips

Genelia Beauty Tips and Fitness Tips

Genelia Beauty Tips and Fitness Tips

Genelia D’Souza burst onto the Bollywood stage and became an overnight success. In her favor are her bubbly personality and youthful energy. From red carpet appearances to movie premieres, Genelia has impressed fashion critics with her fashion sense. She is also considered to be one of the fittest actresses in the Hindi film industry and follows a daily exercise regimen that helps her stay in shape.

She also follows a strict diet plan that keeps her light and energized. It should also be noted that she doesn’t believe in wearing a lot of makeup, in fact, she likes to keep it fresh and natural so she can stay youthful and prevent any skin damage. So, let’s get a better look at some of Genelia’s top beauty secrets:

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Hair Care:

As an actress, Genelia’s hair is heavily blow-dried and heat-treated, which makes her hair feel dry and less glamorous by the end of the day. As such, she really likes regular hair spas as it helps restore her hair and restore its natural shine and volume.

When she washes her hair, she always emphasizes conditioning. She first rinsed her hair with warm water, then a quick rinse with cold water to keep all the moisture intact. She trims her hair every so often to prevent split ends. In addition to applying an egg mask to keep her hair shiny, she also emphasizes massaging her hair with warm olive oil at least once a month.

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Skin Treatment:

Genelia believes in the natural look as it best accentuates your beauty. Therefore, when it comes to makeup, she always minimizes and avoids foundation or heavy makeup. Instead, she prefers to pinch her cheeks, adding a touch of color in addition to a touch of blush. She also believes in exfoliating and cleansing the skin before bed.

To keep her skin soft and supple, Genelia opted for a whipped cream mask that helps keep her skin from drying out. She also uses the multani mitti mask at least once a week, which not only acts as a natural exfoliator but also leaves her skin with a fresh, freshly scrubbed glow.

Prominent eyes:

For accentuating her gorgeous eyes, Genelia relies on one of her must-haves – kohl. Without it, she would never leave home. She also applied a dab of eyeshadow to give her eyes a clear outline and shine.

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Diet plan:

As a Mangalorean, Genelia eats fish at least 5 times a week and chicken at least once a week. She avoids red meat. She makes sure she has a carb-rich breakfast as she avoids large meals in the evening. She also drinks lots of water and eats lots of vegetables and juices, which helps clean her system from the inside. She emphasizes eating small meals every two hours to avoid overeating. She made sure to treat herself to some delicious treats on Sunday, including chicken tandoori.

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As far as fitness goes, Genelia admits she’s far from being a fitness freak. She also says that because she has been involved in track and field since she was a child, she never has to worry about gaining weight. However, if forced to exercise, she does enjoy a morning run and some sit-ups at home. She avoids strenuous workouts and hires a trainer to help her keep her petite figure at least three times a week.