Go Explore These Amazing Honeymoon Spots in Gujarat | Stylesatlife

Go Explore These Amazing Honeymoon Spots in Gujarat | Stylesatlife


Gujarat is one of the famous states in India and there are many places to choose from. The beauty of this state cannot be ignored. It provides Indians and tourists with beautiful historical sites and places that showcase the rich cultural background of our country. In conclusion, it can be said that Gujarat is one of the best tourist destinations in India. Gujarat has more than one honeymoon destination. Honeymoon spots in Gujarat are listed below along with pictures.

Honeymoon Destinations in Gujarat with Images:

1. Junagad:

Junagadh is one of the best tourist destinations in the Indian state of Gujarat and is known for its numerous well-maintained tourist attractions. Junagad has many places to visit with fantastic views and good weather. This is arguably the best place to spend your honeymoon in Gujarat.

  • Spend a romantic holiday with your partner in this beautiful city of scenic beauty and cultural beauty. Couples will love the weather and ambience of this honeymoon destination in Gujarat. What’s better than exploring a rich heritage with your significant other?
  • Rajkot and Porbandar are the closest airports to Junagad. However, you can take a direct train to Junagadh local railway station.
  • The city has many five-star and mid-range hotels to choose from to make your stay comfortable. Couples can book hotels according to their preferences and budget.
  • The best time to visit Junagadh is from October to March. The weather has been quite pleasant these months.
  • The old fortress, pilgrimage center and monument must be visited.

2. Saputara:

There are many hill stations in Gujarat and Saputara is one of them. It is really beautiful and offers wonderful views to tourists. People from all over India and outside India come to visit this place to experience the wonderful weather and beautiful surroundings and views of this place. This is one of the favorite places for couples and arguably one of the best honeymoon spots in Gujarat.

  • You and your loved ones may get lost in the tranquility and natural beauty this location offers. This is the ideal honeymoon spot for couples looking forward to a peaceful holiday. Take a stroll around this beautiful city and enjoy the tranquility of the surroundings.
  • Wahai railway station in Bilimola is the closest railway station to the city.
  • There are many luxury to humble properties to choose from. You can choose according to your budget and comfort.
  • October to February is the ideal time to visit Saputara. Winter in the city can be a bit cold. However, this is peak season and tourists enjoy pleasant weather.
  • Dos and Don’ts: You must not forget to visit Saputaralake, Sunset Point, Lake Gardens and other tourist attractions.

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3. Somnath:

If you want to visit Gujarat then don’t forget Somnath Temple. It has high historical significance to Indians and is one of the oldest temples in India and one of the Dwadashjyotirlingas in India. Much can be learned from the different inscriptions in this temple and the writing on the walls is also very educational. One cannot ignore the amazing ambience of this place and wander around Gujarat without visiting this place. There are many facilities outside such as hotels, restaurants, etc. for the romantic couple, and the place is very well maintained and clean. Hence, it can be said that this is one of the best honeymoon destinations in Gujarat.

  • If you and your partner are looking for a soothing and devotional getaway, this is the place for you. Somnath Temple is one of the most famous temples in Indian history. Spend a soulful vacation with your loved ones visiting this peaceful temple.
  • Diu Airport is the closest airport to Somnath Temple. We recommend that you take the train to Veraval which is 7 km from this location.
  • There are many hotels and restaurants in the area.
  • October to February should be the best time to visit Somnath. Most tourists visit this temple in winter because the weather is very pleasant.
  • If you happen to visit Somnath Temple, don’t forget to visit the beautiful Somnath Beach.

4. Cage:

Next on our list is Kuchch or Kutch for short, which was reported a few years ago as the largest region in India (based on area). The place is full of breathtaking sights and many other beautiful places such as White Sands Palace, which is also considered the best attraction in Kutch. The white sand of this place is very popular across the country and around the world. Places like Kachi Ranch, Kachi Desert Wildlife Sanctuary make this place one of the best honeymoon destinations in Gujarat.

  • What could be better than riding a camel on white sand? Kutch offers you the most breathtaking views that are sure to captivate you. The stunning white desert is the perfect honeymoon vacation.
  • Bhuj Airport and Railway Station are the closest points to Kutch. You can easily hire a taxi or taxi to reach your destination.
  • Several five-star hotels and humble lodgings are available.
  • Winter is definitely the best month to visit Kutch. The weather is pleasant so you and your partner can enjoy your honeymoon conveniently.
  • Visit this place in winter for the very famous Kutch festival and don’t miss the wildlife sanctuary.

5. Dwarves:

Thinking of visiting Gujarat? Dwarka is a small city not to be missed. This is a land of enormous historical significance that has some of the best sights and tourist attractions in India. Dwarka is very popular in India due to its beaches and natural beauty.

  • It’s time for you and your spouse to experience our nation’s history and culture. Discover one of the finest and historic man-made works. A beautiful setting for all the newlyweds!
  • Dwarka has a local train station connected to the city. If you are flying, Jamnagar Airport is 45 km from Dwarka.
  • Dwarka has many luxury to low-end hotels. Couples can choose according to their convenience.
  • You can visit Dwarka during monsoon and winter. Summers in this area can be very unpleasant.
  • Don’t forget to explore Dwarka’s beaches with your loved ones. There is nothing more romantic than a sunset on the beach!

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6. Lost:

Diu is not technically part of Gujarat. According to the locals, it is actually a territory run and managed by the central government of India and is one of the best places to visit. It is also one of the best honeymoon destinations in Gujarat.

  • Diu happens to be one of the most romantic places to spend your honeymoon. Couples can take a stroll on the beautiful beach and indulge in the food and the beauty of the place.
  • Una is the closest railway station to Diu. Veraval Railway Station is 90 km from this location.
  • Diu has a wide range of hotels, resorts and inns. Couples can choose accommodation according to their preferences.
  • Diu is very hot and humid in summer, so monsoon and winter are the best months to visit this place.
  • Diu Fort, Nagoa Beach and Sunset Point are a few tourist attractions that you should not miss.

7. Ahmedabad:

Among all the most populous cities located in Gujarat, Ahmedabad is one of them, it is known for its wonderful historical sites and wonderful tourist destinations, which also makes it one of the best honeymoon destinations in Gujarat .

  • What’s better than exploring the history and culture of these hidden gems of the country? Take your partner on a long romantic getaway to fully appreciate the cultural beauty of Ahmedabad. You and your significant other can dive deep into history in this amazing city.
  • Sardar Vallabhai Patel International Airport is connected to major cities in India. If you travel by train, you can also use the local train station.
  • The city has a variety of five-star hotels and humble hotels to make your stay comfortable and safe.
  • Summer in Ahmedabad is very hot. Therefore, monsoons and winter are the best times to visit the city.
  • Don’t forget to visit the historic Sabarmati Ashram, Kankarialake and Jama Mosque.

8. Junagadgir Forest:

Been to Junagadh, Gujarat? If you plan to go then don’t forget to visit Gir Forest. It is famous as the hometown of Asian lions. Once you visit a place you will never forget, it is a great time for honeymoon couples.

  • Gir Forest is one of the main attractions in Gujarat. Couples visit this forest for a little adventure and enjoy the wildlife and natural beauty of this forest. It is an ideal place for couples to spend their honeymoon.
  • You can rent a taxi or taxi from Rajkot railway station or airport. You will reach your destination with ease.
  • There are several hotels, resorts and inns in and around the area. Couples can choose the right accommodation according to their budget and comfort.
  • December to March is the best season to visit Gir Forest. Please note that the forest remains closed from June to October.
  • The Asian lions and natural beauty of this location are sure to leave you speechless.

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9. Baroda:

Baroda is another beautiful place in Gujarat and one of the most famous honeymoon destinations in Gujarat.

  • If you and your significant other want more than a muddled vacation, this is the place for you. Baroda gives you the perfect sense of history and culture. Couples must visit the city for an educational honeymoon.
  • Baroda has its own local railway station and an airport that is closely linked to major Indian cities.
  • There are many hotels, hostels and other accommodation options. You can book one according to your budget and preferences.
  • Baroda experiences a very hot summer, so winter is the best month to visit the city.
  • Make sure you don’t visit this place in summer. Summer is extreme and can make your vacation very unpleasant. Don’t forget to visit Laxmi Vilas Palace, Baroda Museum and other tourist attractions.

There are many honeymoon destinations in Gujarat. Some of them are discussed in this article and are actually considered the best. There are many facilities for tourists and tourists from all over the country. Special facilities are available for couples who want to come here for their honeymoon.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers:

1. Which wildlife reserves and national parks to visit in Gujarat?

answer: Gujarat has about twenty wildlife reserves and four major national parks. Some of the national parks and wildlife reserves are Velavadar National Park, Porbandar Bird Sanctuary, Gir National Park, Marine National Park, etc. You can go bird watching or rent a resort and discover the wildlife the state has to offer. The best time to visit the wildlife sanctuary is from October to February.

2. Is summer hot in Gujarat?

answer: Yes, summers can be very hot in some cities in Gujarat. Some areas have experienced extremely harsh summers, with temperatures reaching as high as 44 degrees. We recommend that you schedule your holiday during the winter or monsoon months. The weather is pleasant and is the peak season for tourists. October to February is the best time to explore Gujarat.

3. Anything to keep in mind before visiting temples and mosques in Gujarat?

answer: Gujarat is a very safe place for tourists from all over the world. Any attire that is decent should work. Make sure you don’t show too much skin when visiting temples or mosques. one…