How to fight drunk driving

How to fight drunk driving

How to fight drunk driving

Traffic officials can only detail and arrest you if there is a probable cause for drunk driving. If there is no probable reason and you are arrested or detained, the reason can be dismissed.

For example, if you were stopped by the police while driving around 2am, but there was no violation or anything else, you could say that the traffic police stopped you when the bar was usually closed. Any evidence gathered at this time cannot be used against you.

Likewise, there are many other ways to issue a ticket involving DWI. But you should know that DWI is a bit different than getting a traffic ticket.

Wrong breath test:

The DWI breath test used by officials has many flaws. The tests performed by these devices may have the following problems.

  • Police may use inappropriate
  • You may have a physical condition such as gastroesophageal reflux disease
  • The instrument itself may be faulty

Without a doubt, the DWI breath test is one of the most common and popular ways to measure a defendant’s BAC, but it’s not always the best or accurate because these devices cannot measure the actual alcohol level in your blood. It simply measures the amount of alcohol currently in your breath and converts it to the amount “likely” in your blood.

Therefore, breath tests are inaccurate and easily defended.

Dieting can affect the test:

If you’re on a special diet, especially one that restricts carbohydrates and promotes a protein-only diet, this can fool the DWI breath test and can lead to falsely high BACs.

Blood tests are not always accurate:

Suppose you end up donating blood to test DUI/DWI. Even this method is inaccurate due to blood fermentation, blood contamination, and improper storage of blood samples.

You can use these factors to fight the ticket and easily say that the test you got was inaccurate. Depending on the circumstances, it may be easy for your defense attorney to exclude the blood test from the evidence.

You have never driven:

The police must prove that you are driving under the influence of alcohol. For example, if you are in an accident and no one sees you driving and the police find you after stopping, there is no way to prove that you were the one driving.

Get in touch with a defense attorney:

When things get out of hand and you don’t know what to do next, contact a Collin County criminal defense attorney. Criminal defense attorneys have extensive experience in handling any alcohol-related case.

Whether you’ve been involved in an accident or have just been pulled over by police for drunk driving, you can find a reliable lawyer to help you.