ileana D'cruz's 10 Best Photos Without Makeup

ileana D’cruz’s 10 Best Photos Without Makeup

ileana D’cruz’s 10 Best Photos Without Makeup


Ileana D’Cruz is one of the South’s leading actresses. She started her career in Telugu films and even won Filmfare for Best Southern Debut in 2006. She recently had a role in Anurag Basus’ “Barfi!”. For this, she was well received and won the Best Bollywood Debut Award. With a beautiful smile, the actress has a perfect Indian complexion and a perfect model body.

Ileana D’cruz without makeup:

1. Elena in casual wear:

In the image below, we see the actress smiling sweetly at the camera. She was wearing an oversized white shirt and blue 3/4 jeans. She is wearing a pair of white and blue sneakers. She kept her hair open and wore a pink headband around her wrists to tie her hair.

2. Movie stills:

This photo appears to have been taken from footage from a movie. The actress appears to be expressing a distressed look or is trying to convince the person she’s watching. She was wearing a casual green top and carrying a suspender bag. Her hair was tied up like a pony, and the hair on her forehead fell down her face.

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3. Fashion:

In the picture, we see Ileana wearing a stylish black and purple synthetic shirt. She put on a beautiful smile in front of the camera and got the click.

4. Outdoor shooting:

The actress was filmed outdoors as she looked at something and the photographer clicked her profile. She was wearing a grey blouse with black plaid, and she folded her arms around her waist and smiled. At the bottom, she wore a pair of black jeans. We can notice the beaded bracelet on her right hand.

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5. Innocence:

Here’s a casually clicked photo of the actress. She wore a brown top and long earrings, and an oxidized bracelet studded with black beads. Her hair was kept open and parted from the sides. She looked at the camera and the photographer clicked a picture of her looking innocent.

6. During the event:

Ileana is clicked in one of the events below. The photographer snapped a natural photo of the actress smiling and brushing her hair back. She wore a plaid shirt in shades of white, brown and lilac.

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7. During the yoga shoot:

This photo was taken while the actress was posing for a yoga shoot. She wore a sky blue sleeveless top, tied a little above her navel. At the bottom, she is wearing a pair of black sweatpants. With her hair neatly tied back, she closed her eyes and meditated with her hands folded over her head.

8. Talk to the media at the event:

The image is an event clicked below. She wore a sleek black jacket over a plaid shirt and a pair of black sunglasses. Her hair is styled in waves. It stays open and separates from one side. She talks to the media with a smile and meets those around her in a cheerful and lively way.

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9. Ileana and pets:

The actress wore a shoulderless blue dress with a pet dog on her lap. Her hair is kept open and parted from the sides.

10. At Priyanka Chopra’s Father’s Prayer Meeting:

Ileana was invited to the prayer meeting of Priyanka Chopra’s father. This is where this image gets clicked. She looked stylish in a white ‘kurti’ with a cut below the neck. She covered her feet in a pair of light black jeans and sandals. She also wore a pair of sunglasses.