Kajol Beauty Tips and Fitness Tips

Kajol Beauty Tips and Fitness Tips

Kajol Beauty Tips and Fitness Tips


Kajol, the famous Bollywood star and mother of two, is known not only for her acting skills but also for her natural beauty. Kajol behaves well and believes in simplicity. She likes to wear comfortable clothes that also make her look classy. She is one of the few actresses who juggles work and carrier at the same time. She also does social work. With all this going on, she hasn’t compromised her health. She takes care of her body and works hard to stay healthy. Her face was still so lively. It also reflects her sense of beauty. The minimal amount of makeup and her natural treatment make her look great.

Kajol Beauty Tips and Fitness Tips:

Eating habits:

Kajol maintains an extremely balanced diet. She consumes everything in small amounts and doesn’t starve herself. She prefers to eat 4-5 meals a day rather than 3 large meals. She emphasizes consuming adequate amounts of water and eating a protein-rich diet. Because she likes non-vegetarian food; she eats a lot of fish, eggs and chicken. At the same time, she made sure not to eat any junk food. She discusses her meal plan with a nutritionist when needed and coordinates with her schedule.

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Kajol makes sure to work out about 90 minutes a day. She religiously visits her gym and works out. Her main agenda is to stay healthy and not lose too much weight. However, she managed to lose about 18kg in a few months after dieting. She considers exercise a stress buster and doesn’t skip it all day. Regular exercise also helps boost her immune system. So this prevents her from getting sick too often.

Kajol Beauty Tips and Fitness Tips Makeup:

Kajol has minimal makeup. It’s her skin that naturally glows that makes her look beautiful. The diet plan she follows and regular exercise keep her looking naturally beautiful. She mainly highlights her eyes and prefers simplicity.

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Kajol Beauty Secret Dressing:

Today, Kajol likes to experiment with his own style statement. She didn’t care too much before, but now it seems that she takes good care of it. However, she won’t wear clothes that don’t fit her or make her feel uncomfortable. She believes in comfort and takes off clothes that make her feel confident. She prefers elegant clothes to fashionable ones. She dresses with her age in mind and doesn’t overdress. Kajol believes in simple and understated dresses, therefore, that’s what sets her apart from all other Bollywood actresses.

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Strict schedule:

Kajol makes sure to follow her routine correctly. She fell asleep on time and tried to make up for her eight hours of sleep properly. She wakes up early and is busy with her daily activities. She exercises at night and follows her prescribed diet properly. She is not addicted to any one habit such as smoking, drinking or chewing any substance. Kajol makes sure to strictly follow a balanced diet and reduce carbohydrate intake.


Kajol has dark brown hair. Most of the time, she likes to keep it open and not experiment too much. She also likes to treat her hair in a natural way. So, that’s what makes it shiny and healthy. She has always been a bold actress and has experimented with her hairstyles. From curly hair to short hair, everything fits her perfectly and complements her face shape.

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