Kara cave wonders and photos in Lonavla

Kara cave wonders and photos in Lonavla

Kara cave wonders and photos in Lonavla

Kara Cave is located in Lonavla, a hill station near Pune, Maharashtra. It was built centuries ago by Buddhist monks and is a true representation of Buddhist architecture. Even after all these years, the intricate carvings have survived and are some of the historic places our country is proud of. Its top is about 160 feet high and about 15 meters high. These caves are important evidence of the great Buddhist teachings and ideology. The pagodas and inscriptions here are breathtaking.

1. Lion Pillar:

The Lion Column is located at the entrance of the Karafo Cave. The intense rock-cutting performance of the three lions looks spectacular. This temple gives you a very peaceful atmosphere and is the place you should definitely go. It is amazing that these precious images and structures are still valued and cherished despite all these years.

2. Zen Hall:

Kara Cave is a great place for meditation and contemplation. The meditation hall here is full of energy. The architecture, pillars and designs used will leave you speechless. The entrance to this place is a horseshoe shape, a Buddhist Chaitya with a stupa inside.

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3. Sculpture:

Chaitya in Kara Cave is decorated with beautiful and wondrous sculptures and images. The architecture is absolutely incredible. There are 37 pillars in the main hall, basically the figures of men, women, elephants and lions. They create two parallel rows that will really pique your interest and interest.

4. The Exotic Roof of Kara Cave:

Every structure and creation of Kara Cave is exotic in appearance, as is the roof. It’s made of teak, and the heavy planks are carved and fastened until they haven’t collapsed. This is a true display of ancient craftsmanship.The inscriptions on the pillars are usually in Pali or Sanskrit

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5. Ashoka’s contribution:

The Asoka Dynasty worshiped Buddhism and built many Buddhist temples, some of which were also built in the Kara Grottoes. He ensured that many Chaitya were built in order to spread the religion widely around the world.

6. Unique Buddha carving:

There are many caves built where Buddhist monks will run their schools. These caves are indeed an example of the artistic abilities that existed at the time. The intricate carvings that so successfully display the Buddha are mesmerizing. The cuttings around it are all more attractive and picturesque.

7. The Elephant Head in Kara Cave:

The elephant head in Kara Cave looks exciting. The head of the elephant is carved into a stone and looks almost real. There are quite a few images and structures destroyed by humans, but the good part is that these amazing creations are still preserved and they look as exotic as ever.

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8. Ekveera Mata Mandir:

Ekveera Mata Mandir is a recent construction in Kara Cave, not in the 2nd century BC. Ekveera is a well-known Hindu goddess, mainly worshipped by fishermen in the region. She is also famous in places like Mumbai.

9. Dynamic entry:

The entrance to the Kara cave is beautiful. Windows were also built so that sunlight could penetrate.